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  1. Pedro Soprano

    Pedro SopranoHour ago

    Did Jack voice bill cipher

  2. Aliquet

    AliquetHour ago

    i'm half of those uwu

  3. olympian godkiller

    olympian godkiller4 hours ago

    8:47 grab a shotgun.

  4. Snide

    Snide10 hours ago

    Whats a meme?


    Mr MCNUGGET10 hours ago

    Where is the white board

  6. Kasey S

    Kasey S12 hours ago

    Who new the potato was 10° tall


    SILLY CUSTOMS12 hours ago


  8. Masked Marvel

    Masked Marvel12 hours ago

    Why yes I did cut my hair

  9. Mr.gameexpert 69

    Mr.gameexpert 6914 hours ago

    Thanks Jack I did get my hair cut

  10. Ben The Birb

    Ben The Birb15 hours ago

    Tfw I actually just got a haircut a few days ago Thanks for noticing, Jackaboy!

  11. alanna genao

    alanna genao17 hours ago

    The 970 people who disliked this video " hahaha I'm in danger" The 259k people who liked the video " where going on a trip to kill a stupid bitch"

  12. Dragonriderabens

    Dragonriderabens19 hours ago

    Is it just me, or is Felix's sword bigger than Seán's?

  13. TheSovietNerd

    TheSovietNerd19 hours ago

    i know this is a month old but just looked and i was unsubbed how did you know jack!!!! i need answers

  14. Karolina Novo

    Karolina Novo19 hours ago

    my parents love all the way lmao

  15. Roko Mandić

    Roko Mandić22 hours ago

    Pov: jack's is actually tall to me but small in one reason 178cm in the jack

  16. Cheese

    Cheese22 hours ago

    uh sir how did you know i got a haircut

  17. A Ryan

    A Ryan23 hours ago

    you asked if i cut my hair (i did yesterday), you then said my skin looks great (i’ve been healing up the acne really well lately). i’m now crying. thank you so much you gremlin man :]

  18. Darijan Tancovski

    Darijan Tancovski23 hours ago

    Petition for jack to go back to the shed for nostalgia week

  19. Alpha

    Alpha23 hours ago

    17:01 it’s toast and Felix NAOOO

  20. Supreme Team

    Supreme TeamDay ago

    2:10 i disagree strongly but pop off king👑😂😂😂

  21. Patricia Lie

    Patricia LieDay ago

    When is this weirdo gonna join the Dream SMP? Or visit it, I just want Wilbur and Jack to scream at eachother

  22. YourTearsAreMyFuel

    YourTearsAreMyFuelDay ago

    iTs ToASt aND fElIx NoOoOO 17:01

  23. puff panda

    puff pandaDay ago

    Hey Jack..... Im hAlF oF THosE 0_0

  24. LC Plays

    LC PlaysDay ago

    2 fucking tall demons appeared in my room after that intro, holy shit!

  25. Merling

    MerlingDay ago

    After that intro im officially scared af

  26. Hanni Khadija

    Hanni KhadijaDay ago

    Soooo true. I work with a second and first grade girl and they literally didn’t believe me there were negative numbers lol

  27. Ethan King

    Ethan KingDay ago

    It’s the coffee

  28. Pogg Clown

    Pogg ClownDay ago

    Imma miss the old set up, but this one looks soo GOOD! I'm happy for you jack

  29. Damon Jones

    Damon JonesDay ago

    "Your skin's looking great!" I was expecting him to follow it up with, "Can I try it on?" lol

  30. KhriZ KhaoZ

    KhriZ KhaoZDay ago

    Bro you 5,8

  31. Tommy_ 84

    Tommy_ 84Day ago

    So did you move rooms in your house or did you move to a new house?

  32. Sulfur X

    Sulfur XDay ago


  33. MountainGem 118

    MountainGem 118Day ago

    I honestly needed this it made my shitty mood feel so much better

  34. Michael Greer

    Michael GreerDay ago

    Jack: did you cut your hair Me: no it has actually gotten longer

  35. Dustin Martinez

    Dustin MartinezDay ago

    Wait that means American subzero is colder than everywhere else

  36. Mark Stites

    Mark StitesDay ago

    I feel bad for the neighbors sleep schedule

  37. Nostalgic Havoc

    Nostalgic HavocDay ago

    My gf when I'm flaccid 4:34

  38. Mika Martin

    Mika MartinDay ago

    Jack: You look different! Did you cut your hair? Me, who just dyed my hair blue: 👁👄👁

  39. Jessica Straw

    Jessica StrawDay ago

    jack/séan/sean(whatever ur preference): your skin is lookin great!! my self confidence: 📈📈📈

  40. A-Okay RJ

    A-Okay RJDay ago

    I just finished rewatching FMA Brotherhood and I felt the Edward Elric energy from him saying, “I’m not short!” 19:56

  41. Argo Arcade

    Argo ArcadeDay ago

    Im doing homework so not watching the screen and i thought sean was tryna speak simish xD

  42. That One Ravenclaw

    That One RavenclawDay ago

    Jack: did you cut your hair me, who deadass cut my hair: :0 HOW'D HE KNOW

  43. Fatima Shams

    Fatima ShamsDay ago

    here before 27M subs

  44. Pointless

    Pointless2 days ago

    I have been a fan of you for a very long time now and I have just come back to your channel after a few months and everything has changed and I love you dude

  45. Pointless

    Pointless2 days ago

    Thank you jack yes I did cut my hair

  46. Texan Gaming

    Texan Gaming2 days ago

    How did you know I got a haircut

  47. Megan Brooks

    Megan Brooks2 days ago

    8:52 If I saw that coming into my yard, I would SHOOT IT WITH A *BAZUKA!!!!!!* Unless it proved to me that it means no harm and has chocolate for me. Then I would give it a warm blanket and a cookie.

  48. go pokemon

    go pokemon2 days ago

    how dare you burn my gamer man Tommyinit

  49. just voices

    just voices2 days ago

    Revisit deer simulator

  50. Dexter Cobb

    Dexter Cobb2 days ago

    I’m half of those :)

  51. Brody Sargent

    Brody Sargent2 days ago

    I just learned your dad died in so sorry if you need to take a break you can just say something in advance I'll see you on a while though also nice place you got there

  52. Karizmaa

    Karizmaa2 days ago

    I bought the coffee and hot chocolate. And honestly, it was delicious!

  53. R Shadows

    R Shadows2 days ago

    His face when the guy broke the ice logo was soooooo funny! 🤣

  54. Aiden McCorkle

    Aiden McCorkle2 days ago

    7:27 iM hAlF oF tHoSE!!! 😩

  55. G Coop

    G Coop2 days ago

    HAHA *m e d i u m*

  56. Calmdownjamaldontpulloutthe9now

    Calmdownjamaldontpulloutthe9now2 days ago

    My grandpa got into the icu rn we are praying and i remembered the meme time cures any sadness so i watched it , i hope you guys stay safe and remember put you masks on(correctly)😷✌️

  57. Ayannah Molina

    Ayannah Molina2 days ago

    For the first time I actually changed the viewing settings to max HD (1080P) and holy shit it's like I could give Jack a real high five in front of me

  58. Lmao

    Lmao2 days ago

    Jack:you’re skins lookin great me with multiple sunburns watching this: 👁👄👁

  59. Brynna Dorsey

    Brynna Dorsey2 days ago

    Tried to smash the like button but ended up missing and ocking on a new video. Came back to like tho

  60. n0rieh

    n0rieh2 days ago

    The last time I watched your channel I had longer hair and I started doing skincare Jack wtf are you stalking me 🏃😰😰

  61. Jeff。ExE

    Jeff。ExE2 days ago

    I'mma call you dad, if that's okay

  62. Hanan Khater

    Hanan Khater2 days ago

    I actually just cut my hair today-

  63. My little pony Fan

    My little pony Fan2 days ago

    15:57 that little kid who broke his new toy and blames it on the kid next to him

  64. Maddie Morgan

    Maddie Morgan2 days ago


  65. Jossef Youcef

    Jossef Youcef2 days ago

    I actually did get a haircut, thank you for noticing jack.

  66. KAACHOW!!

    KAACHOW!!2 days ago

    im half of those...

  67. Doctor Star

    Doctor Star2 days ago

    TF how did he know I got a tan?

  68. Fox Queen

    Fox Queen2 days ago

    True friendship is giving your friend a sword 👍

  69. The_Soviet_Smacker

    The_Soviet_Smacker2 days ago

    9:19 What’s that sound effect called? I hear it on MasterChef all the time

  70. Just Mandi

    Just Mandi2 days ago

    Had to double check to ensure I was indeed im subscribed. Good news I am but took the opportunity to like ♡

  71. Mr. Cryptiss

    Mr. Cryptiss2 days ago

    "Woodja keek eet?" - A Tater

  72. [ V I O L E T A - S A N ]

    [ V I O L E T A - S A N ]2 days ago

    0:56 how did you know I cutted my hair?😧😟

  73. Zlu

    Zlu2 days ago

    "thats the best cup of coffee ive ever had" *manscaped ad* - "its my time to shine"

  74. nini perez

    nini perez2 days ago

    Im half of 95,000000

  75. Alaska Gal

    Alaska Gal2 days ago

    I did cut my hair thanks :)



    are you gonna get a new fridge?

  77. La ray ray

    La ray ray2 days ago

    I didn’t smash the like I just pressed it because if I smash the like button I brake my phone then I can’t watch jackseptceye.

  78. AT Renee

    AT Renee2 days ago

    "It's meme time the only cure for sadness" That part is amazing and perfect

  79. Gooseybigthousand 1000

    Gooseybigthousand 10002 days ago

    i actually did cut my hair your the first person to notice (=

  80. Shirley A

    Shirley A2 days ago

    YES!! I've been looking for someone to finally react to Ryan Narciso's arrangements of their let's plays because he's freaking fantastic. The one he did for Rae is my ultimate favorite.

  81. Sean Fredrichsdorf

    Sean Fredrichsdorf3 days ago

    i am like 73% of that shit

  82. Cora Easton

    Cora Easton3 days ago

    The frequent mentions of height made me google how tall Sean is. Based on the height given (5'8), he is only a little taller than me.

  83. lev

    lev3 days ago

    jack : did u cut your hair ?? me who just cut all their hair off :))

  84. Oofties

    Oofties3 days ago

    If ur an Aussie like ya boy, the beer is: VB, XXXX gold, Carlton dry, Great Northern and Carlton Draught/Furphy If ur a 60 year old, pack a day, out the front of the pub talking about footy bloke.

  85. Skyrealm

    Skyrealm3 days ago

    1080p on mobile now yaya

  86. Skyrealm

    Skyrealm3 days ago

    Darkviperau likes the song

  87. TheGameFlinger

    TheGameFlinger3 days ago

    I just realized that the katakana on Jack’s shirt (ミーム タイム) says “mimu taimu”, I know there’s English behind it but I thought the Japanese was just a translation at first, the more you know I guess

  88. Beta Fish Jeremy

    Beta Fish Jeremy3 days ago

    At this point why would you want the racist Coca Cola to sponsor you?

  89. Pewdicers

    Pewdicers3 days ago

    Next mwme time when?

  90. Atlas_The Ancient

    Atlas_The Ancient3 days ago

    How did you know that I got a haircut- I DID NOT SAY THAT I HAD CUT MY HAIR-

  91. Crunkario

    Crunkario3 days ago

    The Durham show was a good one

  92. Doctor Doom

    Doctor Doom3 days ago

    Tommyinnits pretty cool I think

  93. Lady Matriarch

    Lady Matriarch3 days ago

    I literally thought it was a Titan.. 😅


    E SPEECHLESS3 days ago


  95. Patrick Sauder

    Patrick Sauder3 days ago

    When you realize that all the way has 38 million plays on Spotify so it’s already above 100 million plays all together

  96. Matthew J. Rogers

    Matthew J. Rogers3 days ago

    6:18 that noise took me by surprise.

  97. Rising Hyperninjaex

    Rising Hyperninjaex3 days ago

    Me who got a haircut yesterday: 😳

  98. Joey O

    Joey O3 days ago

    Wait, has no one realized we won't see Jack hit the whiteboard that says LAUGH any more?😭

  99. Messy

    Messy3 days ago

    for your info is name is scott not jack

  100. Leo Valdez

    Leo Valdez3 days ago

    I Half of them🙃

  101. Hello Sir

    Hello Sir3 days ago

    0:52 I'm definitely different... Now I am depressed! TuT