Perfectly Cut Screams #4

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  1. Liam and aiden duo

    Liam and aiden duo9 minutes ago

    9:37 The funniest thing That funny I couldn't breave.

  2. janeylaney

    janeylaney11 minutes ago

    Someone should explain to him what a busted can of biscuits means lmao

  3. notayoutubechannel

    notayoutubechannel12 minutes ago

    1:33 school parties be like:

  4. Johan C

    Johan C12 minutes ago

    7:02 They had us in the first half not gonna lie

  5. TheAngelArrow

    TheAngelArrow16 minutes ago

    8:46 this was so funny holy shit, i have to say that shit reminded me what it is to truly laugh at something you find funny, my god that shit is gold

  6. Hienz Doofenshmertz

    Hienz Doofenshmertz23 minutes ago

    1:49 and never gonna change

  7. blondesub

    blondesub26 minutes ago

    Jack you laugh like danger mouse at 9:18

  8. Triple Crystal

    Triple Crystal30 minutes ago

    11:30 it’ll all be over soon my child...

  9. El Chino

    El Chino32 minutes ago

    Me: *good mood* Also Me: *bumps into dog* Dog: *not even hurt* Me: *_I'M DYING TONIGHT_*

  10. IslesACS

    IslesACS32 minutes ago

    I love the videos! Must be good to get a real comment

  11. Oof Bruh

    Oof Bruh33 minutes ago

    8:44 the second she turned around i thought he was getting decked dude you do not make fun of new yorkers on their own terf

  12. cookkie boi

    cookkie boi36 minutes ago

    7:04 Too bad I'm on my phone LoL

  13. Yourparenting Sucks

    Yourparenting Sucks41 minute ago

    16:11 dude was tryna assert his dominance

  14. Oof Bruh

    Oof Bruh41 minute ago

    2:47 just click it

  15. Derpy Chicken

    Derpy Chicken43 minutes ago

    2:25 Jack, can we agree that this is gold?

  16. HoldenPlaz Gaming

    HoldenPlaz Gaming44 minutes ago

    Haha jokes on you I’m on mobile so that can’t trick me

  17. comedy man and a gamer man

    comedy man and a gamer man53 minutes ago


  18. Luke hen

    Luke hen59 minutes ago

    If you're wondering why they were saying Ohyo differently it's because it's a joke of a state in the USA that's called Ohio

  19. Mr5coins 1

    Mr5coins 1Hour ago

    I don’t know why but to me the intro sounds like a Star Wars tie fighter

  20. Laughing Soul

    Laughing SoulHour ago

    anyone know the background music?

  21. Baciu Ovidiu

    Baciu OvidiuHour ago

    9:11 You reacted to the same video twice again This clip is in Perfectly cut screams #3 at 12:09

  22. Victoria Rodriguez

    Victoria RodriguezHour ago

    11:29 *The way the scream escalated makes me laugh*

  23. WanderingShadow 6969

    WanderingShadow 6969Hour ago

    me when i saw wilbur: YES. WILBUR IS IN JACKS VIDEO

  24. PurpleStarz x

    PurpleStarz xHour ago

    Hi jack.

  25. Xx Azurite_Myth xX

    Xx Azurite_Myth xXHour ago

    wilbur and jaaaaaaaaaaack?

  26. Mallowfly !

    Mallowfly !Hour ago

    2:59 As a D&D and overall RPG fan, Jack saying “I don’t know what this guy is the CEO of” about _Brennan_ is the _b e s t t h i n g_

  27. BLAD

    BLADHour ago

    Top of the morning to you...

  28. A normal Boy

    A normal BoyHour ago

    7:03 i am smart, i didnt fall for that bc i didnt have my hands on my keyboard. when i was about to fall for it, it started to play again

  29. Lukasz. A Kozlowski

    Lukasz. A KozlowskiHour ago


  30. 100 subcribers but no videos

    100 subcribers but no videosHour ago

    Alternative Title: Jack discovers osu!

  31. God of Time

    God of TimeHour ago

    I reminded when I saw the husky scream at the end to rewatch it and jack said it’s so violent, (then I rewinded to the guy screaming and jack said) it’s so good. “Violence is so good” -Jackseptceye

  32. Jame Myers

    Jame MyersHour ago

    Give the children the chance to teach them FEAR 😈😈😈

  33. milo

    miloHour ago

    15:40 jack is now a dog canon edit: /j

  34. The Pilot

    The Pilot2 hours ago

    Well umm something is hard 🥲

  35. Billy Julio

    Billy Julio2 hours ago

    Idk why Jack have 27 mil sub only .. hes funny.. It should less than that ..

  36. GreenSnacks _

    GreenSnacks _2 hours ago


  37. Emo Cosplayer

    Emo Cosplayer2 hours ago

    Can we talk about how the lady at 8:48 can get arrested and sued for assault? I mean like, if she was just acting, then that is fine, but she had no right to do that to the poor guy who was clearly making a joke if she wasn't acting.

  38. Demonic Animations

    Demonic Animations2 hours ago

    What its not call perfect cut scream its called perfectly cut scre-

  39. Elena Vandermeuse

    Elena Vandermeuse2 hours ago

    You, me, LSD trip

  40. Jalen Mitchell

    Jalen Mitchell2 hours ago

    6:06 "Terrify the children" o_o

  41. Gman

    Gman2 hours ago

    YOU! ME! GAS STATION! what are we gettin for dinner!? sushi of corse. UH OH! There was a roofy inside of our gas station sushi, we black out and wake up in a sewer, we’re surrounded by FISH-HORNY FISH, you know what that means, FISH OORGIE! The stench draws in a bear, what do we do? We’re gunna fight it, bare handed, bear..NAKED?! OH YES PLEASE, we befriend the bear after we beat it in a brawl, then we ride it into a Chucky Cheese, DANCE DANCE Revolution, revolution?! Over throw the Government!? UHH I THINK SOo, next thing you know im reincarnated as Jesus Christ, then I turn into a Jet, FLY into the sun, black out again, WAKE UP, do a bump WHITE OUT! (Which I didnt know you could do) then I smoked a joint, GREENED OUT, THEN I TURNED INTO THE SUN, UEGH OH looks like The meth is kickin in.. DEUHBLUHHSBDUHHSBUHSBUHEUGHHUHAAAAHUEAAHAAAAAAA!!!!

  42. Beatrice Cipriano

    Beatrice Cipriano2 hours ago

    10:40 me seeing wilbur: BRUUUUH WAIT

  43. Iltimas's Pigeons

    Iltimas's Pigeons2 hours ago

    Why does Jack look like Mike Shinoda more than Mike Shinoda

  44. Nelly Pinto

    Nelly Pinto2 hours ago

    I GIVE UP ON ENGLA- -jacksepticeye 2021

  45. plague doctor

    plague doctor2 hours ago

    "Lily has the best sounding scream." ok fucken psycopath calm down would ya?

  46. Brewilto

    Brewilto2 hours ago

    The pikachu at 2:10 got me, I wasn't expecting that at all.

  47. plague doctor

    plague doctor2 hours ago

    "Lily has the best sounding scream." ok fucken psycopath calm down would ya?

  48. The Crafty Bros

    The Crafty Bros2 hours ago

    Swiss cheese has holes right? So the more Swiss cheese you have, the more holes you have. The more holes you have, the less Swiss cheese you have. So the more Swiss cheese you have, the less Swiss cheese you have...? O.o

  49. Danny Truong

    Danny Truong2 hours ago

    the pause got me good xD

  50. Pontus Häggblad

    Pontus Häggblad2 hours ago

    7:04 STOP THAT

  51. Makayla Lambert

    Makayla Lambert2 hours ago

    7:03 you got the time wrong

  52. Blindorpha _

    Blindorpha _2 hours ago


  53. Amanska

    Amanska2 hours ago

    4:06 scared me so badly I flinched and dropped my phone why Jack

  54. Dark wolf

    Dark wolf2 hours ago

    Soo some years ago i took a break from watching jack , but whrn i watchdd the video i was kinda dissapointed because he didnt say the ting anymore

  55. Willow Blackerby

    Willow Blackerby2 hours ago

    intro: **me when the bell rings on the last day of school**

  56. Inferno

    Inferno2 hours ago

    I know this was posted 3 days ago but i just want to say i seen the the video of the weird anine girl thibg saying ohio over and over and still cant stop laughing at it

  57. Blanca Hernandez

    Blanca Hernandez3 hours ago

    Poor kid for his cancer and poor wibur about seeing that

  58. Ethan Sosa

    Ethan Sosa3 hours ago

    “I give up on English!!!” 😂😂 I know how you feel. 8:09

  59. Mahmoud Saeed

    Mahmoud Saeed3 hours ago

    Nice one robin but only desktop users would fall for it 7:04

  60. Zyozz (Jesse Robert Poulton)

    Zyozz (Jesse Robert Poulton)3 hours ago

    That first clip is from a Quebec TV show called “Just for Laughs”. ❤️

  61. Slient Double O Zero

    Slient Double O Zero3 hours ago

    The car one got me laughing

  62. jenna

    jenna3 hours ago

    4:05 why did i jump

  63. Kennedy Edgeworth

    Kennedy Edgeworth3 hours ago


  64. Ylfa Lind Gylfadóttir

    Ylfa Lind Gylfadóttir3 hours ago

    7:08, hippathurmia here wee go

  65. Peakey08

    Peakey083 hours ago

    Why can’t people be like that when accidentally hurt there kids

  66. ohfrickimmiles

    ohfrickimmiles3 hours ago

    jack watching a wilbur soot clip - my worlds colide

  67. Breezi TV

    Breezi TV3 hours ago

    1:35 MELON HEADDDDDDD Sean, it’s music reviewer Anthony Fantano aka TheNeedleDrop.

  68. Paris Carbo

    Paris Carbo3 hours ago

    11:54 It happened to me in person, twice, I laughed :'v

  69. Garebear

    Garebear3 hours ago

    7:06 you almost got me, but i was like 'ok whats gonna happ-AHA'

  70. Usama Dragon990

    Usama Dragon9904 hours ago

    11:28 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  71. Artur Becker

    Artur Becker4 hours ago

    6:29 - 6:30 (or 6:31 or 6:32) but i'm brazillian :

  72. ColdMythic JD

    ColdMythic JD4 hours ago

    6:17 He looks like a busted can of biscuits If this didnt make u laugh as hard as i did u have no soul XD

  73. Jonah Temple

    Jonah Temple4 hours ago

    Yo that baby was on the verge of tears anyway.

  74. Bronwen Greenfield

    Bronwen Greenfield4 hours ago

    Fake slitting my crying child's throat because I don't want to break character: me as a parent, probably.

  75. fatass

    fatass4 hours ago


  76. Wolfe Odinson

    Wolfe Odinson5 hours ago

    Jack's scream drowns out Steve-o's and makes it 100 times better...🤣🤣🤣

  77. NotYourFault

    NotYourFault5 hours ago


  78. Pre-Chewed Bread Crumbs

    Pre-Chewed Bread Crumbs5 hours ago

    Well, I’m not on TikTok...

  79. Imod4fun

    Imod4fun5 hours ago

    12:27 daddy jack ;)

  80. [CzPza] CheeseOnMyPizza

    [CzPza] CheeseOnMyPizza5 hours ago

    7:03 You actually got me!

  81. narwals

    narwals5 hours ago

    7:04 the audacity

  82. Zenith Replays

    Zenith Replays5 hours ago

    Is it bad that I'm laughing about a child trying to forget cancer?

  83. Weele Wism

    Weele Wism6 hours ago

    7:00 mobile user: you cant fool me with that

  84. tarundasniper

    tarundasniper6 hours ago

    Jack doesn't know Phineas and Ferb.... 🙂💔

  85. Rachel D

    Rachel D6 hours ago

    10:55 WILBUUUUUUUUR! Jack should see the PIGEON NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO clip.

  86. Sweaty Rie-Rie

    Sweaty Rie-Rie6 hours ago

    I hate that lady with the black hair who says random shit about men, it’s so annoying.


    ANTHONY DENATALA6 hours ago

    The motivational water bottles my sister and cousin have

  88. Killo

    Killo6 hours ago


  89. Brlqz

    Brlqz6 hours ago

    10:40 tennis ball throw it against the wall😂

  90. WilliamS

    WilliamS6 hours ago

    yes please react to tiktoks!

  91. Dominick fagundes

    Dominick fagundes6 hours ago

    Can you bring back your green hair? Pls

  92. Robo Ninja65

    Robo Ninja657 hours ago

    14:35 plot twist, they wanted to make hush puppys for dinner, but were too lazy to go out and buy any.

  93. theodor jørgensen

    theodor jørgensen7 hours ago

    Jacksepticeye officially Duke Nukem now?

  94. nunya beezwax

    nunya beezwax7 hours ago

    you need to wach this

  95. HatMAN101priv

    HatMAN101priv7 hours ago

    YOU should react to Bread Boys, they are the best!!

  96. naomi fa

    naomi fa7 hours ago

    Accuracey Sean, accruracy is what you just watched.

  97. Edmund Venus

    Edmund Venus7 hours ago

    my throat hurts from laughing

  98. Tony Merla

    Tony Merla7 hours ago

    15:08 “I literally forgotten what’s happened” 😂

  99. NyxMoon VA

    NyxMoon VA7 hours ago

    7:04 Jokes on you, I'm on mobile.

  100. Olyvia Vanity

    Olyvia Vanity7 hours ago

    My brother was terrified on the "Thunder Bird" at Holiday World, luckily he didn't fall out because his seat didn't latch properly.