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  1. jacksepticeye

    jacksepticeye27 days ago

    TacSMASH that tacLIKE button

  2. William Carnes

    William Carnes19 hours ago

    The tacLike button is used by our great US soldiers, when in a battle field they press the tacLike button and become motivated.

  3. that omnic mechanic

    that omnic mechanic6 days ago

    I use cds to listen to music...well cds and vinyls.

  4. Saberlight gaming

    Saberlight gaming13 days ago

    Screw the metric system

  5. Landyn Linman

    Landyn Linman18 days ago

    @DeeperThnder I have

  6. Landyn Linman

    Landyn Linman18 days ago

    @Axell favorite song running at AAdfiAd


    CSM RYAN5 minutes ago

    my friend has the boom touch and its actually not that bad and it works just by putting the phone on top.

  8. Marc sotelo

    Marc sotelo20 minutes ago

    What ever happened to the old intro, top of the morning to you laddies

  9. Craig Ewing

    Craig Ewing27 minutes ago

    so glad I started watching your content again. "go fuck yourself nick" broke me.

  10. earlysteven gamer number 2

    earlysteven gamer number 2Hour ago

    “Traffic in New York is a warzone” *True*

  11. Charlie Baklava

    Charlie BaklavaHour ago

    If you need to smash the knife to get through carrots it means you need to sharpen the knife and learn to cut better

  12. Tagadhur Malaguld

    Tagadhur MalaguldHour ago

    3:25 this got me, not the video, jack and the meme, god damn that was funny

  13. Harry Daly

    Harry DalyHour ago

    Who misses the whiteboard

  14. Benjamin Moreno

    Benjamin MorenoHour ago

    Sean you should play cry of fear again, I liked the old videos but I want to see it with current Sean.

  15. mark renz A. perez

    mark renz A. perez2 hours ago

    jack: hating cd me: loves cd because its my only entertainment besides paying for internet

  16. andy rogers

    andy rogers3 hours ago

    “A cd, who in their right mind is using cd’s anymore” i have a gaming computer that doesn’t have a cd tray anymore *me in 2040* remember when...

  17. Umar Syahril

    Umar Syahril3 hours ago

    When i watched that intro I thought I was in the Lion King.

  18. Mike Barrow

    Mike Barrow3 hours ago

    Tac hearing..Can I show them my hearing aids and say it advanced tac hearing?? Hmm people don’t even think twice and not say it a hearing aids. Hahahahha

  19. GUN NUT

    GUN NUT4 hours ago

    5:41 Am I the only idiot that still does that?!


    ANTHONY DENATALA4 hours ago

    Jacksepticeye: says Fahrenheit is bullshit Me: cried in American Also me: laughs in 1% irish

  21. Matthew

    Matthew5 hours ago

    I have the egg pod it works

  22. Depressed Coffee addict

    Depressed Coffee addict6 hours ago

    Am i the only one who still uses CDs ;-;

  23. giraffe lord

    giraffe lord7 hours ago

    I'm using a CD to watch this

  24. Jhake Pugosa

    Jhake Pugosa7 hours ago

    0:00 The demons when I failed my Latin lessons

  25. v_I_am_L_v Lind L Tylr

    v_I_am_L_v Lind L Tylr7 hours ago

    Wait.... he doesn’t see the blurry light from lights like that? What does he see??? What do you see??? I see blur and like lines of line from the blur going out diagonally... I’ve not been made to feel it’s weird before!

  26. Griffingirl

    Griffingirl9 hours ago

    0:00 - 0:20 absolute banger, i was thoroughly intrigued and getting into it

  27. Scared Dog

    Scared Dog9 hours ago

    Me and my family recently bought a record player and a Amy whinehouse record as well. It’s incredibly easy to use

  28. Senn The Ambivalent

    Senn The Ambivalent12 hours ago

    I'm just going to leave this WrIsT here 19:23

  29. Kim Kimberling

    Kim Kimberling14 hours ago

    I have Bluetooth hearing aids to hear....I don’t need that bull😂💅🏼

  30. xXcrow_godxX

    xXcrow_godxX14 hours ago

    HoW DaRe YoU InSuLt My Fahrenheit

  31. Jeanette Stoner

    Jeanette Stoner14 hours ago

    That boom touch speaker actually works I was like waa

  32. DeadlyNinja27

    DeadlyNinja2714 hours ago

    Actually the Boom Touch works amazingly I bought one awhile back from a store cause it was only like $10 and it works better than expected, you’ve not been scammed

  33. necksunrein mugsomball

    necksunrein mugsomball15 hours ago

    Godzilla got a stroke after watching the intro and fricking died.

  34. Rombom Gebbia

    Rombom Gebbia15 hours ago

    Jack naming prices of speakers Me who lives in America and has no clue what a British pound is: 👁👄👁

  35. Alley Cat

    Alley Cat15 hours ago

    the tac shaver is just a really shitty version of my electric shaver

  36. Braxton Lopez

    Braxton Lopez15 hours ago

    we use those while snowmobiling not the same brans but same disc

  37. Eatant

    Eatant15 hours ago

    I tacclicked the tacvidoe and went to the taccomments and said something.

  38. Eatant

    Eatant15 hours ago

    And Tacliked my own comment

  39. Shameless LEGEND

    Shameless LEGEND16 hours ago

    Just get a pillow case, fill it 1/4 of the way with uncooked rice and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes... poor man's heating pad and it works way better than anything else I swear

  40. MaxFPS

    MaxFPS16 hours ago

    5 MINUTE CRAFTS that should be your top 1 reacting home videos, it's the biggest bs ever

  41. Beep Boop

    Beep Boop16 hours ago

    I have the egg pod it’s amazing.

  42. Justin Adams

    Justin Adams16 hours ago

    Your phone still has to connect

  43. Alexander Almanza

    Alexander Almanza17 hours ago

    I want that USB


    KITTY CORN17 hours ago

    The intro to this video made me feel like I was on a drug trip, a beautiful drug trip. This intro wasn't no ugly drug trip, no, no ,no! It was a beautiful drug trip! Bravo Jack!

  45. eloskiify

    eloskiify18 hours ago

    I didn't have that speaker specifically, but about 8 years ago it was the best purchase I made. Mind blowing; it seemed like magic

  46. Kerryn King

    Kerryn King18 hours ago

    My son : LAUGH!

  47. christopher robinson

    christopher robinson18 hours ago

    Jacksepticeye watch the jaboody dubs infomercials they are hilarious

  48. kylemaster6969

    kylemaster696918 hours ago


  49. smiley exe

    smiley exe18 hours ago

    I had one of these and there absolutely a bullshit speaker 9:20

  50. Nathaniel R Knox

    Nathaniel R Knox18 hours ago

    EW CDS

  51. Hyped Snake

    Hyped Snake19 hours ago

    Plot twist: Those people with the green screen were kidnapped and were forced against their will to act in that video with different phones, and if they didn’t comply then they would die along with their family.

  52. Gabe M

    Gabe M19 hours ago

    “Shark Bait Hoo Haah Haah”


    BONESY LE SKELETÓN!!19 hours ago

    The thing is that these are all 2000s-2014 and I’ve seen most of these(but obviously I paid little attention so I don’t remember all of them sin I was born in the early 2000s) but the one I remember the most is the de-frost wonder because I was younger and stupider so I fell for the scam, but luckily I was still living with my parents so I never wasted my savings on one. Edit: I hated these

  54. seth1430 seth1430

    seth1430 seth143020 hours ago

    I have a speaker like that

  55. Vib

    Vib20 hours ago

    I’m 70% sure these are jokes and satire lmao

  56. Inky GamerDemon

    Inky GamerDemon20 hours ago

    “Ahh my stomach” -jack the ogre

  57. Krafty Kittenz

    Krafty Kittenz20 hours ago

    Check out the Tug Toner... On your own time... Just let us know how it makes you feel. 🤷😆

  58. Shusji

    Shusji20 hours ago


  59. Captain Wolf

    Captain Wolf21 hour ago

    6:02 "Burning a CD"", thats easy choose maximum of 80 min of songs, burn the songs on the cd (bruning creates valles in a row that goes around, and a valley corresponds to 1 and no valley 0, the rest u figure out how data works. exactly same on HHD's, but CD is way bigger in comparison.) I still need to burn some more cd's for in my car, the radio is shit and no aux or BT. So CD's it is!

  60. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo21 hour ago

    5:06 me reading directions be like

  61. cursed illixxxey

    cursed illixxxey22 hours ago

    if its like a extention cord only severl feet less than whys it called an extenction cord

  62. Taina AKA Tanner

    Taina AKA Tanner22 hours ago

    for a random reason i love how i got a garrys mod ad

  63. Ok Tae

    Ok Tae23 hours ago

    My mom has the defrost wonder and it actually works. Lmao

  64. Jj J

    Jj JDay ago

    How to get out of speeding tickets from speed cameras? Buy tact vision

  65. Mae Mae

    Mae MaeDay ago

    My *guy* drop that intro song

  66. AlexYeets

    AlexYeetsDay ago

    Sorry, wanted to say that those yellow tinted glasses REALLY do work well for night driving.

  67. Jackson Thomas

    Jackson ThomasDay ago

    9:16 Boom Touch can also cure color blindness

  68. cibee

    cibeeDay ago

    america moment

  69. Sterre

    SterreDay ago

    Why does the intro sound so good I-

  70. EV skully

    EV skullyDay ago

    jack play skate 4-again pls

  71. rbxle1

    rbxle1Day ago

    hey umm, the defrosting trays actually work y'know

  72. Eden Mclean

    Eden McleanDay ago


  73. Maddie Grace

    Maddie GraceDay ago

    Snap and sooth is basically just hot hands

  74. chomp devil

    chomp devilDay ago

    The TacVisor is just the TacGlasses car adaptation.

  75. Lady Britt

    Lady BrittDay ago

    "Your eyes don't work like that!" *Me with astigmatism*

  76. Melayna Marples

    Melayna MarplesDay ago

    i want to see the tac tool lol

  77. Amir Adri

    Amir AdriDay ago

    When they show the lil shorties and plug all the lil shorties plug and still look like a mess i laughed as the same as jack

  78. Redacted

    RedactedDay ago

    I'm 14 and I know what burning a fucking CD is

  79. TJayBRekt

    TJayBRektDay ago

    Jack: who even uses CDs anymore PS4 and Xbox players:🤷

  80. Hell's Queen

    Hell's QueenDay ago

    What makes those hearing aids tactical, is my Grandfather tactically turning it down when he was getting in trouble for leaving a mess in the kitchen.

  81. Akai_San Chee

    Akai_San CheeDay ago

    2:07 i see cars like that 😂

  82. Thomas Lee Leblond

    Thomas Lee LeblondDay ago

    I totally stand behing the Defrost Wonder.. Works like a charm.. didn't get it on tv tho... but yeah... It works

  83. Mistaaa.legend

    Mistaaa.legendDay ago

    I actually have the boom touch and it does in fact work

  84. Addy's love For Scout

    Addy's love For ScoutDay ago

    My parents and teachers: why cant you focus? My brain the only time im not thinking about dying 0:00 - 0:22

  85. Chrystal Ight.2

    Chrystal Ight.2Day ago

    Hello im that someone who has a wall of CDs Edit: Who elses day gets better after watching this channel

  86. FTLSgtrandom

    FTLSgtrandomDay ago

    I want jack to buy the boom touch just to see if it works

  87. William Miller

    William MillerDay ago

    That fucking intro was great

  88. murfALISHIS

    murfALISHISDay ago

    Jack pls make a tier list of the products these people are selling, my life would be complete if you did

  89. baffledBITS

    baffledBITSDay ago

    You can literally get those "little shorties" at Dollar Tree for $1, lmao. Not that brand, but they're the same exact thing.

  90. Pepe is love Pepe is life

    Pepe is love Pepe is lifeDay ago

    16:41 not even the same steak

  91. jackson beals

    jackson bealsDay ago

    Granny: *advertising the pump chopper* Me: "how dare you stand where he stood!"

  92. Mikaela Martin

    Mikaela MartinDay ago

    i know im a month late, but i worked at a theme park that has photo packages. the digital package included access to the photo website and digital downloads on the photo app, but we also give a CD so the guest can bring it to somewhere like a Walgreens or photo printing studios and all the files will be organized and in HD by default. Its no so much about having the CD to store the photos anymore, its more about having a platform to make prints without that thing where you download a photo to your phone in lower quality then send it to the printer and it looks like crap.

  93. Bmuelio

    BmuelioDay ago

    5:06 is that a wii to the very right bc it looks like it to me

  94. Bmuelio

    BmuelioDay ago

    Imagine this is the first jacksepticeye video you’ve ever seen and it stars with jack saying *laugh laugh*

  95. Team X

    Team XDay ago

    The song at the start of the video made my cat wake up and watch my screen and I said is this the song of your people and she meowed

  96. Tim Camille

    Tim CamilleDay ago

    Damn i wish i seen this video when it was Just put up bc now i want that free flash drive jack offered.. Mine broke.

  97. Altair H

    Altair HDay ago

    Just like to say that as an American I agree with jack that the metric is easier

  98. Nacho playz J P plays

    Nacho playz J P playsDay ago

    Everyone should just use kitchen gun

  99. flying horse

    flying horseDay ago

    For the record, the defrost board thing apparently works.

  100. Connor Gordon

    Connor GordonDay ago

    How is nick bolton even still in bussiness with his horse shit are people really that stupid?

  101. Steven Austin

    Steven AustinDay ago


  102. EireFortune

    EireFortuneDay ago

    I actually have a Boom Touch speaker (not the same brand but similar from a different company). It really does work and rather well. Only use it when I’m too lazy to search for my portable Bluetooth speaker. Both have a similar sound quality

  103. Benton Hollingsworth

    Benton HollingsworthDay ago

    I have watched u for 8 years an u have not changed

  104. Dylan Craig

    Dylan CraigDay ago

    I use CDs for my PS4

  105. Damion

    DamionDay ago

    I was literally just yelling at the vid like that's a fucking flash drive

  106. aggressive

    aggressiveDay ago