Reacting To The Scariest Videos On The Internet #3

More of the scariest videos on the internet
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  1. jacksepticeye

    jacksepticeye9 days ago

    There was originally a really cool video I reacted to in this called "peephole" but sadly it got claimed and I had to edit it out. Shoutout to those of you who saw the original full video!

  2. Void

    Void6 hours ago

    I can't wait to see more of these from you, love your videos so much!

  3. Archie Byrne

    Archie Byrne22 hours ago

    I’m not gonna watch it because I’d rather react to it while your here so I’m not alone.

  4. Foster Parents

    Foster ParentsDay ago

    I got so confused and creeped out when it was missing because I live in a dorm building and I fully expected to then look through my peephole and have that happen because the video section was gone I thought I had imagined it and that it was gonna be real lol

  5. 3_n_4

    3_n_4Day ago

    I remember watching it, it’s great 👌

  6. Mysterious Panda

    Mysterious PandaDay ago

    That's really annoying because another youtuber, coryxkenshin, reacted to 8t and 8t got to stay in, I really wish I could have seen your reaction

  7. Connor Jackson

    Connor Jackson48 minutes ago

    antisepticeye gave me a heart attack

  8. Faded

    FadedHour ago

    BRo at 3:22 i shit myself i saw him in the back

  9. leo

    leoHour ago

    love from croatia♡

  10. Brunc Brunci

    Brunc Brunci2 hours ago

    13:30 me watching from croatia now😟

  11. G Wenxel

    G Wenxel2 hours ago

    3:23 anyone else see that?

  12. Danger Noodle

    Danger Noodle3 hours ago

    Those teens are most likely dead it’s been 15/16 years I can’t think of any other ending

  13. James Monkevich

    James Monkevich3 hours ago

    The elevator part of the stalker one just made me laugh out loud for some reason. Like the cut off "AAH-" had me rolling.

  14. Rayzer

    Rayzer3 hours ago

    jack is so cool he doesnt even need a trigger warning

  15. Gentleflipper3

    Gentleflipper34 hours ago

    You are not safe in the comments trust me I repeat you are not safe

  16. Char Aznable

    Char Aznable5 hours ago

    Did a haunted house for charity as a zombie. Fucking little kid stomped on my head.

  17. doom slayer

    doom slayer6 hours ago


  18. Janko grof

    Janko grof7 hours ago

    Im crotian

  19. Jour

    Jour8 hours ago


  20. Niko

    Niko10 hours ago

    I'm Croatian

  21. Zaid Khan

    Zaid Khan11 hours ago

    Sean - small, short and effective ... .... me - that's what she said

  22. Jonathan Toone

    Jonathan Toone11 hours ago

    Here in America, we’d just get our AR-15’s and shot that shit

  23. Mikayla Desirae

    Mikayla Desirae12 hours ago

    Hey!! (louder then everyone else)

  24. Phoebus Larson

    Phoebus Larson12 hours ago

    Yes flashlight in the dark makes ur house scarier

  25. ALEJOwhatever

    ALEJOwhatever13 hours ago

    If you're a teenager and have a new camera, you have around 80% more chances to die

  26. Cookie

    Cookie13 hours ago

    Why do I always watch the scary stuff at night

  27. Mystery

    Mystery14 hours ago

    "If some random ghost card that you tore up told you to twirl, would you do that?" The worst part is I probably would lmao. Like its obviously a ghost, what if it gets even angrier at me for not doing what it wanted? What if my chances of surviving are higher if I try and please the ghost instead of immediately trying to run and hide? Edit: Sometimes I wonder if the culture surrounding ghosts where I live is just super different from everyone else's. Like the ghost in "Blackout" was literally just vibing until the pov character killed the music and assumedly upset them. They werent aggressive at all until they made a big fuss out of leaving. I was always taught that ghosts are everywhere and theyre often just chilling, so dont get on their bad sides and be sure to treat them with lots of care and respect. Theyre like old people with dementia and anger issues (theyre chill but can get angry fast) so its best to just tiptoe around them and not offend them instead of flipping out and trying to run.

  28. Karra Cross

    Karra Cross15 hours ago

    Well that intro gave me the biggest fright. But good job! That was amazing! Loving all these intros.

  29. Erumaaro

    Erumaaro15 hours ago

    badass intro, mate!

  30. Sakura Brumfield

    Sakura Brumfield15 hours ago

    Thank god for root car insurance ads


    ODYSSEUS MEDINA16 hours ago

    the mime

  32. Nwl AJ

    Nwl AJ17 hours ago

    Do you ever scare yourself?😭

  33. William Kao

    William Kao17 hours ago


  34. Cameron Cullen

    Cameron Cullen17 hours ago

    Poughkeepsie tapes is a good scary film quite disturbing weirdly interesting because the killer is very smart based on a true story

  35. Skies Skiies

    Skies Skiies17 hours ago

    The mime just,,, instantly starts whacking it like its no one business

  36. Estefanía Martínez Meza

    Estefanía Martínez Meza17 hours ago


  37. Joya Lewis

    Joya Lewis17 hours ago

    Oh hey Cory reacted to these in a Spooky Scary Sunday too :)

  38. Joya Lewis

    Joya Lewis17 hours ago

    3:25 oh lord

  39. Captain Mohagen!

    Captain Mohagen!17 hours ago

    Jacks intro was awesome, but I ended up laughing through it

  40. Likebird 66

    Likebird 6618 hours ago

    Props on the intro made me leak poop and now I’m at the hospital for crazy brain trauma

  41. Trey Johnson

    Trey Johnson18 hours ago

    Hello jack 😊

  42. Emily Guerrero

    Emily Guerrero18 hours ago

    The real scary part was his check engine light. Do you comprehend how much that's gonna cost. Midas be like that's it a billion dollars

  43. B Cote

    B Cote18 hours ago


  44. No Future

    No Future18 hours ago

    Video 30 of asking Jack to play OMORI because it’s a great game

  45. Phoenix Josefson

    Phoenix Josefson19 hours ago

    Who else went: oh shit when the car shut off?

  46. TinaBean TV

    TinaBean TV19 hours ago

    I’ve never been so happy to see an add

  47. Hyper XD

    Hyper XD19 hours ago

    Any Croatians in the chat 🇭🇷

  48. rhea380

    rhea38019 hours ago

    Love horror. Anyone else smile and laugh while watching horror movies? I was watching one with friends that had good jump scares and cringy moments. They were serious faced and intensely watching while I'm laughing and smiling out of appreciation of the creativity.

  49. E. Nigma

    E. Nigma19 hours ago

    12:24 and that’s why I always wear hoodies when out at night

  50. The Chaconut

    The Chaconut20 hours ago

    3:21 Anyone else see anti in the background?

  51. Unus Annus Forever

    Unus Annus Forever20 hours ago

    Who else was scared of the cardboard cutout😩

  52. Bertha Hutton

    Bertha Hutton20 hours ago

    Yo guys if you watch the beginning when he's body does weird stuff u can see jacks back meat got snapped like a kit Kat

  53. Travis Bertoch

    Travis Bertoch20 hours ago

    Really good intro but was watching his funniest home vids before and i was partially expecting him to pop out and shout LAUGH!

  54. Janeen Lyall

    Janeen Lyall20 hours ago

    Anyone one else cover most of the screen with their hand and just watch Sean the whole time? Lol

  55. CyberSpace

    CyberSpace21 hour ago

    I only like watching scary videos when they're on Seans' channel cause he makes it less scary. Now Sean's scary too!? I can't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. BoredBoi

    BoredBoi21 hour ago

    WHY MUST YOU SCARE US AT THE ENTRANCE OF VIDEOS. I literally had a damn heart attack but that ain't your fault. edit: sorry if that sounded kinda mean Jack.

  57. Mandalorian

    Mandalorian22 hours ago

    You got me you wee twat lol, the intro

  58. Thomas Kelliher

    Thomas Kelliher22 hours ago

    How hasn't Jack seen the Croatian video before? Its on almost every "Top 10 scariest videos" 😂

  59. Galaxy fox

    Galaxy fox22 hours ago

    I'm watching this will it's dark and stormy

  60. Nikki Moon

    Nikki Moon22 hours ago

    During the intro I was laughing idk why😂

  61. Bee777

    Bee77723 hours ago


  62. The4TKnightBoy

    The4TKnightBoy23 hours ago

    Anti, Was that you?

  63. puppy uploads and more

    puppy uploads and moreDay ago

    If you think this is scary you should see how it is to deal with a ghost in real life not just in a video (I'm saying this cus I felt with a real ghost earlier this year)

  64. Mrs.Dumbass

    Mrs.DumbassDay ago

    When you live in Croatia 🙂 *internal screaming*

  65. The Chaotic Three

    The Chaotic ThreeDay ago

    3:21 anyone else catch that-

  66. Fudge

    FudgeDay ago

    this is what i watch when i miss cory...

  67. The New Drift

    The New DriftDay ago

    I laughed through the entire intro. Amazing

  68. Rodney Lane

    Rodney LaneDay ago

    3:22 meme template

  69. Rodney Lane

    Rodney LaneDay ago

    Bruh that intro!

  70. Evan Fraley

    Evan FraleyDay ago

    Time for some beer brand beer 🍻

  71. Lucaknight

    LucaknightDay ago

    What was the name of evil jack i cant remember

  72. Maddie Grace

    Maddie GraceDay ago

    When Sean stood against the wall it sounded like an enderman

  73. N Lake

    N LakeDay ago

    girl: becomes old maid me: so where did the old, old made go?

  74. N Lake

    N LakeDay ago

    that intro didnt even make me flinch

  75. Figure Xpert

    Figure XpertDay ago

    i’m croatian😏

  76. Joshua Meek

    Joshua MeekDay ago


  77. satan is an anime boy

    satan is an anime boyDay ago

    Yooooo I remember watching the Croatian stalking tape when I was younger, I was paranoid from it for years but could never find it again

  78. CloudCat_Art

    CloudCat_ArtDay ago

    Fact: ur hiding in the comments

  79. RIXON

    RIXONDay ago


  80. Chris McKenzie

    Chris McKenzieDay ago

    Every f****** video was ruined for me because ads would pop up in the middle of all of them. USloft f****** sucks

  81. Kevin Spee

    Kevin SpeeDay ago

    I hate how all these are so dark. I know it's a beaten to death trope to use people's fear of darkness and the unknown to create atmosphere, but I literally can't see a lot of this video. If you can scare me with something in broad daylight, I applaud your originality and skill. Something like a reflection of a scary boi in the elevator from the last clip

  82. exotic horn

    exotic hornDay ago

    Am I the only one who smiled and enjoying through the whole video

  83. rico

    ricoDay ago

    0:00 you are one odd child, jack

  84. Gavin Hanson

    Gavin HansonDay ago

    I remember watching Jack back when he first started the skate 3 videos and I thought it was the funniest shit ever

  85. Ma.junia VEVO

    Ma.junia VEVODay ago

    3:22 uh oh

  86. Jasper Animations

    Jasper AnimationsDay ago

    That intro tho- Holy cow! The edit was crazy!!

  87. Lae Anne

    Lae AnneDay ago


  88. Danyiel Edric Putra Perwira Tjan

    Danyiel Edric Putra Perwira TjanDay ago

    jack you should watch true horror story pov. really good horror plot lines

  89. Gamer Hero

    Gamer HeroDay ago

    0:00-0:37 that was I good intro I’m already liking

  90. charles the messenger

    charles the messengerDay ago

    The Pearl's falling off the dress were like martha wayne getting shot

  91. JacerGamer615 YT

    JacerGamer615 YTDay ago

    0:02 Jack, you broke your neck twice... Maybe while Acting Jack’s Neck hurt.

  92. Maniac Matt

    Maniac MattDay ago

    Honestly I wouldn’t be so creeped out by the mime thing I’d just start doing dumb dances and make him copy me

  93. Lil GangBang

    Lil GangBangDay ago

    who else noticed jacks "easter eggs" where u just see a double of him in the back round banging his head (edit it was 1 am so i came back 20 hrs later and finished the vid soeey im a wus

  94. ΔΔΔ Rip Michigan. You will be missed.ΔΔΔ

    ΔΔΔ Rip Michigan. You will be missed.ΔΔΔDay ago

    the croatia stalking tape guys when they open the elevator: "UEAGHH" genshin impact about to pop up:"hello there"

  95. Coal Snow

    Coal SnowDay ago

    My eyes

  96. Trad Jr and Jay Gaming

    Trad Jr and Jay GamingDay ago

    Huh she's in the mirror So funny

  97. Branducc Animations

    Branducc AnimationsDay ago

    That intro was very spoopy

  98. Aniket Singh

    Aniket SinghDay ago

    3:22 How many of you noticed the man in the back?

  99. Piripi Nikora

    Piripi NikoraDay ago

    I swear I love his intros haha I really love the content too 😁❤️

  100. Dreamer's Corner🌟

    Dreamer's Corner🌟Day ago

    I love found footage horror movies.

  101. Boofbaby

    BoofbabyDay ago

    The Croatia stalking video had 11,666 views 😳

  102. RouX

    RouXDay ago

    Holy bejesus, that was a pretty scary intro

  103. Noah Marcellus

    Noah MarcellusDay ago

    5:43 you trying to say that you don't have shower curtains in your bathroom!? Bruh what!!!???

  104. Dennis Strong

    Dennis StrongDay ago

    I'm high asf and the first 10 seconds I had a whole ass panic attack and thought I died😂😂



    the most scary thing in the video was the intro