We're SO LOST | Minecraft with Gab - Part 3

Minecraft + Girlfriend = YAY
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  1. Indigo

    Indigo5 hours ago

    Are you gonna do more?

  2. TechnoReaper

    TechnoReaper9 hours ago

    Jack should have said speed is key

  3. Cmonbigfella

    Cmonbigfella22 hours ago

    Golden Chestplate Protection III: Jack:wOw golden chestplate protection two

  4. Johf Wayne

    Johf WayneDay ago

    I jack if you want to be the ultimate minecraft master try out RLcraft its basically real life and it has DRAGONS!!! Ps I can't afford a PC so please try RLcraft.

  5. Tek T

    Tek TDay ago

    Does anyone know what the song was when Sean was chanting "fight"?

  6. Ellen Harju

    Ellen Harju2 days ago

    The thing that I try to do first is make ender chests so I do not lose my stuff

  7. M Armyeater

    M Armyeater3 days ago

    If you use a silk touch axe on another mushroom you can use the blocks to fix the one she accidentally broke.

  8. Jesyriana Farruggio

    Jesyriana Farruggio3 days ago

    when are you going to post another minecraft video

  9. Aqueous_Fireball

    Aqueous_Fireball4 days ago

    the floor is so expensive that it breaks your ankles *for you*

  10. bit bit

    bit bit4 days ago


  11. Jacob Lineberry

    Jacob Lineberry4 days ago

    framed maps and copied maps are mana from heaven. I eat them.

  12. Jacob Lineberry

    Jacob Lineberry4 days ago

    I'm very tired right now.

  13. Thomas Carlisle

    Thomas Carlisle5 days ago

    Which head were they talking about🥴🥴

  14. Alanplayz UwU

    Alanplayz UwU5 days ago

    When is part 4 and part 5 coming

  15. chilling beast

    chilling beast5 days ago

    Plzz bring back this series

  16. DreemurrGoatCB

    DreemurrGoatCB5 days ago

    Lol r2 with that woow

  17. Crimson Vulpes

    Crimson Vulpes6 days ago

    R2 flying across the screen: PERFECT!!! XD

  18. bunny boo

    bunny boo6 days ago

    Play fragile please!

  19. Fyodor Gervais

    Fyodor Gervais7 days ago

    I think you need a fence around your livestock pen or there's gonna be some MASSIVE bloodshed when a zombie ( called it ) or wolf comes in

  20. David Po

    David Po7 days ago

    Why do the clouds look like actual clouds?

  21. Gracedoesart ;D

    Gracedoesart ;D8 days ago

    I need morrreee

  22. Damie Lynn

    Damie Lynn8 days ago

    Yes,,,treasure planet, hell of a great movie 😔✌

  23. Matthew Grayson

    Matthew Grayson8 days ago

    We need more!

  24. Elias Banjar

    Elias Banjar8 days ago

    Can you upload ep 4

  25. keefe foster

    keefe foster8 days ago

    pls make more

  26. Lukas -

    Lukas -8 days ago

    you should play minecraft with voice proximity :I

  27. G̽̈ā̒̀v̓̎͛͐ĩ̽̈́n̋̓̈ Sͤ̓͛.

    G̽̈ā̒̀v̓̎͛͐ĩ̽̈́n̋̓̈ Sͤ̓͛.8 days ago

    9:11 did he just swear in German? 😂

  28. Victor Nunez

    Victor Nunez8 days ago

    i miss this

  29. J- Paul

    J- Paul9 days ago

    I wanna hear your alpacas...yeah there it is, HeAh!!

  30. Compnerd2525

    Compnerd25259 days ago

    Keep in mind that the area you've covered; most of it's underground. not outward...

  31. Harsh Saini

    Harsh Saini9 days ago

    Part 4 When????

  32. Bryden Chapman

    Bryden Chapman9 days ago

    Does any one know what shaders he is using?

  33. schmurr

    schmurr9 days ago

    The Shrek reference at the beginning tho

  34. Bubonika

    Bubonika9 days ago


  35. Erin

    Erin9 days ago

    the wholesomest :3

  36. Dylan Eversole

    Dylan Eversole9 days ago

    Who likes the og series better

  37. Yoshi Hatch

    Yoshi Hatch10 days ago

    do more miecraft plz

  38. Bethany Eningowuk

    Bethany Eningowuk10 days ago

    Are u going to make more Minecraft videos with your girlfriend

  39. Becky Knott

    Becky Knott10 days ago

    Love it . You guys are top of the morning.... hay is there such thing as ......minecraftVR......It needs to happen...🛎ding ding .

  40. Talkative Yellow Toad

    Talkative Yellow Toad11 days ago

    Please more

  41. Sakura Ogami

    Sakura Ogami11 days ago


  42. JP Marcial

    JP Marcial11 days ago

    uh more please

  43. Jared Cullum

    Jared Cullum12 days ago

    Jack seems to have a hard time with Endermen.

  44. Mira Kunzin

    Mira Kunzin12 days ago

    Is this series continuing?

  45. Mira Kunzin

    Mira Kunzin10 days ago

    @russell Aw man

  46. russell

    russell10 days ago


  47. Dystop

    Dystop13 days ago

    Anyone know what shaders these are?

  48. MaDMooDz

    MaDMooDz13 days ago

    gimmie the seed of the map

  49. Amran Arko

    Amran Arko13 days ago

    1:23 am not sure what that really means but....

  50. Chito 501

    Chito 50113 days ago

    When is this coming back 😢. It’s so calming which is surprising knowing your content 😂. Keep it up 👍

  51. Gwen! Eat Batter

    Gwen! Eat Batter13 days ago

    Would love to see more of the craft with gabs! So fun! 😁

  52. kvngxtreme

    kvngxtreme14 days ago

    Gab: And roof is fixed 🙂 Jack: haha Floating pig go brr

  53. Dont relly Care

    Dont relly Care14 days ago

    What shaders is he using

  54. Vee Sea

    Vee Sea14 days ago


  55. Shit Bussin Sheeesh

    Shit Bussin Sheeesh14 days ago

    uhhh guys why does gabs giggle sound like a witches laugh 18:34

  56. Nathan Rupprecht

    Nathan Rupprecht15 days ago

    What shaders are those

  57. Daemon Thayer

    Daemon Thayer16 days ago

    Who else watched this video after he cut his by hair and was like “Yes Yes you did get sick of it halfway through and cut it” lol

  58. Gman Pman

    Gman Pman16 days ago

    9:32 he is a real villager

  59. Kill Streak

    Kill Streak17 days ago

    Are you using sildurs shaders

  60. Mac Adams

    Mac Adams17 days ago

    house looks like Murderface i love it

  61. Markus Nilsson

    Markus Nilsson17 days ago

    Jack is gentleman

  62. Spoopie Loopie

    Spoopie Loopie17 days ago

    What texture pack is this? It looks so good!

  63. NearsightedDevil

    NearsightedDevil18 days ago

    Play totally accurate battle simulator

  64. DUCK-MAN

    DUCK-MAN18 days ago

    Are you a Father?(sorry if that was a personal question)

  65. Dj_ 2270

    Dj_ 227018 days ago

    You and gab should do a modded stone-World Series (Idk the real name of the mod pack but Feed the beast has one I believe) it’s where you begin in a stone space underground and need to twerk to grow trees

  66. That1powergamer

    That1powergamer19 days ago

    I usually just bring a Locator map to make sure I don't get lost if I go far enough away from camp.

  67. Tokyo Zoldyak

    Tokyo Zoldyak19 days ago

    did jack just refence break stuff at 1:10 ???

  68. ItzRafael

    ItzRafael19 days ago

    Where is your Irish Castle

  69. Stikbot 6

    Stikbot 619 days ago

    More plz

  70. Alvaro Bechtel

    Alvaro Bechtel19 days ago

    Hey jack(or if anyone knows) what’s the shader your using

  71. Beastmaster

    Beastmaster19 days ago

    You know you Cindy's voice and are old series right

  72. rissa

    rissa19 days ago

    drop your Minecraft ID or gamer tag below so we can play together :)

  73. Haylie Claire

    Haylie Claire20 days ago

    He seriously quoted lord farquaad

  74. Nathaniel Perez

    Nathaniel Perez20 days ago

    Gab straight up failed jumping in the water. She hit the floor and experienced kinetic energy.

  75. Sarah Stevens

    Sarah Stevens20 days ago

    Need more of this series please!!!’

  76. Gutekx x

    Gutekx x20 days ago

    doubt it

  77. Sarah Stevens

    Sarah Stevens20 days ago

    That treasure planet reference tho 😭😭😭😂😂😂

  78. Darkwolfhunter4 music and reviews

    Darkwolfhunter4 music and reviews21 day ago

    what shaders is he using

  79. destinitra

    destinitra21 day ago

    Anyone know the music at 16:30 its awesome?

  80. Joyce

    Joyce21 day ago

    ah yes, jack imitating llamas

  81. Joyce

    Joyce21 day ago

    lovely house you got there

  82. itz Maggus

    itz Maggus22 days ago

    9:14 did he just say "Scheise"? 🤣

  83. itz Maggus

    itz Maggus22 days ago

    9:14 did he just say "Scheise"? 🤣

  84. Nery azael ROSALES vasquez

    Nery azael ROSALES vasquez22 days ago

    It's 3 in the damn morning and I got so scared when that skeleton attacked Jack when that ender man was mad at him I had a fuckin heart attack

  85. Ashe Meadow

    Ashe Meadow22 days ago

    Oh Sean your girlfriend and I have the same laugh, is that what you call a dutch laugh? I'm not even dutch lol

  86. Scorpionstrike7

    Scorpionstrike722 days ago

    Playing Minecraft with ur girlfriend. What every man of culture dreams of.

  87. Ehren Woehrmann

    Ehren Woehrmann22 days ago

    *Flying pig of Sean, what is your wisdom?* " JackSepticEye and his girlfriend are great at Minecraft." *Thats a good wisdom.*

  88. Sapphire Williams

    Sapphire Williams23 days ago

    We need more

  89. Peter Haritos

    Peter Haritos23 days ago

    What shader are you using

  90. KratosCooLer Gaming

    KratosCooLer Gaming23 days ago

    Jacks POV: talking about balls Evelyn POV: dies

  91. Tstormer

    Tstormer23 days ago

    The only time I don't mind couple gaming is you with your girl

  92. Benjamin Simmons

    Benjamin Simmons24 days ago

    Petition to name the enchantment mushroom to the magic mushroom

  93. 030 Atul Kishan

    030 Atul Kishan24 days ago

    Still waoting for part 4

  94. hiitssiah

    hiitssiah24 days ago

    If you put a minecart down next to the stairs, after breaking the rails underneath them of course, you can use a piston to push them into the stairs and make chairs you can actually sit on.

  95. Livflolo 08

    Livflolo 0824 days ago

    Oh floating pig, I FIXED THE ROOF

  96. Trxckstxr

    Trxckstxr24 days ago

    Ik ben er zojuist achtergekomen dat Jack's vriendin Nederlands is en ik snap niet hoe ik dat niet eerder wist. 😂 Uhh, groetjes van een Nederlandse kijker! English translation: I just realized that Jack's girlfriend is Dutch and I'm so confused how I didn't know that any sooner, I feel kinda stupid now.😂 Uhh, greetings from a fellow Dutch subscriber!

  97. Elliot Graham

    Elliot Graham25 days ago

    Does anyone know what texture pack he used?

  98. The xpert gamer

    The xpert gamer25 days ago

    mine carrot lol 10:09 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  99. Norbi Sab

    Norbi Sab26 days ago

    Can someone tell me what shader he's using? I really want it

  100. Mr _Lozza

    Mr _Lozza25 days ago

    @Norbi Sab no problem always happy to help people out

  101. Norbi Sab

    Norbi Sab25 days ago

    @Mr _Lozza well if you're right you were very helpful, if not I still appreciate you for taking a few moments to reply and try an help.

  102. Mr _Lozza

    Mr _Lozza25 days ago

    he is using optifine but with rtx gpu so he has it at max settings i think hope this comment helps

  103. James Carrington

    James Carrington26 days ago

    Please do another!

  104. Chris G6969

    Chris G696927 days ago

    Still waiting on a part 4... Jussayin

  105. md saiful

    md saiful27 days ago

    Irish potato for life😎

  106. Jorina Lüdemann

    Jorina Lüdemann27 days ago

    "How do I get the cows in the pen"? me: "how about build a separate pen"?

  107. Jorina Lüdemann

    Jorina Lüdemann27 days ago

    "How do I get the cows in the pen"? me: "how about build a separate pen"?