Reacting To Youtuber's First Videos

I recated to my friends first youtube videos
Twitter 🐥: Jack_Septic_Eye
Instagram 📷: jacksepticeye
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  1. jacksepticeye

    jacksepticeyeMonth ago

    Copyright claims took it down the first time. But there's still a way you can help the channel and that's by buying a Youtooz!

  2. TapoBow

    TapoBow6 days ago

    ok bye jacksepticeye Is breá liom do chainéal yt

  3. Kaylee Fortier

    Kaylee Fortier6 days ago

    "there comes a time" me:likes video -yeessss-

  4. Aliyah Montes

    Aliyah Montes23 days ago


  5. Ashton Edwards

    Ashton Edwards25 days ago

    I want a youtooz sitting one but I don't have enough money 😭😭

  6. Athina The Great

    Athina The Great29 days ago

    This video helped me a lot in regards to how everyone first starts out. Thank you!

  7. RememberTheTrees

    RememberTheTrees4 hours ago

    Something about seeing a dude confident enough to call himself cute makes me so happy.

  8. dimarnae deveau

    dimarnae deveau4 hours ago

    I really want to start a gaming channel but don’t know how one just ... does it. I’ve been putting off starting for years but I just need to dooooo it

  9. tyranomegosaurus

    tyranomegosaurus4 hours ago

    Sean watching Evelyn is so cute...

  10. Alix Xx

    Alix Xx10 hours ago

    Oh I forgot that everyone didn’t understand Swedish so it was so fun when he watched pewdiepies first video where he talked Swedish and was like “uh I don’t understand what you’re saying”

  11. The Rat King

    The Rat King11 hours ago

    Im pretty sure disguised toast’s intro is just someone saying “ha this guy’s toast” but toast was like “huh that sounds like disguised toast. That would be a funny USloft channel name.”

  12. sir cranberry

    sir cranberry13 hours ago

    What happend to top in the morning

  13. Eva Marie

    Eva Marie21 hour ago

    The huge smile Seán has on his face the whole time he's watching Evelyn's videos 😭😭😭

  14. Lulu

    Lulu21 hour ago

    corpse sounds so innocent .... but now ... he sounds like bdsm

  15. Good boi. Exe

    Good boi. Exe22 hours ago

    Btw why is it “jack”septiceye, is it a preferred name

  16. Demon _Cookie21

    Demon _Cookie2122 hours ago

    Yooooo, is it just me or does sykkuno sound a bit like kirishima??

  17. J R

    J RDay ago

    jacksepticeye realizing how deprived earlier corpse fans were of content is hilarious lmaooo i know that he obviously had to take breaks, i dont fault corpse for that; its just funny that jack assumed there'd be tons of vids haha

  18. Julian Silva Grundler

    Julian Silva GrundlerDay ago

    where do I get the 4th plushie?

  19. Solomon Fenn

    Solomon FennDay ago

    TheZanySidekick is ludwigs first youtube channel

  20. FujiCahn

    FujiCahnDay ago

    You should look into OG USloftrs... Philly D is one of the biggest shifts I've ever seen, but he's been doing it for almost 15 years.

  21. Jason Myneni

    Jason MyneniDay ago

    Anyone who doesn’t thing that Sean is a raging bisexual needs to watch the Charlie section of this video

  22. LittleGoth

    LittleGothDay ago

    5:36 That video was posted 16 days after I was born 😳

  23. Simp Named lane

    Simp Named laneDay ago

    He sounds almost completely different in the beginning

  24. Spark the emo cat

    Spark the emo cat2 days ago

    Jack should react to Crankthatfrank.

  25. Harrison Irvine

    Harrison Irvine2 days ago


  26. michael jennings

    michael jennings2 days ago

    I want a "Reacting to youtuber's first reacting to youtube videos video"

  27. Xochilt Ruiz

    Xochilt Ruiz2 days ago

    Jack when you weren't using your Irish accent you took to long to talk also you sounded a lot less manly

  28. Sunny Verke

    Sunny Verke2 days ago

    oh my gosh, that part about understanding anime without subtitles is so friggin cute idk why. Just like that cute but cringy couple moment, he was probably just thinking like "damn, that's hot." Awesome.

  29. CreeperBoy

    CreeperBoy2 days ago

    14:03 made me laugh so much.😂

  30. Quackles Q

    Quackles Q2 days ago

    If you do want to do another one of these, VanossGaming

  31. zoey2880 zoey2880

    zoey2880 zoey28803 days ago

    24:28 if my partner doesn’t look at me like this THEN I DONT WANT IT

  32. Dark Wolf

    Dark Wolf3 days ago

    Love this so much.

  33. Jenson Lee

    Jenson Lee3 days ago


  34. Jonny Mac dem shoulders

    Jonny Mac dem shoulders3 days ago

    Wait I can become 110 percent irish

  35. Cheshirerick

    Cheshirerick3 days ago

    I think corpse is the only one I’ve been around for the whole time with how many scary story channels I’m subbed to

  36. Demon Gamer

    Demon Gamer3 days ago

    I remember watching Corps old vids whe I was 10 I was scaredly shitting myself not just because of the story but also because of his voice

  37. Hanan Pasha

    Hanan Pasha3 days ago

    What headset is he using

  38. Graycat_ 10

    Graycat_ 103 days ago

    I like how Jack just scrolled down a little on Corpse channel and that was it, Also when I first wake up and my friend is just sitting in a chair waiting for me before I clear my voice she thought that my voice was a deep but not as deep as a boys voice when it's just clear but it's deep when it's from a females voice

  39. Alezandrea Toth

    Alezandrea Toth3 days ago

    29:30 I've never liked Fortnite 😑

  40. Golden Skull

    Golden Skull4 days ago


  41. Annamarie Mcdowell

    Annamarie Mcdowell4 days ago

    14:05 is this necessary

  42. Klasni

    Klasni4 days ago

    jackseptickeye joined the akatsuki

  43. Jacob Schneider

    Jacob Schneider4 days ago

    Is jack gay he painted his nails and called himself cute

  44. Manbuckett

    Manbuckett4 days ago

    I used to watch Toast’s Hearthstone videos a ton back when he made them. Then he got uplifted to tons of views that he deserves fully. I just miss the hearthstone days lol

  45. Killerthor12

    Killerthor124 days ago

    14:03 bruh the hell was that 😳

  46. 2kids2dogs2ratsohmy

    2kids2dogs2ratsohmy5 days ago

    Did I miss when JackSepticEye came out of the closet as gay? well, congrats anyway.

  47. Gabriel Purdum

    Gabriel Purdum5 days ago

    Jack... can you be my therapist

  48. coolascobra

    coolascobra5 days ago

    If I buy 10 will I be completely irish

  49. coolascobra

    coolascobra5 days ago

    If I buy 100 will I be completely irish

  50. lxser. clxudyy

    lxser. clxudyy5 days ago


  51. Jake DeMamiel

    Jake DeMamiel6 days ago

    Why does Sykkuno sound older?

  52. TheExecutioner121

    TheExecutioner1216 days ago

    Bru pewdiepies second video was uploaded 10 months ago 4:48

  53. Piper Hailstorm

    Piper Hailstorm6 days ago

    13:37 Me, wearing Skull Candy bluetooth headphones. Umm.... They are amazing, they've got bass which I love.

  54. Piper Hailstorm

    Piper Hailstorm6 days ago

    Old Jack sounds like he's trying to hide his Irish voice and sound like an American. Idk why but it does.

  55. Lucia Isdale

    Lucia Isdale6 days ago

    IT sounds like corpse but its just a bad mike . now He uses a much better mike that actually projects his voice . his voice has gotten deeper from GERD and his condition but you can still tell its corpse

  56. Lucia Isdale

    Lucia Isdale6 days ago

    Sykkuno sounds different in his first vid

  57. Lucia Isdale

    Lucia Isdale6 days ago

    LOL The start of the intro was so dramatic and JAck just casually started talking

  58. Talha Tariq

    Talha Tariq6 days ago

    I really love and appreciate that your videos are very literally 'lets have a good time together'. I really wish I saw more of that sort of style/intention on youtube.


    SUBRATA SHARMA7 days ago

    nighahiga ?

  60. Mondy Ben

    Mondy Ben7 days ago

    I would wish jack would react to markipliers first vid

  61. Joseph Ferro

    Joseph Ferro7 days ago

    if i buy 10 of them am i 100% irish?

  62. Kade-69

    Kade-697 days ago

    Ngl, that intro made me thought you were agent smith lol.

  63. koibito x

    koibito x7 days ago

    "what is going on" BYE....

  64. Leliya Garcia

    Leliya Garcia7 days ago

    I’m crying right now but watching this makes me so happy

  65. WB Stump

    WB Stump8 days ago

    11:37 Jacks fingers: ........ Me:🤔 My mind:😬

  66. WB Stump

    WB Stump8 days ago

    2:35 That kid my mom made me spend the night with

  67. Jeramia Scroggins

    Jeramia Scroggins8 days ago

    ill tell ya how to do an intro CLAPS top of the mornin

  68. Maria Colin

    Maria Colin8 days ago

    I'm 10% Irish HELL YEA

  69. H4K3R SP4C3

    H4K3R SP4C38 days ago

    14:04 XD i laughed so hard at this

  70. Alex Nelson

    Alex Nelson8 days ago

    I really wish my insecurities weren't hindering me from starting recording literally right now and actually starting a channel myself. I want to record so bad but I also just want to sit and cry because I feel way in over my head...

  71. Naama Schweitzer

    Naama Schweitzer2 days ago

    If u want than do it. Fuck other people's opinion. You only live once, it would be suck to look back and maybe regret for not doing it, right?

  72. padrick

    padrick6 days ago

    thanks for sharing Alex

  73. CoopTheWalker

    CoopTheWalker8 days ago

    It's called Quad Collab

  74. Sara Kramps

    Sara Kramps8 days ago

    You need to record audio books for fantasy books

  75. just a simple octagon

    just a simple octagon8 days ago

    anyone notice that in the description it says recated instead of reacted?

  76. Lilith Ifera

    Lilith Ifera8 days ago

    "Excuse me as I gosh over my girlfriend" You're 100% excused and it was cute and you should do it more.

  77. Kim Nam-Joon

    Kim Nam-Joon8 days ago

    14:04 really Jack

  78. Kim Nam-Joon

    Kim Nam-Joon8 days ago

    Sykkuno was way more open he should speak more openly. I love his voice

  79. Kim Nam-Joon

    Kim Nam-Joon8 days ago

    Hey Hey this is Jacksepticeye

  80. GamerXPs4

    GamerXPs49 days ago

    noone Not a single sound Jack in the desc: "I recated"

  81. Harold The potato

    Harold The potato9 days ago

    Love at first sight.😂(referring to when u said ur first words to Evelin) sorry if I spelt it wrong.

  82. •JessMeqwq•

    •JessMeqwq•9 days ago

    sykkuno in his first video like a sports reporter- no hate-

  83. Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode

    Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode9 days ago

    14:05 😬

  84. caitaldrich

    caitaldrich9 days ago

    Ethan was 15 in 2017? I'm OLDER THAN ETHAN???? Edit: nvm...he finished the sentence LOL

  85. Jada Mendiola

    Jada Mendiola9 days ago

    Sykkuno sounds so confident OwO

  86. Kayla Ritchie

    Kayla Ritchie9 days ago

    I'm sorry this might be rude (if not ty) my friend just started watching you and said you sound like Mr Krabs on I was dead by he really do sound like you

  87. Random Channel

    Random Channel10 days ago

    Bro sykunno’s video sounds like someone doing an impression of sykunno

  88. Esme Johanni

    Esme Johanni10 days ago

    do a part 2!! do dantdm and stampycat!!!

  89. JuanNiccoloCh

    JuanNiccoloCh10 days ago

    14:04 click at your own risk

  90. Jason Sholtes-Green

    Jason Sholtes-Green10 days ago


  91. Jane Hopper

    Jane Hopper10 days ago

    plss ive been wantin thiss so i cant believe im 1 month late aaaa

  92. Preder Nation

    Preder Nation10 days ago

    *I'm glad I'm not big enough yet for something this cringey to happen to me*

  93. Hatefulhierarchy

    Hatefulhierarchy10 days ago


  94. Player7Props

    Player7Props10 days ago

    dude... sykunno could've been the nickelodeon narrator lol

  95. Yeema Wheaver

    Yeema Wheaver10 days ago

    I wasn't expecting a baby Ethan

  96. Pixwool

    Pixwool10 days ago

    Hearing corpse’s voice basically degrade over time makes me genuinely sad. He used to have a voice that was normally pitched, but now it’s very deep mostly because of the disease he has. I’m not saying that he sounds bad, but I just feel bad.

  97. Rkent11 Gaming

    Rkent11 Gaming11 days ago

    How jack sponsers his stuff It makes u 10% Irish and u can see me in ur room every night

  98. humboldt glitches

    humboldt glitches11 days ago

    I purchased 10 of those things at 10% Irish each I am now 100% Irish and I purchased a shirt that says Kiss Me I'm Irish even though I was already Irish to begin with so math is hard but lots Irish

  99. mccreamy

    mccreamy11 days ago

    the look of absolute adoration on jacks face when he was watching evelynn's video, just the giddy smile made it all so much better

  100. HASSAN SWAT27

    HASSAN SWAT2711 days ago

    3:55 NO JUST NO

  101. Kaitlyn Nicole

    Kaitlyn Nicole11 days ago

    Me having the whiplash realizing I used to watched Sykkunos videos but never realized that was him.

  102. H Grey

    H Grey12 days ago

    Bruh Daniel Howell's first one will always be a feckin classic

  103. Mr. Grin

    Mr. Grin12 days ago

    Jack watch corpses staircase video. It’s sooooo good. Ik it’s super popular but it’s so good. It’s what I found him on

  104. Kalin

    Kalin12 days ago

    Why did sykkuno sounds like a announcer????

  105. Joker the Wickerbeast

    Joker the Wickerbeast12 days ago

    old sykkuno sounds like a top 10 video narrator

  106. Ms. Mural

    Ms. Mural12 days ago

    Why is early Sykkuno just RT’s *GAMER* voice.

  107. Zachary Long

    Zachary Long13 days ago

    Pls do a second video