3 Scary Games! 3 Scary Games! 3 Scary Games!
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  1. Diane Newman

    Diane Newman7 minutes ago

    He probably got scared putting the pictures he put at the beginning

  2. Trix_toxin

    Trix_toxin13 minutes ago

    5:17 what tge fuck was thaaaaat!!! Jack we need headphone warning

  3. Breanna Roebuck

    Breanna Roebuck26 minutes ago

    25:55 Bold of you to assume I didn't shit my pants during the first game

  4. Dizy Dino

    Dizy Dino46 minutes ago

    i miss the top of the mornin to ya laddies.

  5. Dheerxj

    DheerxjHour ago

    I’m new and I love this channellllllllllllllll

  6. Rachel

    RachelHour ago

    Sean turns into Patrick when he’s scared

  7. scartsss

    scartsssHour ago

    Jack: *trying to be scary with his intro* Me: *eating chicken nuggets* pog

  8. X Sophie X

    X Sophie XHour ago

    omg on the second game when the plant fell down i was drinking water and I jumped out of my seat a little bit and my water spilled a lil

  9. Cyber K-Addict

    Cyber K-AddictHour ago

    Jacksepticeye can do ASMR better than many youtubers

  10. Una Qualunque

    Una QualunqueHour ago

    the ace attorney sfx at 34:40 lmao

  11. Aaric Poole

    Aaric Poole2 hours ago

    This made me cry jack ᴡʜʏ ᴊᴀᴄᴋ w̷̨̥̱̄̎ͤ̽̔͐͌̾͊̓̎͗͑̂̍ͦͥ̂̓ͨ̈̀̏̾̈̋͛͌̓ͥ̿ͬͪͨ͒̓ͧ͌̆̈́͛̔͌̉͐͐̐̆́̀̚͘͠͝͞h͐̅̈́͆̓̏̎͆ͫ̇̉ͪ̈́̏̄̋͐ͬ̾̈ͨ̏̉̾ͫ͊͜ȳ̈́̀̇͆ͮ̈́͐͒̒ͦͩͧ͜

  12. IttyBitty YT

    IttyBitty YT2 hours ago


  13. Rhiann Langdon

    Rhiann Langdon2 hours ago

    jack has no flight or fight senses its just constantly on fight

  14. TheAstroneer

    TheAstroneer2 hours ago

    14:45 in a school pc i once downloaded osu and that was the top maps backround

  15. TheAstroneer

    TheAstroneer2 hours ago

    the shadow of the colossus pic just fits in ur room perfectly

  16. Terra Hatvol

    Terra Hatvol2 hours ago

    "It's either a demon or an asthmatic" XD XD XD

  17. Alicia Suggs

    Alicia Suggs2 hours ago

    But cheeks clenched, check! Fear face on, check. Baseball bat, check, alright looks like I'm ready for this video

  18. Dark Nova

    Dark Nova3 hours ago

    Jack and the other youtubers honestly aren't scary even with a voice changer

  19. RunupAndswoopGoFishing 1

    RunupAndswoopGoFishing 13 hours ago

    Tell me jack... who was in paris?

  20. v x3woots v

    v x3woots v4 hours ago

    Jack, i came here for gameplay, not for asmr

  21. Dex Antares

    Dex Antares4 hours ago

    3:35 - Huh. There's some dust on my monitor. Lemme just wipe that off. *Wipes thumb over center of screen* ................god dammit -.-

  22. RJ

    RJ4 hours ago

    12:10 me after I eat Taco Bell

  23. Victor

    Victor4 hours ago

    14:41 what is that in the left Sean?

  24. cj

    cj5 hours ago

    so with the whole "flight, fight, freeze" thingy in response to fear, i always thought i was a flight person, but one night i went out of my room and there was a massive figure standing in my laundry room door way that connects to my garage, and i just stood in absolute shock staring silently at them. turns out it was my dad. but if it wasnt, i probably would have fing died lmao

  25. sabastin guerrero

    sabastin guerrero5 hours ago

    I thought he was going say your in for a scary

  26. apdatkid

    apdatkid5 hours ago

    the jumpscare at the end of the second game DEADASS made my heart stop DEADASS

  27. Jeremiah Manalo

    Jeremiah Manalo6 hours ago

    "Top of the morning to ya laddies" I just found this video and I hoped Jack still kept the same intro😕

  28. Henry Calvin-Stickmin

    Henry Calvin-Stickmin6 hours ago

    Basement Demon: *Leans into hallway* My Heart: *Drops* Jack: *Absoloutley terrified breathing* Me: *Drinks coffee in fear, hoping to comfort myself*

  29. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson7 hours ago

    So are we just gonna ignore the person in the background at 14:41 probably Evlyn but still scared me for a second.

  30. Kieron Grout

    Kieron Grout7 hours ago

    Your girlfriend definitely watches daz games

  31. Nadia Clawson

    Nadia Clawson8 hours ago

    he lied i did shit my pants

  32. T0YAN1 and Emagonn

    T0YAN1 and Emagonn8 hours ago

    14:41 I see someones arm 👀

  33. Donald Trumpet

    Donald Trumpet8 hours ago


  34. ELi Chatty

    ELi Chatty9 hours ago

    I like ur cut g

  35. BIG Z-man

    BIG Z-man10 hours ago

    Let's start blasting some fetuses. That's a recipe for demonization jimbo

  36. Akvilė G.

    Akvilė G.10 hours ago

    When it started i accidentally laughed my face of

  37. Fancy Wolf

    Fancy Wolf10 hours ago

    Holy cow that intro was awesome

  38. Mama Wanja

    Mama Wanja10 hours ago

    The scariest thing about this video was Sean’s mouth eyes! Lol

  39. Fadded Reality

    Fadded Reality10 hours ago

    This video was made during spooky month change my mind

  40. fritz2k

    fritz2k11 hours ago

    Seán: 3 Scary Games USloft: FiVe NiGhTs At FrEdDy´S

  41. Lemon Boy

    Lemon Boy11 hours ago

    0:16 are ya feelin' it now Mr. Krabs

  42. Santos Smith

    Santos Smith11 hours ago

    i cant stop thinking that instead of getting hit with a hammer, jack is instead being slapped on the back of the neck LMAO

  43. Nikh Frost

    Nikh Frost12 hours ago

    14:40 Greg's always looking at weird sh*t at work

  44. Nyszolow

    Nyszolow12 hours ago

    I think it's nice that you and Gab kinda "exchange" some games. It's awesome to watch the gameplays from two different perspectives. 😁 First, more calm and prepared for scares Gab and then "whatthefuckisthatthinggetmeoutofhere" Jack. 😂

  45. Neith Void

    Neith Void12 hours ago

    this is scaryer then markipliers 3 scary games

  46. paige marie

    paige marie13 hours ago

    the 609 people that dislikes are most definitely the people that shit their pants 💩

  47. EagleSpirit88

    EagleSpirit8813 hours ago

    "I don't wanna be in a house with a dude who has bullets on his shelf" *'this is america' plays*

  48. AFatNinja_413

    AFatNinja_41313 hours ago

    14:41 is Evelin doing some blair which type stuff..

  49. AFatNinja_413

    AFatNinja_41313 hours ago


  50. Voided Plays

    Voided Plays13 hours ago

    I’m watching this at night and i nearly cried..

  51. Issac D.D

    Issac D.D14 hours ago

    Gonna be honest, this video is over 10 mins long

  52. The Hockey Kid

    The Hockey Kid14 hours ago

    Does anyone notice the person behind jack at 14:40

  53. Eri 00

    Eri 0014 hours ago

    On the first game the characters shadow scared me TnT

  54. Setsaled Artist

    Setsaled Artist15 hours ago

    Props to the editor for the smoothness and clean overlay for that "Pickpocketing increased" joke

  55. shadow w

    shadow w15 hours ago

    22:13 to 22:16 that one Actually got me

  56. SoulxWolf 232

    SoulxWolf 23215 hours ago

    The 4 horsemen of turning straight men gay: Ryan Reynolds Hugh Jackman Ricardo Milos Jacksepticeye

  57. Marvin Les

    Marvin Les15 hours ago

    I feel insulted by the last game lol.

  58. Rouge the bat girl

    Rouge the bat girl16 hours ago

    Games: 1: was good 2: really made me pee myself 😂 jumping a lot 3: alright

  59. Coy Dickerson

    Coy Dickerson16 hours ago

    U know what's even scarier than these games... ...the fact that they are cancelling happy wheels

  60. Alex Firth

    Alex Firth16 hours ago

    ...where's the slap chop?🤔

  61. Little Marmalade Enby

    Little Marmalade Enby16 hours ago

    We got three problems here 1) i recently got helix piercings on both ears 2) i get scared extremely easily 3) when I'm scared I grab my ears as fast as possible. I almost ripped my piercings qwq

  62. Twipardist

    Twipardist16 hours ago

    When the scariest part is the one minute long intro....

  63. Sawyer Bindl

    Sawyer Bindl16 hours ago

    14:40 there is a person behind jack...

  64. Lauren Daw

    Lauren Daw17 hours ago

    14:41 had to rewind when I noticed you standing on the side of the screen staring at the wall🤣

  65. Lonely_Ghost

    Lonely_Ghost17 hours ago


  66. PinkTribble

    PinkTribble17 hours ago

    I nearly threw a 3/4 full can of Coke in the air on the second one! 😆

  67. Lonely_Ghost

    Lonely_Ghost17 hours ago

    Y'all I think Antisepticeye just came in the house

  68. Lora Simpson

    Lora Simpson17 hours ago

    Hey what happened to LAUGH lol

  69. Vangard 668

    Vangard 66817 hours ago

    the fear he had on the first game! XD

  70. A BlissFull Potato

    A BlissFull Potato18 hours ago

    Why can i only have 480p as quality?

  71. Cash Bogart

    Cash Bogart18 hours ago

    pause at 14:35 14:40

  72. Riley Holland

    Riley Holland18 hours ago

    The laugh effect after he said "one late night" Fuccing folded me 5 times over

  73. River

    River18 hours ago

    14:40 who the fuck is that????

  74. Sivley

    Sivley18 hours ago

    That second game got me with that first jump scare. Got goosebumps and everything😆

  75. Eric Laguna

    Eric Laguna18 hours ago

    This is how ik he's a programmer he beat this faster than any other USloft that I've seen

  76. TheVortex 2135

    TheVortex 213518 hours ago

    Honestly, 25:02 is the scariest thing in the video haha

  77. No Future

    No Future18 hours ago

    Video 32 of asking Jack to play OMORI because it’s a great game

  78. Spifer

    Spifer18 hours ago

    16:57 when I get scared my legs straiten. This is a part

  79. Alex Smith

    Alex Smith18 hours ago

    yeah I'm taking the fucking stairs

  80. Maria Velazaquez

    Maria Velazaquez19 hours ago

    @ 14:42 you can see someone in the left and it scared da fuk out of me 💀💀😭

  81. Spifer

    Spifer18 hours ago

    His wife

  82. Spifer

    Spifer19 hours ago

    Jack: *sees dead body* Also him 3 seconds later: ooo money

  83. Ty Murray

    Ty Murray19 hours ago

    Who remembers antisepticeye

  84. Patricia Wells

    Patricia Wells19 hours ago

    The first thing i think while watching the first 10 second is: 3 scary games ASMR version

  85. Spifer

    Spifer19 hours ago

    0:14 when I tell my brother to get out of my room And he said no:

  86. Captain of sea

    Captain of sea19 hours ago

    i Love you Jack ❤❤❤

  87. Evan Miller Dixon

    Evan Miller Dixon20 hours ago

    Game: the front door is gone Me: GENJUTSU

  88. Jbt blitz3710

    Jbt blitz371020 hours ago

    the funny thing is jack can't be that scary

  89. Cartoon The Lemon Cat

    Cartoon The Lemon Cat20 hours ago

    Don't worry I'm 5'1 too im jelous of that guys height as well

  90. Ryan Rugh

    Ryan Rugh20 hours ago

    hey jack you should try playing from the darkness, people are saying it’s the scariest game of 2021 thought of me wanting to see you play it!! love you videos and thank you for cheering me up when i watch you:)

  91. Asziee

    Asziee21 hour ago

    I’m sorry but what is that at 14:41

  92. Madison Mitchell

    Madison Mitchell21 hour ago

    jesus in the first game, that man is a foot taller than shaq

  93. Icee Rogue

    Icee Rogue21 hour ago

    Fight, Flight, or end your plight.

  94. Joya Lewis

    Joya Lewis21 hour ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jack so scared wow

  95. YZ Gaming

    YZ Gaming21 hour ago

    I’m watching this at night 🥲

  96. Sarah T.

    Sarah T.21 hour ago

    14:40 Anyone caught that on the left?

  97. Tehilla Siboni

    Tehilla Siboni21 hour ago

    *casually munching on cereal for lunch while watching this*

  98. Hannah Babiano ENTRE Assistant

    Hannah Babiano ENTRE Assistant22 hours ago

    YESSSSSSSS!!! LEZZGOOOOOOO!! One of the best type of vids of Sean :)!

  99. Öko

    Öko22 hours ago

    song at 26:30 is subtotem by mount shrine for anyone wondering.

  100. Cartylase R

    Cartylase R22 hours ago

    The Ben Day Dot type thing is amazing

  101. Cartylase R

    Cartylase R22 hours ago

    I jumped at the "Why did you leave me?" murder, but not so much because it was scary, as it was just not fair. Patricia the Demon Scumbag really has a one-sided relationship going, stacked in her favour, innit?