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  1. jacksepticeye

    jacksepticeyeMonth ago


  2. Damian creates

    Damian creates4 days ago

    Jack should do scary story readings like corpse did

  3. Charles Viccellio

    Charles Viccellio8 days ago


  4. Sandro

    Sandro18 days ago

    top of the mornin to ya ladies

  5. Friendly Boi

    Friendly BoiMonth ago


  6. Twitch

    TwitchMonth ago

    Spoopy VERY Spoopy

  7. Dylan De Ronde

    Dylan De RondeHour ago

    It’s no more SpongeBob Squarepants, it’s Sponge Robert 😂😂😂 21:12

  8. Nadia Clawson

    Nadia Clawson4 hours ago

    i like ur nails

  9. Ghost On The Roof

    Ghost On The Roof6 hours ago

    bitch when he started playing fucking "CHoK3 Me Lik3 V H4te ME" LMAOOOOO

  10. Disappointed Doggo

    Disappointed Doggo10 hours ago

    Y tf is he wearing nail polish?

  11. Royal Reigns,'33

    Royal Reigns,'3311 hours ago

    "What's she doing on the ceiling" staying away from you.

  12. Der Esuna

    Der EsunaDay ago

    nacht langsam zum su ...Schnell. Schnell. Sageschnell bitte. danke Sean.

  13. Charlene Jones

    Charlene JonesDay ago

    Jack! There is so much new stuff in TABS since you last played it, you should totally go back to it!

  14. Hayden Houldsworth

    Hayden HouldsworthDay ago

    Ngl that laugh at the start was actually gold

  15. Guston Zimasheen

    Guston ZimasheenDay ago

    Was in a car accident just the other week as a passenger, when the driver had a seizure and jammed his foot on the accelerator. Watching you looking around the car reminded me of being out of control. But that experience pales in comparison to these horror games. Great work Sean!!!

  16. logan wood

    logan woodDay ago

    i loved the intro, it was so good.

  17. Ron Law

    Ron LawDay ago

    At the end of thr video when jacksepticeye laughs it sounds like Bill Cipher.

  18. Rattlepopsucc

    RattlepopsuccDay ago


  19. TheNameCannotBeFound

    TheNameCannotBeFoundDay ago

    3:44 Wait, who is this again?! Why do I recognize this face?! Was this some older youtuber I watched a ton growing up but can't remember because it's been too long?!

  20. CandyCaneKnight

    CandyCaneKnightDay ago

    ...yea y know that first game? in this video? yea I DONT LIKE IT.

  21. Lynk Royea

    Lynk RoyeaDay ago


  22. Anon

    AnonDay ago


  23. Mikey the GMM _ Fan

    Mikey the GMM _ FanDay ago

    6:28 the cake is a lie

  24. Camren’s Corner

    Camren’s CornerDay ago

    I love your videos so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Jordan Lane

    Jordan LaneDay ago

    Is the full Chasing Static out yet?😱

  26. Wolfytronic

    Wolfytronic2 days ago

    Slender Man? More like.. Overused Character! Haahahaha!

  27. VeydWot

    VeydWot2 days ago


  28. Mateja Stoiljkovic

    Mateja Stoiljkovic2 days ago

    Only Jack's favorite horror movie is Blair Witch

  29. Eric Bell

    Eric Bell2 days ago

    Did anyone notice that jack was singing joji in the car??? Giving me flashbacks to 7th grade.

  30. Apple Gamer

    Apple Gamer2 days ago

    I was born with a disease that doesn’t let me feel fear and I’ve been playing the most scariest games and videos but none of em scare me. Why do I want to feel fear though that’s weird

  31. Shantrell Barnes

    Shantrell Barnes2 days ago

    If you like vsh or however tf you spell it try puppet combo games

  32. Syse

    Syse2 days ago

    I'm pretty damn sure Antisepticeye is doing these introductions.,

  33. Rylan Vaudry

    Rylan Vaudry2 days ago

    Doom font

  34. PotatoAva

    PotatoAva2 days ago

    "i really wish i had a friend right now" *falls off cliff cutely*

  35. Riley Kumpe

    Riley Kumpe2 days ago

    jack: *laughs* me: *SNICKER DOODLE SNICKER POODLE* for the rest of the scary intro

  36. Dylan Vasica

    Dylan Vasica3 days ago

    22:16 have you ever done blast beats before? If not, hot damn. You’d be a great death metal drummer

  37. Beatle Zeus

    Beatle Zeus3 days ago

    The toad in the window actually made me jump

  38. _kristian_

    _kristian_3 days ago

    i need some top of the morning hot chocolate mix to watch this

  39. Julie pritchard

    Julie pritchard3 days ago

    aaaaaHhHhhHh jack you fucking com on huh huh huh huh huh huh god shit

  40. T. T

    T. T3 days ago

    Yes Jack!! Finally I found someone who enjoys both hot and cold coffee!! Haha

  41. Gay Fuck

    Gay Fuck3 days ago

    11:04 Me seeing the word despair: *Danganronpa flashbacks*

  42. Floppzy

    Floppzy3 days ago

    what the dog doin

  43. Sieglinde Follman

    Sieglinde Follman3 days ago

    15:00 who saw this and slowly took a sip of their tea or whatever you have to drink

  44. Sieglinde Follman

    Sieglinde Follman3 days ago

    i meant 15:30

  45. Kaliber

    Kaliber3 days ago

    4:11 little edits like this are always a treat :)

  46. Pupper in A Cupper

    Pupper in A Cupper3 days ago

    21:49 Sean: oh sorry! I thought it was a taser.

  47. Beta Fish Jeremy

    Beta Fish Jeremy3 days ago

    So the last game was just ultra shitty 5 nights at freddy's

  48. Sopranope

    Sopranope3 days ago

    you can tell from the bit about lithium that the writers haven't been on lithium lol although it's often prescribed as an antidepressant, it's not because it makes you feel happy or good. it's intended for use as a mood stabilizer, and since it statistically has decreased suicidal ideation in manic-depressive patients, it's used for suicidal patients with major depression as well. well, as someone who's been in and out of hospitalization for ages, not only have i been on it, i've also known about 10 other people who have been on it. first of all, antidepressants and mood stabilizers as a whole don't do anything for people who aren't mentally ill. they don't work by making you happier, they work by combatting the effects of depression and anxiety. that's why antidepressants don't even work for every person with depression. if someone who wasn't mentally ill was given an antidepressant or mood stabilizer, it wouldn't "take the edge off." that's not what they do. i've been on every major SSRI, 3 SNRIs, several antipsychotics AND lithium- and none of them worked, at all, because they don't magically make you feel better. on the contrary, every person i know (including myself) hates lithium with a passion. firstly, it makes you shake. not a little, but a ridiculous amount. i had to give up drawing while i was on it, and often it was a struggle to write my own name. i couldn't play card games or paint anymore. it's the one common denominator between every person who takes it. secondly, lithium is a heavy metal, meaning that without careful monitoring and weekly blood tests, you can easily die of lithium poisoning. if someone were to lace a water supply with lithium, you can guarantee that people would notice- lithium makes you feel sick. it can even make your food taste bad. it would do almost anything but make them feel better. some of them would probably be dead. this is the problem with under-education about psychiatric illness and medications. people view psych meds as superfluous or as a "crutch" because they assume that they take the edge off or make you feel good. in reality, they do the same thing that other medications do. taking antibiotics when you don't have an infection doesn't give you super-strength, because all they do is fight infections. similarly, taking mood stabilizers when you don't have a mood disorder won't make you extra calm or happy, because all they do is fight mania and depression. allergy medication won't make someone without allergies impervious to cyanide, and antidepressants won't make a person without depression feel better, because that's not how those medications work. do your research folks

  49. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth3 days ago

    You know you’re a good USloft when my cat climbs up to the tv to watch you up close

  50. Howdy Gamer

    Howdy Gamer3 days ago

    When the doom font kicks in💀🤘🏻

  51. sadie girouard

    sadie girouard3 days ago

    Dis some good asmr him: *MUHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA* me: 👂👀👂 👃 👄

  52. Hi

    Hi3 days ago

    Dank corridor is dank memes holy

  53. DaxMCG

    DaxMCG3 days ago

    13:33 that scare tho

  54. Pixiara

    Pixiara3 days ago

    Want scary? Try minecraft with the weeping angels mod going. Those bloody statues are the scariest creations ever imo.

  55. Pixiara

    Pixiara3 days ago

    Coffee tastes good cold or hot. Tea however...blergh

  56. RoseTheHumanChild

    RoseTheHumanChild4 days ago

    I've been thinking you're Swedish for 5 years now

  57. RoseTheHumanChild

    RoseTheHumanChild4 days ago

    props to the editor

  58. papa papaya

    papa papaya4 days ago

    hey jack do you like fps ??????

  59. Jensen Sharland

    Jensen Sharland4 days ago

    Orange juice.

  60. gojijynx

    gojijynx4 days ago

    not gonna lie i didn’t quite like the choppy editing in this one

  61. Maderauchiha9999

    Maderauchiha99995 days ago

    1/2 freddy Coming For You 3/4 Better Lock Your Door 5/6 Grab Your Crucifix 7/8 Better Stay Up Late 9/10 ... Never Sleep Again 😈

  62. Fck YT

    Fck YT5 days ago

    USloft: ight imma just label it as slenderman

  63. Big boy and Baby

    Big boy and Baby5 days ago

    I love how his nails are painted black

  64. Dead X Slice

    Dead X Slice5 days ago

    So apparently your just like Jack if you drink coffee and drive a care...

  65. Marcus Buechler

    Marcus Buechler5 days ago

    Bro, I jumped when the mushroom came, I hate my life

  66. Rory Loewen

    Rory Loewen5 days ago

    19:39 I legitimately got scared for a second there… XD

  67. Gay Bitch

    Gay Bitch6 days ago

    22:00 jack would make a great cop

  68. The Uncunning Fox

    The Uncunning Fox6 days ago

    18:21 kinda reminds me of Springtraps crawl in help wanted..

  69. Flynn Guest

    Flynn Guest6 days ago

    the 1st game was Welsh as it said Croeso i dref on the beginning sign

  70. bunny boo

    bunny boo6 days ago

    Play fragile please!

  71. Mickey Pool

    Mickey Pool6 days ago

    its always that person that has nothing to do with u until a couple minutes ago that dies...

  72. A King

    A King6 days ago

    Song is Jimmie Rodgers - waiting for a train

  73. _???

    _???6 days ago

    In the start you sounded like a EBay rip off of Darkiplier 😂😂😂

  74. Wood Wose

    Wood Wose7 days ago

    Ahh, my favorite Irish USloftr.

  75. Yoon SSO

    Yoon SSO7 days ago

    That intro was everything

  76. Weenis

    Weenis7 days ago

    In the first horror game the playable character littered and was smoking in a car he deserves whatever comes at him

  77. Lennaert Hondelink

    Lennaert Hondelink7 days ago

    Oh hey this is "Bair witch, the game" haha Jack: "Yeah it looks like the blair witch project-"

  78. nothing

    nothing7 days ago

    He predicted Friday night funking left right left right

  79. Braden Waggener

    Braden Waggener7 days ago

    Why is the intro font the DOOM font

  80. Compromised Deceit

    Compromised Deceit7 days ago


  81. CNinjabuns

    CNinjabuns7 days ago

    that laugh in the intro sounded like the laugh from thriller Lol

  82. Malakai Carter

    Malakai Carter8 days ago

    Anyone else going to point out the fact that the font being used in the intro is the Doom font?

  83. Jj J

    Jj J8 days ago

    That shroom at window scared me

  84. Hanazono Tae

    Hanazono Tae8 days ago


  85. Albin Wesslau Svedberg

    Albin Wesslau Svedberg8 days ago


  86. MetaMorphic

    MetaMorphic8 days ago

    Damnit, I can’t wear makeup and watch your videos cuz my eyes are filled with tears from laughter the entire time. I love you!

  87. Norman Lawrence

    Norman Lawrence8 days ago

    Listen to Angelina Jordan

  88. easton gacky

    easton gacky8 days ago

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh it is just you jack saying boo

  89. Ashley Grenstone

    Ashley Grenstone8 days ago

    As my eyes skim across videos to watch, I see the preview image of the creepy woman, and immediately my dyslexia reads the full title as "WHAT'S CELINE DION DOING?"

  90. Lazar_fish

    Lazar_fish8 days ago

    I honestly think that voice was kind of soothing

  91. Draco the Enderwolf

    Draco the Enderwolf9 days ago

    I love that Jack is what jumpscares me instead of the game

  92. Tae -ε -

    Tae -ε -9 days ago

    OMG wait you NEED to play chasing static when it comes out >:O

  93. Arclight

    Arclight9 days ago

    This dude actually played the evo corner clips

  94. Ruairi OConnor

    Ruairi OConnor9 days ago

    0:29 Iy iy iy

  95. Aspyn Bantz

    Aspyn Bantz9 days ago


  96. Maximus Brights

    Maximus Brights9 days ago

    Jack you should do audio book videos or like just read to us? That sounds nice

  97. Johan Knutsen

    Johan Knutsen9 days ago

    Jack: if I’m gonna hit something then I would rather not see what I hit cause then I’d feel bad. Kids in kindergarten: 

  98. Compnerd2525

    Compnerd25259 days ago

    I've played 5 Nights at Freddy's, I found it boring.

  99. AnIdiot

    AnIdiot9 days ago

    Jack really sayd " *what the dog doin?* "

  100. JAKE4744

    JAKE47449 days ago

    Only Séan know how to fuck ghosts

  101. Aerik Jacobs

    Aerik Jacobs9 days ago

    My wife's name is Samantha lol, every time you whispered "Samantha," I made sure she heard it

  102. sir. Ducksworth

    sir. Ducksworth9 days ago

    now that's looking ahead 14:03

  103. Brooklyn Swearingen

    Brooklyn Swearingen9 days ago

    hes one of my new favorite youtubers

  104. Ferenc Cseh

    Ferenc Cseh9 days ago

    I swear to god someone hire this man as a voice actor!

  105. Kapuie

    Kapuie10 days ago

    1:42 that is a place called devils playground, in Colorado Springs it’s a turn on the pikes peak mountains it’s is extremely dangerous

  106. TEAMNICK the 1st

    TEAMNICK the 1st10 days ago

    The reason i like jacksepticeye isnt because of his content but his comments, they dont feel robotic and almost never every repeat.