I watched Naruto for the first time in 2021

I started watching Naruto for the first time ever and the fans were mean to me!
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  1. Jasa Rose

    Jasa Rose22 minutes ago

    Eh, watch one piece instead. Naruto is good until mid Shippuden

  2. Itz Gacha Akko

    Itz Gacha Akko43 minutes ago

    Me when he says raise your hand if your a weeb: *raises hand as high as possible*

  3. Video games are my therapy

    Video games are my therapyHour ago

    All I wanna say is that you guys can say Sakura's character is annoying, but she is not a bad character/person. Ever since the chunin written exam she was willing to forfeit an exam she was positive that she will pass, not because she wanted to, but because she knew Naruto had to. She also knew that if Naruto gave up it would break his heart, so she was gonna do it for him simply to spare his FEELINGS.

  4. PatAscent

    PatAscent2 hours ago

    What kind of a clown defends Sakura, and who said anything about a turning point lol, someone's lying to you mate

  5. 31Jayden

    31Jayden2 hours ago

    its annoying when they show 20 flashback episodes after pain destroys the leaf village

  6. Hinata Hyuga

    Hinata Hyuga5 hours ago


  7. Flashfire 356

    Flashfire 3565 hours ago

    It said in the tweet he had seen 31 episodes, and sakura doesn’t get interesting until like Boruto tbh. Or well after her training with Tsunade I guess.

  8. Julian Rivera

    Julian Rivera7 hours ago

    To be fair last year was my first time.

  9. zestyn

    zestyn10 hours ago

    just wait jack, it gets CRAZY in the coming episodes

  10. zestyn

    zestyn10 hours ago

    sakura doesn’t do anything tho. throughout the whole show, don’t say she killed sasori bc he wanted to die, aanddd it was with lady chiyo’s help. chiyo carried that fight. she doesn’t do anything else through shippuden until war arc where she punches the ground a couple times. it’s fucking crazy how many die hard fans she has

  11. phragment

    phragment13 minutes ago

    she did pretty well against a guy with like 20 mangekyou sharingans

  12. Bhop Hazard

    Bhop Hazard10 hours ago

    please tell me you watched jojo's bizarre adventure PLEAS

  13. Some Rando

    Some Rando11 hours ago

    I really hate those stupid sakura simps where if you call her useless like she is they just try to ruin anything they can for you. I mean she doesn't get very useful ever. She only ever does stuff with the help of someone else. Plus she is just so annoying. All she really does is call people's names and punch things with the occasional heal. Her punches only ever slightly help because generally the Kirishima kills Bakugo 69 minutes into episode 420 of Naruto Shippuden. I just ruined your viewing experience of Naruto.

  14. King Jelly

    King Jelly11 hours ago

    its okay Sakura is useless and that's not even a spoiler lol and trust me I've watched it 7 times over.

  15. ignacio cambero

    ignacio cambero12 hours ago

    jack saying sakura is the worst character..... he didnt say any lie tho

  16. Sugawaraシ

    Sugawaraシ12 hours ago


  17. CastTerror

    CastTerror14 hours ago

    Parasyte The Maxim , One Piece , Naruto , My Hero Academia... are very good.. if you like Anime very similar to DBZ

  18. Orenda DM

    Orenda DM14 hours ago

    I'm so excited for Jack to watch the Pain arc He's gonna lose it owo


    PERK DELTA18 hours ago

    if jack likes this i will get a fresh cut

  20. Blazery inthedark

    Blazery inthedark19 hours ago

    Watched all of naruto and I still agree with your opinion of Sakura. Shes stupid and annoying and I STiLL hate her

  21. Redwiddow 448

    Redwiddow 44820 hours ago

    Controversial statement here: Sakura isn’t that bad of a character

  22. David Cavalcanti

    David Cavalcanti23 hours ago

    I mean, yeah, fuck Sakura! And I watched it all.

  23. Akihiko Sanada

    Akihiko SanadaDay ago

    I also took a Naruto.journey recently and am on Boruto, can't wait to see your thoughts

  24. Preston Blake

    Preston BlakeDay ago

    Sakura was so useless in the majority of Naruto and in Shippuden (only on episode 250) she literally friend-zoned naruto and when naruto was going after Sasuke at the 5 Kage summit she played with his emotions so badly. shes a bit of a dic

  25. Jamie Mason

    Jamie MasonDay ago

    Don’t worry jack I’ve only just started watching it aswell

  26. Lord Helix

    Lord HelixDay ago

    Naruto Team 7 strength be like Sausuke 99 Naruto 100 Kakashi 70 Saukra -100

  27. Lord Helix

    Lord HelixDay ago

    Saukra only does one thing and she barely does that right

  28. Awesome T

    Awesome TDay ago

    Jack I had the same Journey 🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜

  29. Ty Cartwright

    Ty CartwrightDay ago

    have you wached the fight vs pain

  30. Janelle Millis

    Janelle MillisDay ago

    When naurto fights gara if Sakura was not there then naurto would have possible died because he only fought that battle for Sakura but I would of rather had Sakura try to be with naurto because he gave her some many chances

  31. Snipez_Kiler09

    Snipez_Kiler09Day ago

    Jack if u see this stop don’t read my reply it will ruin alot

  32. Snipez_Kiler09

    Snipez_Kiler09Day ago

    Sakura is gonna die so sadara can get mongekyo idk how to spell it

  33. Snipez_Kiler09

    Snipez_Kiler09Day ago

    Jack the fillers are cannon I swear they tell main store stufff

  34. C Kent

    C KentDay ago

    I can't stand both Ino and Sakura💀

  35. Captain OverThinker

    Captain OverThinkerDay ago

    no you're right. As a man who as watched all the episodes many many many times including Shippuden, Sakura is definitely my least favorite character. Absolutely a stupid girl. Hate her.

  36. Andrei Secan

    Andrei SecanDay ago

    Tbh I don't hate Sakura but I understand why others do. Like she's a main character and she doesn't even do anything that important

  37. Andrei Secan

    Andrei SecanDay ago

    Dude I relate so much, the reason I didn't watch naruto and one piece is like naruto and naruto shippuden have 720 episodes and one piece has like 900 so they are behemoths

  38. Little Bee

    Little BeeDay ago

    I don't know a single person who actually likes Sakura in the beginning. NGL I didn't even like Naruto in the beginning...He was so annoying lol.

  39. Dizzle Bizzle

    Dizzle BizzleDay ago

    what he felt about Sakura is what the vast majority felt (spoiler: feel) about her, especially 31 episodes in!

  40. Gerson Palafox Bautista

    Gerson Palafox BautistaDay ago

    its not a crime

  41. ʀ.ᴍ.ᴇ

    ʀ.ᴍ.ᴇDay ago

    I watched Naruto because of ITACHI .

  42. Ht2019

    Ht2019Day ago

    I just finished it last April

  43. Bau Ranch

    Bau RanchDay ago

    If you ever feel dumb just know I didn’t realize naruto was an anime until my good friend showed me I legit thought it was a series of video games since I used to play clash of ninja 1 and 2 all the time.

  44. Freeformツ

    FreeformツDay ago

    Pain arc is gonna fun for Jack

  45. nananana ohoh

    nananana ohohDay ago

    ive really truly never seen someone say something nice about sakura before personally i dont hate her but for ppl to be mad enough to spoil shit thats just ugly

  46. Jacob Bollig

    Jacob BolligDay ago

    who else just finished the og series for the 100000th time

  47. Hyped Zero

    Hyped ZeroDay ago

    Dude.....The pain Sean will feel later 😤😭

  48. Nick Fournier

    Nick FournierDay ago

    Ay just wait till some of the Shippuden episodes...

  49. Hyped Zero

    Hyped ZeroDay ago

    Jack. If you see this. If you ever find the time I 1000% recommend you watch One Piece.

  50. Hyped Zero

    Hyped ZeroDay ago

    💀💀😂😂😂 he's right Sakura will always be useless

  51. shinobi Fate

    shinobi FateDay ago

    Sakura is useless

  52. shinobi Fate

    shinobi FateDay ago

    Welcome my brother

  53. This is a name

    This is a nameDay ago

    I don't feel like demon slayer is dragged out well maybe until like the last few volumes

  54. The RagerGaming

    The RagerGamingDay ago

    why is everyone shocked that he said sakura is the worst character, her non-existent fan base will tell you that she is

  55. Woomy Nation

    Woomy NationDay ago

    welp I watched it in late 2020 in fall for the first time, so I'll just act like I did the same thing-

  56. luka luker

    luka lukerDay ago

    sakura does the most despicable thing ever in Shippuden shes forever trash

  57. CharlesRay

    CharlesRayDay ago

    I started naruto 3 years ago and finished Shippuden last year and I loved it but I have to laught because I thought the same thing about Sakura and me and my friends who love naruto decided to refer to her as the useless bitch of the series as a joke

  58. virgin 2.0

    virgin 2.0Day ago

    Jack just saying naruto gets so much better

  59. Elnaz Mirzad

    Elnaz MirzadDay ago

    Once you have time Jack you should really invest and check out One Piece also one of the most brilliant mangas! It won’t drag out in the same way, and a lot of things don’t get explained either and is still shrouded in mystery. Some parts are still not known to the reader today!

  60. movie boy

    movie boyDay ago


  61. Shiro Toujou

    Shiro ToujouDay ago

    Fun fact, Horikoshi, the creator of My Hero, was a massive fan of Naruto when he was younger and was inspired to make manga from it. He later talked to Kishimoto, Naruto’s creator, and Kishimoto stated that he, himself, considers My Hero the spiritual successor of Naruto and hopes it outdoes One Piece.

  62. Trxlily

    TrxlilyDay ago

    dude for the peaple that said that sakura isnt anoying im done with the show and shes stilll anoying she pointlessly weak

  63. Andrew Vargas (Student)

    Andrew Vargas (Student)Day ago

    dude for the peaple that said that sakura isnt anoying im done with the show and shes stilll anoying she pointlessly weak

  64. Jordan Daniel

    Jordan Daniel2 days ago

    He was pretty on the nose about sakura

  65. yami 影

    yami 影2 days ago

    my question is who is defending Sakura? She only gets strong in Boruto

  66. Mousycritter

    Mousycritter2 days ago

    Jack: Im on of yall now! Us: infinite Tsukinomyo Sorry If I didnt spell right lol

  67. Mousycritter

    Mousycritter2 days ago

    How did I only just now see this

  68. Abhijot Garcha

    Abhijot Garcha2 days ago

    Please react to My hero academia

  69. Alex Toma

    Alex Toma2 days ago

    Sakura is still trash

  70. Nima Slayer

    Nima Slayer2 days ago

    Me too😂

  71. Isabelle B

    Isabelle B2 days ago

    Sakura in Naruto Shippuden is an absolute beast. Especially in the fourth great ninja war.

  72. Trevin Fonseka

    Trevin Fonseka2 days ago

    To this day, even in Boruto sakura will always be uselss. Except in the kitchen.

  73. ZhyperCR1T

    ZhyperCR1T2 days ago

    Sakura in naruto has the most dialogue that consists of sasuke and naruto.

  74. Big Q

    Big Q2 days ago

    just skip naruto, go to one piece so much better

  75. F A

    F A2 days ago

    one piece is one of the greatest shows ive seen

  76. Rapid Von

    Rapid Von2 days ago


  77. Jacob Barker

    Jacob Barker2 days ago

    Avatar was actually based on many different martial arts styles from Middle Ages Asia, not Naruto. Thought you should know.

  78. Jacob Barker

    Jacob Barker2 days ago

    When he started talking about how Sakura was like crying on the sidelines pre time skip I legit started thinking about his Kindergarten gameplay and children being massacred and I don’t know why.

  79. Tercio

    Tercio2 days ago

    Rock Lee is my favourite character, everything that dude does, he does it with passion bro so dope seeing his development

  80. Jacob Barker

    Jacob Barker2 days ago


  81. Jacob Barker

    Jacob Barker2 days ago

    10 eps into Shippuden is where I started reading the manga. Made it to the war arc before I went back to One Piece.

  82. Jacob Barker

    Jacob Barker2 days ago

    Cool, I started it back in like 2016 and still haven’t gotten around to finishing it. I’ve finished One Piece and am caught up on its manga but I haven’t caught up with Naruto which I started 5 years ago.

  83. Hari Nair

    Hari Nair2 days ago

    sakura is useless af

  84. poisoned candy

    poisoned candy2 days ago

    Please watch one piece!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. yollie seoulcool

    yollie seoulcool2 days ago

    Don't forget the next generation with them and their kids!!! Boruto !!!!

  86. ARTER

    ARTER2 days ago

    Sakura IS the worst, idk why people are even arguing about it

  87. Shiro Alcrei

    Shiro Alcrei2 days ago

    I wonder if he will watch Boruto

  88. ControlZ

    ControlZ2 days ago

    Not going to lie Saun but I haven't watched Naruto either. And btw Naruto will be a Fortnite skin soon so it could either be cringe and terrible or amazing af❤️🔥

  89. Icy

    Icy2 days ago

    When he said put down a kunai I actually had a kunai in my hand do not skip filler it's good

  90. Ramon Arce

    Ramon Arce2 days ago

    kurenai is better character than sakura, and she only appears like 5 times on screen:/

  91. Darhys Nugent

    Darhys Nugent2 days ago

    I also started Naruto this year lol


    LUCAS AAA2 days ago

    Just me who hate this serie ? Lol So boring, no plot. Bam new eye, bam new friends ship that gets you power boosted. Just one of the worst animes ever personally. And I’ve watched over 150 series. And don’t get me started with naruto, lol worst mc ever


    LUCAS AAA2 days ago

    He could’ve watched a lot better series

  94. TG MZ

    TG MZ2 days ago

    Nahh,sakura is still useless

  95. Brayden Gil

    Brayden Gil2 days ago

    𝙄 𝙜𝙤𝙩 𝙨𝙥𝙤𝙞𝙡𝙚𝙙 𝙗𝙮 𝙩𝙞𝙠𝙩𝙤𝙠

  96. MessyRoomGaming

    MessyRoomGaming2 days ago

    i dont get how everyone says they cant watch one piece then turn around and watch all of naruto as if theres that big of a difference. I hope sean watches it eventually, its my favorite anime of all time

  97. lil skirt

    lil skirt2 days ago


  98. Casiv

    Casiv2 days ago

    Wait, there are people out there that actually like Sakura?

  99. Oh Yeah

    Oh Yeah2 days ago

    90% of naruto fans hate sakura

  100. Martin Aguiluz

    Martin Aguiluz2 days ago

    Sakura has character progression and regression... Her high points in Shippuden are against Sasori (with Chiyo)... Then... She has regression, going back to how she was in part 1... Just to have another high point at the end...

  101. The Real Slim Shawty

    The Real Slim Shawty16 hours ago

    Exactly and I think that's the worse part of her character! Her character is always going back and forth, and she never gets any true development.

  102. Travis

    Travis2 days ago

    Yeah, I'm gonna need Jack to go watch that spinoff series with Rock Lee. As much as this man loves that character and loves random and dumb humor, he will LOVE that show.

  103. Bryant Alderson

    Bryant Alderson2 days ago

    Me:*thinking this may spark another explosion in the weeb community* Hey Jack, did you watch Naruto Dub or Sub? We pretty much grew up on watching it dubbed and it's dubbed well! *awaiting subtards go reeee!*