This is ACTUALLY scary... I hated it | At Dead of Night

At Dead of Night is an amazing new horror game. One of the best I've played in a while. Jimmy's coming for ya...
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  1. jacksepticeye

    jacksepticeyeMonth ago

    Jimmy coming for dem toes!!

  2. Dark Wolf

    Dark WolfDay ago

    Not my toes 😂😂.

  3. Derpy Gamer

    Derpy Gamer4 days ago


  4. Beth Grey morris

    Beth Grey morris5 days ago


  5. Charles Viccellio

    Charles Viccellio8 days ago


  6. Lego 94

    Lego 9410 days ago

    I do kinda feel bad for jimmy because he just cant control it and really doesnt want to hurt anyone.... bad eggs DO need crackin tho. Not crackin that much tho

  7. Noah Animations

    Noah AnimationsHour ago

    The beginning jump-scared me so bad

  8. Jester

    Jester3 hours ago

    in a situation like this id just sit in 1 room

  9. Akvilė G.

    Akvilė G.7 hours ago

    In 4 years games will look realistic

  10. Jarcu Adanantus

    Jarcu Adanantus15 hours ago

    I was tabbing in and out of something else, thought I'd skipped a bit through the video on accident and was just about to go and figure out what happened at the start. So, yeah, that got me pretty good man.

  11. cocosweet156

    cocosweet15622 hours ago

    I'm guessing Jack's not playing this anymore :(

  12. Anysizied

    Anysizied23 hours ago

    0:08 pause right there and look at the webcam

  13. C J

    C JDay ago

    Its google maps but a horror vertion

  14. Dark Wolf

    Dark WolfDay ago

    That intro was so spooky I love it.

  15. Donna Yellowknee

    Donna YellowkneeDay ago

    He’s so extra feel like some people will agree with me I’m not a hater I just kinda hate how extra he is

  16. cartoon samurai

    cartoon samuraiDay ago

    So funny who he missed the little girl

  17. cartoon samurai

    cartoon samuraiDay ago


  18. Anoobis

    AnoobisDay ago

    'Seaview Hotel' is a real thing in my town wtf

  19. Taylor Skalet

    Taylor SkaletDay ago

    17:13 I jumped too wtf-

  20. Gargle

    Gargle2 days ago

    rokakas are'tn real

  21. MooseFeathers1

    MooseFeathers12 days ago


  22. coockie8

    coockie83 days ago

    Jack: Darkness falls across the land. Me, without hesitation every single time no matter how many times I watch the video: The midnight hour is close at hand.

  23. Kokichi Ouma

    Kokichi Ouma3 days ago

    Even though I expected a jumpscare at the beginning I still jumped but my mom was right next to me

  24. KAV PH

    KAV PH3 days ago

    At Dead Of Night is quietly good huh... I like the style and designs and they use real actors to become it's characters, AMAZING!

  25. Carter James

    Carter James3 days ago

    My dumbass thought that Sean's narrating the text of the game was an actual voice in the game LMAO

  26. NotMichael

    NotMichael3 days ago

    I haven't had a game scare me as much as this one since 2016

  27. Fourrow

    Fourrow3 days ago

    It's been 1 month. We want part 3 !!!

  28. Aglow 370

    Aglow 3703 days ago


  29. bigboycain

    bigboycain4 days ago

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  30. fnaf lover xd

    fnaf lover xd4 days ago

    Look out jumpscare at 17:13

  31. Avatar Thanos The Super Titan

    Avatar Thanos The Super Titan4 days ago

    Jack what are you using to change the effects of your voice like that

  32. Kit Witchalls

    Kit Witchalls4 days ago

    I'm sorry Séan, but ALMOST quoting Vincent Price's bit in Thriller, only to get the laugh perfect, is too painful

  33. Cicilia Svensson

    Cicilia Svensson4 days ago

    Wonder if there'll be any more episodes of this... But he did just move so maybe there just hasn't been enough time 🤷

  34. Su s13

    Su s135 days ago

    Jack: "It rings for you, child..." Me: Just because I'm short, doesn't mean I'm a child-

  35. east creek

    east creek5 days ago

    18:53 *sings chilis baby back ribs tune out of victory*

  36. Chris Knapke

    Chris Knapke5 days ago

    Please stop saying cuss words

  37. OzzieThePro

    OzzieThePro5 days ago

    Is that bill nye the science guy

  38. Sedona Escudero

    Sedona Escudero5 days ago

    where's part 3

  39. Kali07ish

    Kali07ish6 days ago

    Such an amazing game. Absolutely terrifying at points,but still so good. Also I just noticed your nail polish and I love it. ☺

  40. Mátyás Kassay

    Mátyás Kassay6 days ago

    -Mom, can we have The Shining? -No, we have The Shining at home. The Shining at home:

  41. PDG !

    PDG !7 days ago

    Jack is the new Vincent Price.

  42. 6-3 Элбэрэл.Ц

    6-3 Элбэрэл.Ц7 days ago

    the beginning sounds like english lesson for 6th graders

  43. Jared Silva

    Jared Silva7 days ago

    That first girl he discovered scared the heck out of me toes and then Jacks over here later like “wE nOtEd A gIrL?!?!!”


    INFINITE DRIP8 days ago

    Usually I don't get scared by the horror games that Jack plays but this one hits me different way different my anxiety was actually going up

  45. Ef kun

    Ef kun8 days ago

    my soul just left by that jumpscare

  46. Arkenikus

    Arkenikus8 days ago

    Whole up IS THAT BILL NYE?

  47. Lee Johnson

    Lee Johnson9 days ago

    Can you please do more at dead of night

  48. Lanoosaurus Rex

    Lanoosaurus Rex9 days ago

    This game reminds me of those really old school horror games like phantasmagoria and the 7th guest.

  49. Acid Blaze

    Acid Blaze10 days ago

    Me who has listened to Michael Jackson often enough to recognise part of the intro: *vibes*

  50. whyisgamora

    whyisgamora10 days ago

    Jimmy gave me Tom Hiddleston acting vibes in the prologue

  51. dj and moose gaming

    dj and moose gaming10 days ago

    Next play the iuwoki

  52. Logan Rufus

    Logan Rufus10 days ago

    Can you play this again Jack?

  53. KrookT

    KrookT10 days ago

    I swear.. The EDITING is SOOOOOO FCKN good man. The intro was so smooth and creative. Respects!

  54. Cicero the Neko knight

    Cicero the Neko knight10 days ago


  55. Moolcazy Mg

    Moolcazy Mg10 days ago

    I like how the characters faces are so expensive

  56. David Klauk jr

    David Klauk jr10 days ago

    When he said I don't like those sounds in that voice I thought it was Jimmy boy


    THE_BOWERY _KING10 days ago

    Hi jack are u going to finish this series

  58. Mystic_Beanie707

    Mystic_Beanie70711 days ago

    I had just finished watching Jay(Kubz Scouts) play this just to update my youtube and see this... *sigh* here we go again

  59. Ralph Lakson

    Ralph Lakson11 days ago

    This guy looks like an old Chinese war lord or kung-fu master from an ancient Korean movie

  60. Mr Stormtrooper

    Mr Stormtrooper11 days ago

    Jimmy walking up to a door while your looking through the peep hole is like the *fire.... good* meme

  61. Charlie Bond

    Charlie Bond11 days ago

    At the start I thought it was antisepticeye

  62. Eckhardt Heyl

    Eckhardt Heyl12 days ago

    Hat happend to man eater

  63. Cicero the Neko knight

    Cicero the Neko knight12 days ago

    Marky moo plays the dead of night Jack plays it oh yeah its all coming together

  64. Kasey Hall

    Kasey Hall12 days ago

    I would love to watch you play/finish the game! It’s really well done! (:

  65. Dounut Clan Tm

    Dounut Clan Tm12 days ago

    FYI. When the 3 lines are red Jimmy is by

  66. Andreea Moșescu

    Andreea Moșescu13 days ago

    *clock ticking* Me: *flashback to unus Annus*

  67. Simon Riley

    Simon Riley13 days ago

    The after effects of jumpscares makes me laugh hysterically

  68. Zoey Bell

    Zoey Bell14 days ago

    Intro=asmr. Period. End of story.

  69. carter o'keefe

    carter o'keefe14 days ago

    IS THAT *inhale* BILLL NYYYE

  70. Jaiden Hansen

    Jaiden Hansen14 days ago

    Weed? Buddy. That’s sage in that jar XD

  71. Marsi

    Marsi15 days ago

    and i oop

  72. Laury Konix

    Laury Konix15 days ago

    3 tips for surviving jimmy tip1: you cansee hes shadow so look for shadows only then you know its save in the hallways tip 2: he can hide behind doors so e carefull if you walk out of a room and tip 3: he cannot go on the G floor AND the LG floor and a fact about jimmy is that he has a second personality and that personality is bad not himself

  73. lin lei pyae sone

    lin lei pyae sone15 days ago

    that intro scared the s*** out of me.

  74. ScribbleScribe

    ScribbleScribe15 days ago

    Jack: I put myself in a corner! Me: No one puts Jackababy in the corner!

  75. Big Mike

    Big Mike15 days ago

    Love the intro

  76. {Flaming Blizard}

    {Flaming Blizard}15 days ago

    That beginning in the video though. You could be a very good voice actor,jack.

  77. Aaron McCann

    Aaron McCann16 days ago

    17:13 quite literally made me spill my tea dag nabbit

  78. CiKandy

    CiKandy16 days ago

    does anyone know what headphones he's using here? they're so pretty i want 🥺

  79. 嘘

    16 days ago

    3:02 he did it again ;-;

  80. AestheticBae

    AestheticBae16 days ago

    Reading the comments and watching the video at the same makes it less scary... Anyone else doing this? 😬

  81. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel Martinez16 days ago

    When is part 3 coming up?

  82. Daddy cecil

    Daddy cecil17 days ago

    Jimmy reminds me of gargamel

  83. Shiro Indo

    Shiro Indo17 days ago

    Fucking hell, it was the damn intro and i'm already jumped

  84. Jordan Holloway

    Jordan Holloway17 days ago

    "Oh God I sat on my own b@lls" I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time.

  85. OlympianOtter23

    OlympianOtter2317 days ago

    My teacher on Zoom calls: 2:43

  86. S.A.O b

    S.A.O b17 days ago

    "Jimmy's comming to get you, he fuckin love TOES!" 😂😂 (I laughed harder than i should have )

  87. Kurt Pornela

    Kurt Pornela18 days ago

    We need more of this sean.!

  88. travis crookes

    travis crookes18 days ago

    The intro I couldn’t stop laughing ‘I’m coming for you’ ding ding ding

  89. NearsightedDevil

    NearsightedDevil18 days ago

    Play totally accurate battle simulator

  90. Jen Jynx

    Jen Jynx18 days ago

    please play more of this game jack ! its amazing!

  91. 慧涌黄

    慧涌黄18 days ago

    It would appear that Antisepticeye has returned (intro)

  92. PyroANTIC

    PyroANTIC18 days ago

    The fact this is FMV is actually impressive. As a 90s kid, FMV is ingrained into me as being really bad and cheesy, but they have really used it well. And the mechanics of asking things look really neat!

  93. Aliee Kat

    Aliee Kat18 days ago

    I watched the full gameplay of markipliers that when Jack came out with his, I have to watch it! This game is impeccable! It has me on my toes!

  94. Cool J

    Cool J19 days ago

    O my gosh... that was freaky and terefying

  95. Cool J

    Cool J19 days ago

    O my gosh:0... muaahhahahahahahahaha..muahhhahahahaha

  96. Nappinnai Padmanaban

    Nappinnai Padmanaban19 days ago

    You are scarier in the intro than jimmy

  97. Peaches N’cream

    Peaches N’cream19 days ago

    **Listens to opening of the video** Wait... did Jack do a reference to the creepy old man part from Michele Jacksons thriller song??? XD **Get’s to the end** THAT’S GOOSEBUMPS!! XD

  98. NiaJustNia

    NiaJustNia19 days ago

    My niece has that exact child's purse from a pound shop 😂

  99. gaming man

    gaming man19 days ago

    Jack can you please continue this game

  100. Rebekah Biles

    Rebekah Biles20 days ago


  101. SladesGirl

    SladesGirl20 days ago

    The Vincent Price impression was pretty damn good!

  102. Bumblebee_kailey

    Bumblebee_kailey20 days ago

    Fun fact: The actor playing Jimmy is Huld Martha (they/them)! They’ve played on another game like this called Contradiction: The Interactive Murder Mystery Movie as well as a few shows and is also a fitness coach!

  103. unecumber steamer

    unecumber steamer21 day ago

    I threw my tablet across the room when you got attacked by Jimmy! Lol

  104. Teenage Gamer

    Teenage Gamer21 day ago

    Jacksepticeye, playing a horror game, in 2021???? What a concept.

  105. Anthony Mcneil

    Anthony Mcneil21 day ago

    Not gonna lie, the graphics of this game are so good and so realistic I actually thought this was a movie for the first 8 minutes.

  106. Alexas

    Alexas21 day ago

    Haha I also got scared when Jack got jumped scared

  107. Loki Kadaj Harris

    Loki Kadaj Harris21 day ago

    You should play haunting ground. Its really good