Try Not To Get Anxious Challenge #4

More heights? Cool, that won't make me anxious.
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  1. jacksepticeye

    jacksepticeyeMonth ago

    well.... this went up at the wrong time lol enjoy the weird upload

  2. Hanna Schoolwerk

    Hanna Schoolwerk23 days ago

    I understand the Australia thing Where i live the only poisonous animal is a common adder

  3. Derek K

    Derek K27 days ago

    You should do a series where you go back and watch/react to your old gaming videos

  4. Mark Pecha

    Mark PechaMonth ago

    Btw a guy fell off a snow cliff and it was 150 feet high and a girl fell 0.1 feet and started crying btw the guy broke 6 bones

  5. Akompliss Akompliss

    Akompliss AkomplissMonth ago

    If someone gets severely injured doing any of these things, the rule should be no medical treatment. No Search and Rescue. No help. Not a cent wasted trying to fix their stupidity. Just leave them where they land and clean up the mess once they're gone. None of these people deserve to be alive. A few thousand years ago they would've been eaten by something or starved to death and weeded out of the gene pool. Darwin and all that. They're only still around and reproducing because of people way more intelligent than them keep them alive. We should stop that, stop keeping these people alive.

  6. Tanwa Richards

    Tanwa RichardsMonth ago

    the bug, just no, no

  7. PolargenX

    PolargenX43 minutes ago

    If there was Jaggard sharp rocks and I was on the cliff 800 ft down I’ll just jump

  8. Zêrø_. Twø._ER40R

    Zêrø_. Twø._ER40R3 hours ago

    Funfact:People fearing high buildings are actually scared of falling,not the height

  9. NataliesRevenge

    NataliesRevenge5 hours ago

    That gator got me and I live near Florida.

  10. Ali Wetsten

    Ali Wetsten6 hours ago


  11. Jaedyn Stevens

    Jaedyn Stevens6 hours ago

    Take me with when you sky dive/ bungee jump😱😱my bucket list nr 1 is sky diving (2nd is Bungee jumping😂) I didn’t like the centipede at all😳

  12. Terrance

    Terrance7 hours ago

    9:00 Only in *✨Russia✨*

  13. Wicked Zama

    Wicked Zama7 hours ago

    Glass elevators are the spawn of Satan

  14. Lanie Mcclanahan

    Lanie Mcclanahan10 hours ago

    A few times I jumped off of the train bridge near my house into the water, and when I think about, I want to cry. I don't know how I willing threw myself off of that thing.

  15. Lanie Mcclanahan

    Lanie Mcclanahan10 hours ago

    I think about it alot

  16. Katelyn Kleinschmidt

    Katelyn Kleinschmidt11 hours ago

    Nobody: Jack near a cliff:Queefs through ass

  17. Alastor The Radio Demon

    Alastor The Radio Demon11 hours ago

    I love your channel jack but not to be rude but I miss the old days the most un innocent man I’ve seen on USloft maybe next nostalgia week you can go back to your old self the hat and everything in the the sense of no sentence without cursing

  18. ThePufferFish

    ThePufferFish12 hours ago

    I am afraid of all heights.

  19. Yashwanth Das

    Yashwanth Das14 hours ago

    jack is talking about australia and burning the planet.....they already did that jack no need to do it again

  20. Ivorymoon wolf

    Ivorymoon wolf15 hours ago

    I have a petrifying fear of heights, which is ironic because I used to climb trees like a monkey as a kid. I can't do glass elevators, diving boars, the tall swing rides at carnivals that spin really fast. Nu uh. No way. I like my feet safely on the ground.

  21. Jacx Insane

    Jacx Insane15 hours ago

    This is the best

  22. allnightlong 077

    allnightlong 07715 hours ago

    Jack is now a turtle 🐢🤣

  23. SatisfiedShark

    SatisfiedShark17 hours ago

    When my fear of heights kicks in, my instinct is to 1) get as far from the edge as possible and 2) get my body as low to the ground as possible. Gotta lower that center of gravity, make falling impossible.

  24. david hunt

    david hunt17 hours ago

    Jack you’re not scared of heights you’re scared of falling

  25. FoxyBoi GoldenBrothersX

    FoxyBoi GoldenBrothersX18 hours ago

    Jack: surf that cocain! Me: LMAO

  26. Laura Cipriano

    Laura Cipriano18 hours ago

    I can't go above 10 - 15 feet or I get very scared and nervous.

  27. Inky GamerDemon

    Inky GamerDemon18 hours ago

    2:11 me and no like hights

  28. X NinaGachaAfton X

    X NinaGachaAfton X19 hours ago

    2:08 Me lmao🤣

  29. FaZe Shawn

    FaZe Shawn19 hours ago

    That big swing looks fun

  30. A C

    A C19 hours ago

    Vs an elastic band being your only form of protection, from the rushing ground/water head first? lol i beg to differ!

  31. Ravin Gamer

    Ravin Gamer21 hour ago

    Literally just had a nightmare about giant centipedes and I see that bs

  32. Super Legends of Creations

    Super Legends of Creations21 hour ago

    Not always but most of the time I do the oh cool thing

  33. Maximillian Bigham

    Maximillian Bigham21 hour ago

    I would love to see you do this again with a heart rate monitor!

  34. Raven Autry

    Raven Autry21 hour ago

    I'm terrified of many things. Needles, heights, ya know, because I'm already so close to the ground because of my height, nice, snakes, rollercoasters, etc. The list, never ends... I'm not that scared of spiders but my fiance is so I have to be the man in the relationship to kill them. I feel empowered.

  35. Laura and Eddie Urquijo

    Laura and Eddie Urquijo21 hour ago

    Jack:looks down and has a heart attack me:cool😎

  36. Katelyn Pointon

    Katelyn Pointon22 hours ago

    imagine being scared of heights lmaoooo

  37. SIMBER

    SIMBER22 hours ago

    Bro that’s straight up just a Hellgrammite. Bass love them.

  38. Game Dragon

    Game Dragon22 hours ago

    Part five with heart monitor

  39. Demon _Cookie21

    Demon _Cookie2123 hours ago

    petition to get jack a sword!! Say I!

  40. Demon _Cookie21

    Demon _Cookie2123 hours ago

    What till jack realizes that one wrong turn in ice bergs and stuff can get you lost and if you fall deep within a glacier, you'll be dead before you even really start to fall.

  41. Demon _Cookie21

    Demon _Cookie2123 hours ago

    Jack: THEY'RE REAL LIFE DINOSAURS!! ..... Me who sees them on almost a weekly basis and has gotten to pet them and feed them and see them everywhere: Those guys are idiots but goddamnit the gator's so darn pretty. That's a good size one. Might as well take that one, fry it and then put it on a stick.

  42. wlaba272

    wlaba272Day ago

    Crocodiles are not dinosaurs xD they never were xD it's basic knowledge xD

  43. leon deneke

    leon denekeDay ago

    Same as you mate same as you

  44. Blizzard Pup

    Blizzard PupDay ago

    Check out nonononoyes videos if you want anxiety with relief Kinda like a... Well that goes against USloft standards..

  45. Leave me alone

    Leave me aloneDay ago

    Sean going into the earth is not as good as you think 😂😂 you’d have pressure change, depending how far you go winter could still be bad, walls can collapse, etc

  46. I n d r a

    I n d r aDay ago

    I wanna ride that swing thing, it looks fun ngl

  47. Sauce Lord

    Sauce LordDay ago

    That looks more like a hornet nest than a bee hive

  48. Isabella Jones

    Isabella JonesDay ago

    Not showing this video to hubby. He'll think the hot air balloon is a great idea. 😵

  49. Thomas andrew

    Thomas andrewDay ago


  50. RaXXo

    RaXXoDay ago

    I’m not afraid of heights or standing on the edge, I am afraid of someone coming from behind pushing me off the edge

  51. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet YeetDay ago

    3:03, I'm not that scared on that one, cus i've been on one before.

  52. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet YeetDay ago

    2:23, good example great.

  53. lyn mcmahon

    lyn mcmahonDay ago

    I know bee's help the world and all, But i REALLY hate them SO MUCH, Cuz i got stung 8 TIMES, I hate them so much-

  54. Max Kinsela

    Max KinselaDay ago

    Australia already gets set on fire, it doesn’t help, the creatures are invincible down here.

  55. Elon musk official

    Elon musk officialDay ago

    I'm not afraid of heights I'm afraid of falling

  56. The_Punk Chef

    The_Punk ChefDay ago

    The centipede

  57. Kristian Moreau

    Kristian MoreauDay ago

    11:38 I audibly gasped and covered my face

  58. Newbie Gamelover

    Newbie GameloverDay ago

    14:28-14:49 My dad would get anxiety from that one; he's pretty claustrophobic. I think I might want to go in there, though. That's just so pretty!

  59. Hayley Paige

    Hayley PaigeDay ago

    Centipedes aren’t really all that common in Australia. You generally only find them if you’re pulling bark of the trees

  60. Hayan .963

    Hayan .963Day ago

    Jumping from building to another got me

  61. Hubbybubby44

    Hubbybubby44Day ago

    I love heights

  62. Altair H

    Altair HDay ago

    Jack about the bison: that is scary, I minute later oh it has a floppy tongue they are just big goofballs

  63. Honeyinajar22 :3

    Honeyinajar22 :3Day ago

    People get mad at you for butter fingers. But then you prove them wrong by DYING cause of butterfingers.

  64. Ricky Williams

    Ricky WilliamsDay ago

    Is it wrong to say I would absolutely go on that giant swing?

  65. BeastyOnCrack

    BeastyOnCrackDay ago

    im just trying to hold off the fear of heights be like: "Don't think abt it don't think abt i-*YOUR GONNA DIE* FU-"

  66. Voidking

    VoidkingDay ago

    6:20 yeah but the Florida man is way to much for the dinosaur

  67. Voidking

    VoidkingDay ago

    3:15 the only keeping her alive was 2 ropes

  68. Passion / Artist-Pop

    Passion / Artist-PopDay ago

    I’ve had this incredible fear of rollercoasters and heights. The first and I hope last time I went on a rollercoaster, I got VERY nauseous. It was terrible. And heights are terrifying because I’m afraid of never reaching the bottom. P A I N 😭

  69. Lazuli

    LazuliDay ago

    14:30 where im from, we call that: frostbite caves

  70. ReneGade_1911

    ReneGade_1911Day ago

    The ocean, beautiful, vast, blue. But what lives under it, godforsaken crustaceans the size of a mountain straight from the pits of hell, now that makes my testicles go woo-oop

  71. Squid Cat

    Squid CatDay ago

    We dont have wings yet give it time we can hope

  72. kitcater 28

    kitcater 28Day ago

    i kinda sorta didn't react to any of them lol

  73. Skeebles The Manz

    Skeebles The ManzDay ago

    There was a ride at a theme park I went to and it went HIGH up and it was a little seat JUST THE SEAT nothing else except some straps and arm rest and you could see everything, I was about to crap myself it was so high

  74. Jacobi-vision

    Jacobi-visionDay ago

    I’m fine with heights

  75. Deafening Silence

    Deafening SilenceDay ago

    I LOVE the high places, all the time climbing to the highest location for fun

  76. glide or die

    glide or dieDay ago

    8:30 nope he isnt stuck

  77. CD64

    CD64Day ago

    I got in like a car thing runs on a rope or something onto a mountain

  78. larlielulu

    larlielulu2 days ago

    At least TMA fans know Jack is aligned with The Buried...

  79. AlvaZi

    AlvaZi2 days ago

    I have a fear of adrenaline, nope don’t like it

  80. Koda Wolf

    Koda Wolf2 days ago

    When I look down from being on a high area I get kind of a fainting spell type of thing. My body begins to rock back and forth and I have to step back before I fall forward ._.

  81. Twisted Maelstrom

    Twisted Maelstrom2 days ago

    2:15 Clearly, jack has never climbed a tall tree.

  82. KaylaThe CreatureTubby

    KaylaThe CreatureTubby2 days ago

    When I'm on a swing and go to the very top/ max limit of the height of it, my body freezes- And sometimes it thinks ima die, so it just gives up on holding on. SO the swing in the sky? That would be my death if I did it-)

  83. Maurice Maurice

    Maurice Maurice2 days ago

    Why is he so loud?

  84. Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin2 days ago

    God already tried to burn Australia 15:00

  85. The Antichrist

    The Antichrist2 days ago

    Jokes on the builing backflip, I jumped OFF a building.

  86. AlphaWolf42

    AlphaWolf422 days ago

    i have to be at least 4 feet away from the edge for me i hate hights

  87. Kay - Jay Animations

    Kay - Jay Animations2 days ago

    I don't have a fear of hights! I have a fear of _falling_ from heights!

  88. Ya BoY

    Ya BoY2 days ago

    There is no clip that is the worst, the whole video is the worst

  89. just voices

    just voices2 days ago


  90. Wyatt Carlson

    Wyatt Carlson2 days ago


  91. xRockJD Meriel

    xRockJD Meriel2 days ago

    11:55 that 'STOP' actually scared me more than the heights XD

  92. Zestran Faubert

    Zestran Faubert2 days ago

    The backflip off the building *almost* made me lose my bladder.

  93. David Robinson

    David Robinson2 days ago

    The bugs one got to me a bit

  94. LadybugsOpin

    LadybugsOpin2 days ago

    Sure, we've got centipedes over here in Canada, but that was A HUGE FUCKING NOPE!!

  95. Celery On Sad

    Celery On Sad2 days ago

    When he said “that can crawl up Satan’s asshole” IDK WHY but my butt clenched soooo hard I almost cried

  96. Mateus Threatt

    Mateus Threatt2 days ago

    I used to be scared of the shower because I thought the walls would grow arms and like attack me

  97. Derek Thistle

    Derek Thistle2 days ago

    I dont have heght things i LOVE HEGHTS

  98. freckled cracker

    freckled cracker2 days ago

    Let's just get rid of the Y axis altogether, mm'kay thanks.

  99. Ayannah Molina

    Ayannah Molina2 days ago

    When you hear the Irish come out of Jacks after seeing some scary heights.

  100. Neil Pearson

    Neil Pearson2 days ago

    Jack don't forget America for the centipedes in Arizona giant desert centipedes which are like 3ft long

  101. da panda

    da panda2 days ago

    Me: *Hears the opening* Also me: *smiles and looks at the mirror* "Option 3 ^^ i go for a little swim."

  102. Roy Pickering

    Roy Pickering2 days ago

    More please

  103. Roy Pickering

    Roy Pickering2 days ago

    Bucket List

  104. Jaycee Graf

    Jaycee Graf2 days ago

    I would jump before they could push me lol

  105. William Rich

    William Rich2 days ago

    Weird fact about me i can handle super high heights like looking over cliffs.But when going down like poles on a playground i get hella scared

  106. Marrie Smith

    Marrie Smith2 days ago

    some people don't got a reenactment from what they been threw and know. !Grrrr :P