Can You Spot The Fake Gamer?

Can you spot the fake gamer in the middle of all these people?
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  1. lil chris tuten

    lil chris tuten2 minutes ago

    So why did they only ask if they thought the mole was out after they voted out Nola?

  2. Aayan Kidwai

    Aayan Kidwai9 minutes ago

    Wait, if they all thought they got the mole (Bryce) why did they keep going? There's no way those 3 guys *actually* thought it wasn't Bryce right? When Nola was roasting him it was obvious it was him. Why did the game keep going if all 4 of them were confident in their choice? I hate to make an Amogus analogy, but it's like getting both imposters but throwing out a crewmate because the game wouldn't end. No wonder everyone's mad about Nola getting voted off.

  3. Gervin Plays

    Gervin Plays13 minutes ago

    Only true gamers know who jacks dad is

  4. BurntXeenonX 11

    BurntXeenonX 11Hour ago

    bro y’all need to shut up and stop being soft 🚫🧢

  5. Herobrine of darkness

    Herobrine of darknessHour ago

    i am gamer

  6. MRL Frost

    MRL Frost2 hours ago

    I can definitely be friends with Naol, Kingdom hearts needs more love

  7. Sierra Morgan

    Sierra Morgan2 hours ago

    Jack let them assert dominance

  8. JJ Wild

    JJ Wild2 hours ago

    Why he say t pose like that

  9. Mason Jenkins

    Mason Jenkins3 hours ago

    You don’t game no more😢😢wish you would

  10. Bee Celosia

    Bee Celosia3 hours ago

    I'm a gamer but I only play a few games on switch so I would fail this lmaoo. I don't have money for a pc or xbox, I'm lucky to have my trusty switch. Minecraft and indie games sustain me. 😌

  11. SDK Yayeet yes

    SDK Yayeet yes3 hours ago

    I think it’s was Jessica

  12. Tiegue Allard

    Tiegue Allard4 hours ago

    i dont usually watch your compilation videos n stuff but i really enjoyed this onee

  13. Grubberfly

    Grubberfly4 hours ago

    "who's the fake gamer?" Me: **searches them all up on Google to see if they are a gamer** B I G B R A I N T I M E

  14. Grubberfly

    Grubberfly4 hours ago

    "Gamers don't have fashion sense" Me: well that makes sense I just grab something random and wear it for school

  15. Wipeoutninja

    Wipeoutninja6 hours ago

    Listening to Jack try and explain anything from League is amazing, the little speel you had was pretty much right on doing a play XD

  16. meggynyan

    meggynyan6 hours ago

    i love how all of the sexist gamers in the comments are just exposing themselves and proving that the gaming community is sexist af

  17. Zacrostar19

    Zacrostar196 hours ago

    I have respect for you Jack because you don’t play league

  18. Bryce Innerst

    Bryce Innerst8 hours ago


  19. A Rock

    A Rock10 hours ago

    Spot the gamern't


    NOOBIE BOYZ11 hours ago

    7:14 more like gaydar haha gotem

  21. Shelbyandstuff

    Shelbyandstuff12 hours ago

    How is no one talking about how Jack actually took less than 11 seconds to guess the fake gamer🤣

  22. thegamemast3r

    thegamemast3r12 hours ago

    Bro that was a complete guess but jack was right, true Irishman luck

  23. The green Pizza

    The green Pizza12 hours ago

    Sean welds the power of the sharingan!!

  24. The green Pizza

    The green Pizza12 hours ago

    Only real naruto fans understand this meme


    ME EAT YU WHOLE13 hours ago


  26. Povilas Rukuiža

    Povilas Rukuiža13 hours ago


  27. Joshua Rosindell

    Joshua Rosindell14 hours ago

    What have we all learnt they all need to go outside more like enjoy a good game few hours on destiny but Jesus does Nola need to go outside 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Hugo Hardy

    Hugo Hardy14 hours ago

    Blood born vitality life insurance

  29. Wendigogurt

    Wendigogurt15 hours ago

    I am insulted on a personal level on how he pronounced wendigo

  30. SqxireXD

    SqxireXD16 hours ago

    *hand raised*

  31. spider 920

    spider 92017 hours ago

    The ending tho XD

  32. Miss Outit

    Miss Outit18 hours ago


  33. ryan zheng

    ryan zheng18 hours ago


  34. No Future

    No Future19 hours ago

    Video 31 of asking Jack to play OMORI because it’s a great game

  35. It’s Micah

    It’s Micah20 hours ago

    I subbed

  36. Spencer Blais_

    Spencer Blais_21 hour ago


  37. lunagameing 102

    lunagameing 10221 hour ago

    My favorite game is halo Ce

  38. xxknowsbest

    xxknowsbest21 hour ago


  39. Landon129

    Landon12921 hour ago

    shadow of colossus is dope

  40. R. Money 2k

    R. Money 2k23 hours ago

    Pls react to the drizzyTj channel because they have one of these but Minecraft

  41. More Az

    More Az23 hours ago

    I haven’t watched jack septic eye in 3 years and his editing is so funny now

  42. Ezz Eldin Ehab Kauritum

    Ezz Eldin Ehab Kauritum23 hours ago



    THE ART OF REVENGE23 hours ago

    Jack I haven’t watch u in years. You’re still funny asf. I’m back :)

  44. Tenseigod

    TenseigodDay ago

    I feel so bad for Nola. Carried the team.

  45. Perce

    PerceDay ago

    I've never played or seen Until Down and I even know they are Windigos

  46. Tómas Charlie Garysson

    Tómas Charlie GaryssonDay ago

    who put there hand up

  47. Andrew Tomasone

    Andrew TomasoneDay ago

    Does playing The Show count as gaming

  48. Mr. Stupid

    Mr. StupidDay ago


  49. Ulrik Jørgensen

    Ulrik JørgensenDay ago

    That was a really Good episode i didnt think it was gonna be this good

  50. GemMythix

    GemMythixDay ago

    people are saying its because shes a girl but it aint she aint convincing. shes all around and stuttering, even if you played leauge a little you would know that, but remembering specific locations, proves you played the game for a while

  51. Komodo Productions

    Komodo ProductionsDay ago

    1:55 Ahem.. *pushes glasses up nose* actually Jack it is clear to see that he is referencing popular game title Fallout and honestly I’m disappointed that you didn’t recognise that...


    ΕΛΕΝΗ ΡΑΠΤΗDay ago

    t pose

  53. Bacon withmoreeggs

    Bacon withmoreeggsDay ago

    I cringed so hard in this, t posing is the least funny shit I have ever seen

  54. Xiphon

    XiphonDay ago

    Sean plz play league.... I’ve been playing for a week and I already know pretty much everything it hurts to see u saying random shiiit...

  55. flobo1 Meerkat

    flobo1 MeerkatDay ago


  56. seth7410 seth7410

    seth7410 seth7410Day ago


  57. PlumBob

    PlumBobDay ago

    3:35 "ah jungler, I usually go mid lane" As a bad Shaco player, I can confirm, that this is a gamer.

  58. Kevin Ponce

    Kevin PonceDay ago

    i voted out the bryce out first too buy i saw 2 girls and hesitated

  59. Seth Gilham

    Seth GilhamDay ago

    If I was doing it I would say where do you die on call of duty and wait till someone says idk what is it I would say it’s him or her because where you die in call of duty it’s called the gulag

  60. Patrick

    PatrickDay ago

    Anybody notice that it actually did take him 11seconds to guess ? 0:44 - 0:55

  61. Mr. Henry

    Mr. HenryDay ago

    Nice try, Jacksepticeye, but Dunkey did it first

  62. Red

    RedDay ago

    does it count to stream video games every week with the difficulty turned up to 11 also bloodborne is very fun

  63. Roslynn Crino

    Roslynn CrinoDay ago

    The sexism in that video is RAMPANT....... the sexism in the gaming community is so bad and that video just proves it so well. She literally knew all her stuff and caught the fake gamer, and then they vote her out anyway?? And for what though?

  64. CogitoErgoSum

    CogitoErgoSumDay ago

    im a gamer XD

  65. Sailorduck_

    Sailorduck_Day ago

    My sister is a gamer and she has a sense In fashion- although she probably picks it up from me💅💖

  66. Lyra Kiria

    Lyra KiriaDay ago

    Jacksepticeye intros when he started: *kalm* Jacksepticeye intros 2014-2020: **LOUD** Jacksepticeye intros 2021: *kalm..ish?*

  67. Caleb The Roblox King

    Caleb The Roblox KingDay ago

    Bro I’m a gamer. And by that I mean I’ve been on Roblox for a decade. 🤣

  68. jeremy animates kind of

    jeremy animates kind ofDay ago


  69. Clopy

    ClopyDay ago

    Me scared to shit that I’ll be figured out 0_O

  70. TonyFox

    TonyFoxDay ago

    Hmmmm this seems familiar. Like there was a minecraft version with 1 introvert and extroverts. Tubbo is very extroverted

  71. Nikita Ivanov

    Nikita IvanovDay ago

    Bruh I don’t have steam because I play on console or a PS5 because pc who cares about them

  72. Flaming Music And Gaming

    Flaming Music And GamingDay ago

    Fashion of gamer: disguise in day (wear t-pos... I mean t-shirt in day and jeans/shorts depending on weather). At night, you need Minecraft underwear, a random shirt that looks like it was shitted out by the Reaper Leviathan from Subnautica when it saw the Aurora crash, and some pants that look like the Ender Dragon from Minecraft head-butted it to an end city and was hit by a shulker projectile and flew up 50 blocks just to fall into the void and disappear into the abyss of death.

  73. CC_Caleb14 Gaming

    CC_Caleb14 GamingDay ago

    my favorite game of all times is Doom Eternal and my favorite Videogame Saga is the God of War Saga, my second favorite is the Uncharted Saga

  74. T1 Flair

    T1 FlairDay ago

    The tpose gang voted her out because it was a pro gamer move they teamed up made an alliance then took down the boss. Smart.

  75. Mikaela Martin

    Mikaela MartinDay ago

    So apparently the grand prize is 10k, so if it was split between them it was like 3.3k... can we get a GFM for Nola and donate 5k to her or something because this video actually made me PISSED. If I was her and I knew I was going to be kicked out of the group because of some "t-posing dude bro gamer pact," I wouldve stayed home and played Overwatch or something and make calls in the voice chat so I could be called a bitch for speaking and kicked from the server. Seriously, just the other day I was playing and I said "We may wanna regroup, I think theyve got a few ults ready" and some guy jumped on and said "Shut up bitch, no one gives a fuck about you" and i was just like... wow... 0-0

  76. ً

    ًDay ago

    Jessica isn't getting enough recognition damn. She was obviously a gamer and yet they voted her out just because she was a girl.

  77. idonttakeiteasy on roblox

    idonttakeiteasy on robloxDay ago

    jack would be a good detective for gamers

  78. EFT SuperDude

    EFT SuperDudeDay ago

    Are we gonna breeze past the fact that green strips steam username is I love blood 3000😂☺🙂🤔😰

  79. TinySquidMan

    TinySquidManDay ago

    lol nola shoulda been voted out in the beginning you dont wear fashion as a gamer duhh edit: nobody has replied yet so i just wanna let you know don't argue like idiots in the comments it's a joke

  80. Random Internet Guy

    Random Internet GuyDay ago

    A true gamer is not confrontational. That is why I immediately knew the 3 tposers were true gamers.

  81. Letsplay27

    Letsplay27Day ago

    Amoung us

  82. Nick Gamer

    Nick GamerDay ago

    gamer sense activate

  83. Brandon Ivins

    Brandon IvinsDay ago

    Same I don’t play League of legends

  84. Andrew Pembleton

    Andrew PembletonDay ago

    I Play League of Legends I think it's kind of addicting when you start playing

  85. Darkness gaming and stuff

    Darkness gaming and stuffDay ago

    You look like call me keven

  86. WatergirlK14

    WatergirlK14Day ago

    Nola: Who lived when you played? Jack: HANNAH *If you count being a wendigo as alive, sure Jack*

  87. Leah’s TikToks

    Leah’s TikToksDay ago

    Why when I read the title I thought, “Oh! It’s like ‘spot that one lesbian out of six’ type thing!” Wait.... That’s me..🤪

  88. Stormy Playz

    Stormy PlayzDay ago

    "When a guy comes out I do a flash and then a... Shutdown" That line was hilarious.

  89. Mike Bot

    Mike BotDay ago

    What headphones r those yo

  90. Smoke

    SmokeDay ago

    The way the game was set up was stupid, they could vote out as many ppl as possible to maximize the amount of money split between the ppl left. I refuse to believe anyone is legitimately dumb enough to vote that girl out

  91. Frank Michael Garcia

    Frank Michael GarciaDay ago

    Your the funny one jacksepticeye your awsome i am your first filipino fan

  92. Jessica / Logan Moonie

    Jessica / Logan MoonieDay ago

    Female Gamer? VOTED O U T

  93. Voidking

    VoidkingDay ago

    just ask this one question finish this sentence question: ah your finally awake

  94. Umi

    UmiDay ago

    only irish men are true gammers 👁👄👁

  95. Peter’s Playtime

    Peter’s PlaytimeDay ago

    Jack this is my first ever vid of your I have watched and I’m subscribing great content man keep up the great work

  96. Aizion Contado

    Aizion ContadoDay ago

    I’m a gamer because it took me 5 years to complete Pokémon Emerald

  97. Salazzle Dazzle

    Salazzle DazzleDay ago

    What if you were a gamer, but you were just astronomically bad at proving it. Like you were into NICHE games and they just sussed you immediately and like the audience sussed you immediately

  98. Devin Nguyen

    Devin NguyenDay ago

    "I never played League..." Jack's Asian fans: "FAKE GAMER"

  99. Debra McCary

    Debra McCaryDay ago

    I consider myself as a gamer

  100. sarah

    sarahDay ago

    Where *L A U G H* board?

  101. Zemorah Coon

    Zemorah CoonDay ago

    i remember so many years ago when you had green hair adn there was a black shelf on your right with a jacksepticeye plush on it BIG YEET