Don't watch this video if you hate spiders!

Warning: Spiders!
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  1. OptiGamez

    OptiGamez5 hours ago

    Me 5 second after seeing a spider *Nuclear lauch detected...*

  2. demon queen envy sin

    demon queen envy sin6 hours ago

    Me who loves spiders......

  3. jason chin

    jason chin7 hours ago

    lesgooo i know im late but letsgooo the old intro

  4. Pio Francis Charlie Pinzon

    Pio Francis Charlie Pinzon9 hours ago

    Therapist: fat jacksepticeye isn't real, he can't hurt you. Fat jacksepticeye: 1:55

  5. Fredbear and friends

    Fredbear and friends17 hours ago

    OMG 0:24 scared me 0,0

  6. Lilypad Art

    Lilypad Art18 hours ago


  7. Benjamin

    Benjamin18 hours ago

    O haven't even watched this yet but I still clicked on this video even tho I have a acrnophobia

  8. Sebastian Ellaby

    Sebastian Ellaby19 hours ago

    1:52 me trying to flirt with my crush

  9. Neon Lights

    Neon Lights20 hours ago

    I literally jumped outta my chair and cheered when he did his intro

  10. Ryantybeast1

    Ryantybeast1Day ago

    Now I never want to touch anything again

  11. InstantPurple

    InstantPurpleDay ago

    This intro reminds me of Technoblade vs lvl 25 Spider

  12. Robi Jakus

    Robi JakusDay ago

    there are around 43000 different species of spiders in the world... we only know bout 30 that could be dangerous to humans

  13. ScetchyGhost

    ScetchyGhostDay ago

    Jack but at the start when hes sniffing the ground he sniffs the spider into his nose and screams

  14. ernestho escalante

    ernestho escalanteDay ago

    he's back inside because the neighbors called the police on him

  15. Sepide Shaker

    Sepide Shaker2 days ago

    1.3millon people like spiders

  16. Mason Davis

    Mason Davis2 days ago

    You know Jacksepticeye you should do a montage on how many times you said TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADIES

  17. just voices

    just voices2 days ago

    Revisit deer simulator

  18. Mysterious Kitten

    Mysterious Kitten2 days ago

    Do watch this video if you hate spiders!

  19. Bram Van Moorsel

    Bram Van Moorsel2 days ago

    hello mister, i owuld like you to post amognus episode 3 next week because I lie among us ver y mucth!

  20. NO jimmy PROTESTED

    NO jimmy PROTESTED2 days ago

    Ok genuinely thank you so much for telling me to not watch this. I hate that a youtube video can make me have to take a 30 minute lie down and then scrub down my apartment due to spiders being in a video without any warning. (Or ads omg i get so mad when theres an unskippable spider ad) but could you possibly also not put a massive tarantula in the thumb nail? I know it sounds dumb, but I feel its important to mention just because as an example my phobia has gotten so much worse from social media that i get terrifyed to click on an instagram clip before knowing what it is about etc.

  21. Nerd Zoo

    Nerd Zoo2 days ago

    If them Mfers make sound, imma flametorch that hell spawn

  22. mars

    mars2 days ago

    I hate spiders butt im stil watching

  23. Lil' Kat

    Lil' Kat2 days ago

    "Anything can be in this fridge." *opens door to outside* That's some fridge. Next thing is the wardrobe going to Narnia.

  24. SHEEPinator

    SHEEPinator3 days ago

    Me with arachnophobia: *I'll do it anyway.*

  25. Floofy

    Floofy3 days ago

    i know whats better than anything else in the world seans old intro is

  26. TheRobot_man nn

    TheRobot_man nn3 days ago

    Yay the old intro is back

  27. Beta Fish Jeremy

    Beta Fish Jeremy3 days ago

    I'm so tired of games making suppressors insanely quiet. They dont make your gun silent at all and are still rather loud

  28. just a Kirby with a knife

    just a Kirby with a knife3 days ago

    Jack killing the spiders be like: I killed them, I killed them all... and not just the men, but the women and children too

  29. John kent Dale T. Talco

    John kent Dale T. Talco3 days ago

    If you see coins inside your house it’s just spiders paying rent so be thankful and if you kill hem then your free coins are gone also if you don’t get coins inside your house it’s because the spider is in quarantine so they can’t pay right now

  30. J Dahmus

    J Dahmus3 days ago

    Actually If you ask Iggy Stardust there are spiders on Mars

  31. Archieous909

    Archieous9093 days ago

    I hate spiders but I have been to Australia 3 times so I am used to it lol

  32. Cast Away931YT

    Cast Away931YT3 days ago

    The old intro. Yes... 😁

  33. Grim

    Grim3 days ago

    "I want to get a nuclear bomb… And eradicate it all." Hold onto that thought, folks.

  34. Sir0mosh0Alot

    Sir0mosh0Alot4 days ago

    Love the Hitman reference at 6:40

  35. Isaiah Rucker

    Isaiah Rucker4 days ago

    2:36 We're off to a good start. Never a dull moment with Sean. 🤣

  36. Jamie Stevens

    Jamie Stevens4 days ago

    The way he said 'freak' tho 😳🤤

  37. Zêrø_. Twø._ER40R

    Zêrø_. Twø._ER40R4 days ago

    How does he makes creative intros

  38. Walid Ossman

    Walid Ossman4 days ago

    "don't watch this video if you hate spiders" well don't put a huge ass spider in the thumbnail you idiot

  39. Meh Hi

    Meh Hi4 days ago

    Jack’s title: don’t watch this video if you hate spiders ME: I want a pet tarantula

  40. Pony Gaming

    Pony Gaming4 days ago

    I can’t express how happy I am to hear the old intro, I was almost in tears ❤️ I needed this, thank you

  41. ralfklaus64

    ralfklaus644 days ago

    I kinda like spiders but not the ones that are huge i still like spiders after this vidio

  42. Malachy Rose

    Malachy Rose4 days ago

    It’s been sooooo long since I heard that iconic intro

  43. Milo Sahlgren

    Milo Sahlgren4 days ago

    Me with Arachnophobia: *aggressively clicks on video*

  44. Amanda Burrier

    Amanda Burrier4 days ago

    Umm jack I saw a spider right on the painting behind you like for real

  45. Midnight Fallen Angel

    Midnight Fallen Angel5 days ago

    "Don't watch this video if you hate spiders!" Me: Are you challenging me?

  46. Sarah Pierre

    Sarah Pierre5 days ago

    Been a while since Sean cursed this much I love it the old septiceyeis coming back

  47. David Holmes

    David Holmes5 days ago

    lol the subtitles say top of the rnt to you laddies

  48. Hackerking47

    Hackerking475 days ago



    APPLE BUTTER5 days ago

    If been having a bad day and really judt have not been feeling good but then i watched this video and i was cheered up instently

  50. Matius Sheva Bagaskara

    Matius Sheva Bagaskara5 days ago

    0:24 transition cleaner than my soul

  51. OrvenTheSpaceGuy

    OrvenTheSpaceGuy5 days ago


  52. Victini Stealth

    Victini Stealth5 days ago

    Only people who hate spider but still watched this video can like this

  53. Lilak47

    Lilak475 days ago

    I like spideys

  54. Star Host

    Star Host5 days ago

    Me watching the video Spider slowly lowering down from the sealing Me screams and throws my phone and falls off my chair

  55. The Bear

    The Bear5 days ago

    How bout dont watch this if you love spiders :(

  56. Shiba

    Shiba5 days ago

    The old intro wow I feel old and I’m only 14

  57. Hipporosourus __

    Hipporosourus __5 days ago

    I filled in him saying happy wheels in the intro

  58. Exert Chimera 37

    Exert Chimera 376 days ago

    i put all the ammo in a cabinet.

  59. Exert Chimera 37

    Exert Chimera 376 days ago

    you see the spiders are canonically very dangerous and your character is the only survivor.

  60. Exert Chimera 37

    Exert Chimera 376 days ago

    spiders be like: we are from mars jack.

  61. Larry Schlagel

    Larry Schlagel6 days ago

    Hey Jack somewhere in that game there is a secret lightsaber hidden somewhere

  62. BeenThere DoneThat

    BeenThere DoneThat6 days ago

    Dang them squealing got my head shaking

  63. Toby DENTON

    Toby DENTON6 days ago


  64. bunny boo

    bunny boo6 days ago

    Play fragile please!

  65. Sakib Hossain

    Sakib Hossain6 days ago

    His old intro..its like granny's back

  66. Bandit Coyote

    Bandit Coyote6 days ago

    I've memorized that intro so many times that I remember it so easily, I also have ADHD! Like how?? Lol, I've also memorized the outro! I memorized it so well that I say it like you do! 😂

  67. Keata

    Keata6 days ago

    Sean: "spiders love beans." "Me and the spiders at 2 am looking for some BEANS!!!"

  68. Domenic

    Domenic2 days ago


  69. Jeremy Gross

    Jeremy Gross6 days ago

    Fantastic intro

  70. Taxfoo

    Taxfoo6 days ago


  71. Dayna

    Dayna6 days ago

    Jack is the my favorite thing on earth

  72. Nico

    Nico6 days ago

    Please keep the intro 😩

  73. Badman_J

    Badman_J6 days ago

    Jack are you in the mental hospital because you seem to be skidding farther and farther off the rocker

  74. zEscOOt

    zEscOOt6 days ago

    Because the map selection menu look similar am going to watch Jacks playthru on I am bread cuz why not

  75. Mars Harrison

    Mars Harrison6 days ago

    Jacksepticeye made literal hell XD

  76. Dr. Zion

    Dr. Zion6 days ago

    “LoOkS LiKe iM aLl OuTTa cHeWiN- ... SpiDeRs...”

  77. Izuku midoriya

    Izuku midoriya7 days ago

    Spiders are my worst fear! 😖

  78. ToXire

    ToXire7 days ago

    _”Hey HEYY everybody!”_ *Only OG fans of Sean remember*

  79. danos

    danos7 days ago

    dont kill spooders, spooders friend

  80. Thundergod Zash

    Thundergod Zash7 days ago

    Me: have arachophobia Also me: watches the Video anyway

  81. Zandemerceri Coetzer

    Zandemerceri Coetzer7 days ago

    ooooooi jack do you hate spiders i love the old intro

  82. Adam Barton

    Adam Barton7 days ago

    Play the start in 0.25x speed🤣

  83. KAN5 Demon

    KAN5 Demon7 days ago

    Why does jack use so much clickbait nowadays used to love watching him but now have no clue what video is what

  84. noah jacobsen

    noah jacobsen7 days ago

    4:03 he thought it was a fridge!!! had me dying, theres a frickin EXIT sighn!!

  85. Wasssup Zion

    Wasssup Zion7 days ago

    Oh my phobia gonna hurt me today why Sean

  86. Anne Black

    Anne Black7 days ago

    “Don’t watch this video if you hate spiders.”? Isn’t it ‘do watch this if you hate spiders’ or, ‘don’t watch this if you love spiders’?

  87. Rizuris

    Rizuris7 days ago

    i died when he said "looks like im all out of chewing spiders" XD

  88. Ahm Nomm

    Ahm Nomm7 days ago

    they should make this game in VR

  89. The Diary of A Loner

    The Diary of A Loner7 days ago

    Ok I understand everyone talking about the intro but why is no one talking about 3:16 where this man says FIRE TO THE FIRE GOOD I’m sorry but my inner techoblade fan was just awoken.

  90. Shiru Ka

    Shiru Ka7 days ago

    I often use spiders as target practice for airsoft rifles. They're just barely big enough.

  91. Jayden Jones

    Jayden Jones7 days ago

    The intro top of the morning hit different but the way he was creepy

  92. Karim Alsayed Hsana Khalawani

    Karim Alsayed Hsana Khalawani7 days ago

    I’m not kurapika

  93. Xion

    Xion7 days ago

    I luv spiders.

  94. Solar Wolf Plays

    Solar Wolf Plays7 days ago

    Lol energy drink =I slow time Jack= I dont think that was an energy drink, I dont feel so good.

  95. Emmyth Lux

    Emmyth Lux7 days ago


  96. Theo Appiah

    Theo Appiah8 days ago

    Let me just say, Jack looks amazing. I'm not into guys but Jack 👀🌚🌝😏

  97. Adib Jauhar

    Adib Jauhar8 days ago

    2:49 the fact that editor a.k.a Robin put a malaysian supermarket video is awesome. Btw Im from Malaysia

  98. Kelsay Malonson

    Kelsay Malonson8 days ago


  99. paul Harvey

    paul Harvey8 days ago

    :( ,

  100. Perrine Estorges

    Perrine Estorges8 days ago

    Me having nostalgia because my brother killed Michel my little spider that i found in the bathtub 2 days ago... RIP Michel

  101. Mandy Sallings

    Mandy Sallings8 days ago