Cringe.... cringe everywhere
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  1. yEaRiGhTiSSiK

    yEaRiGhTiSSiK47 minutes ago

    These were mainly actually just try not to laugh than cringe lol.

  2. UAC guy

    UAC guyHour ago


  3. Lars De Deckere

    Lars De DeckereHour ago

    RIP everyone that got rickrolled

  4. Maximilian Vang

    Maximilian VangHour ago

    Had a similar experience in a wedding except instead of ruining the cake my aunt ruined other people, by fist fighting

  5. Kiona McKinney

    Kiona McKinney2 hours ago

    Couldn't that last clip be considered assault of some sort?

  6. Aaron Fox

    Aaron Fox3 hours ago

    the 1st clip made me exapsonally angry. Like who the fuck does she think she is?

  7. alanspaz

    alanspaz3 hours ago

    Really this wasn't cringy this was boring...

  8. ChloZenTime

    ChloZenTime4 hours ago

    “Has there been any word more cringey then cringe?” *...* _”uwu”_

  9. Tushar saxena

    Tushar saxena4 hours ago

    Nobody: Me: making cringe comment. Also me: Remembers high school moments time to time then cringes VERY hard, usually contorting the face and yelling 'why the fuck'

  10. MyDude

    MyDude5 hours ago

    How did this get removed by USloft? Can someone please explain??

  11. Ananya Garg

    Ananya Garg6 hours ago

    Lmao the airplane video is reminding of how kids fight

  12. joseph doherty

    joseph doherty6 hours ago

    Y did the drunk cousin look so Irish

  13. Cado Syrups

    Cado Syrups8 hours ago

    I dont know how she didnt beat the shit out of that guy 12:24

  14. Mandy Sallings

    Mandy Sallings8 hours ago

    As soon as jack did that ol classy intro, I looked at the date of the vid lol

  15. iwaidja14

    iwaidja148 hours ago

    2:36 is that fred?

  16. Anfal Sami

    Anfal Sami9 hours ago

    I think my brain has messed up cringing with laughing cuz in every single clip I was just laughing Send help

  17. ravenmoon110

    ravenmoon1109 hours ago

    To recreance another video "if Jack doesn't see this I'm going to look like a jackass

  18. Riley Ferguson

    Riley Ferguson10 hours ago

    5:33 Ludwig be like

  19. LegionCommander

    LegionCommander10 hours ago

    Underrated. If the show genre is "reality" it's fake.

  20. LegionCommander

    LegionCommander10 hours ago

    Also the elite have a pedo agenda.

  21. Elizabeth Yates

    Elizabeth Yates12 hours ago

    It’s time to watch your content. Wiki wakey it’s 1 AM

  22. Jenifer gaming

    Jenifer gaming14 hours ago

    But like Karens are so annoying to me, when she said "this is not your plane" yeah it might be your plane but be respectful like bishhhhh you're making me annoyed🙃

  23. Quik kilz gamez

    Quik kilz gamez14 hours ago

    Jack at this point I'm pretty sure that I owe you 5trillion subs

  24. KatieNinja

    KatieNinja15 hours ago

    That guys fucking 19? God damn that dude looks like your average southern man.

  25. PervyPotato Gaming

    PervyPotato Gaming15 hours ago

    8:30 imagine if the roles were reversed, and it was a 31 year old man and an 11 year old girl

  26. RJ

    RJ16 hours ago

    ⚠️Jack change your lights!!!! They should be 💚GREEN💚⚠️

  27. Nah10 Hawaiian

    Nah10 Hawaiian17 hours ago

    The only word that’s more cringe than cringe is MOIST

  28. death's touch

    death's touch17 hours ago

    Love the room

  29. XvxYaboikujjo Xvx

    XvxYaboikujjo Xvx17 hours ago


  30. The Greedy Worm

    The Greedy Worm18 hours ago

    I like when Jack combusts

  31. SatisfiedShark

    SatisfiedShark18 hours ago

    I always think my life sucks, and that I’m a fuck up and a failure. Then I see that predator video. Things could be a lot worse 0)_(0

  32. Mr O'D

    Mr O'D18 hours ago

    Yeah... millennial and the biggest cringe was your t-shirt pit stains. WTF BROTHER.

  33. Carter TGM

    Carter TGM19 hours ago

    Jack: am i not in touch of what kids like? Tictok is 90% of what kids like Jack’s content: AHHHH

  34. alisahin Kabak

    alisahin Kabak19 hours ago

    i love how jacksepticeye still does the same intro after so many years!

  35. Sheilkuroi

    Sheilkuroi20 hours ago

    I hope that racer in the last clip got dude

  36. Matthew Jensen

    Matthew Jensen20 hours ago

    1) if you want to sleep on a plane and are bothered by light, bring a sleep mask. 2) any predator who refused to get help/be institutionalized deserves the worst this earth has to offer.

  37. はちみつ

    はちみつ20 hours ago

    mirror mirror on the wall... *CRINGE??*

  38. Endeflector

    Endeflector20 hours ago

    12:47 the weird one

  39. Painted Trash

    Painted Trash21 hour ago

    6:08 DAN VS CRINGE????

  40. Austin Wright

    Austin Wright21 hour ago

    Gosh the pedophile one hit me way hard. I've never physically cringed at these videos but that had me pulling faces at my phone

  41. tony baloney

    tony baloney21 hour ago

    i think i am a chair now

  42. tony baloney

    tony baloney21 hour ago

    hey the old man still hass the sperit of a 25 year old

  43. a random villager

    a random villager21 hour ago

    That last clip was literally fucking assault

  44. Boba Bird

    Boba Bird21 hour ago

    No one: Kids: 9:32

  45. Smolbean

    Smolbean22 hours ago

    Jacks gotta do a review on the "karens in the wild" channel lmfao

  46. — The Animating Demøn —

    — The Animating Demøn —22 hours ago

    i tried to, but i did not cringe- i just thought most of it was weird, the rest just lame

  47. soil the stillborn

    soil the stillborn22 hours ago

    I didn't cringe cuz I've seen worse

  48. Rory Smyth

    Rory Smyth23 hours ago

    Do u know wat is cringe u

  49. Xiao Simp

    Xiao Simp23 hours ago

    I've seen so much I don't even react anymore

  50. nmastando56

    nmastando5623 hours ago

    0:10 yes there are two actually. Those being cringiest and TikTok

  51. A ; - ;

    A ; - ;23 hours ago

    “thats much more tha cringe! thats CRIME!” this is my new favorite quote

  52. ICBSR

    ICBSRDay ago

    do you know that cringe possesses both crin and nge

  53. Dyl Boi

    Dyl BoiDay ago

    6:00 Holy shit thats JWittz...

  54. Snowstar

    SnowstarDay ago

    Okay i subscribed bc that The worst acting thing was too cringe for me 😵

  55. Krazy_CaraOfficial1

    Krazy_CaraOfficial1Day ago

    Me who wants the jack septic eye coffee but is 11:🥲

  56. Anwar Animations

    Anwar AnimationsDay ago

    The good ol' "Top of the morning ladies my name is Jacksepticeye" Bro that put a smile on my face everytime


    RED KRULLDay ago

    The Redditor made me so uncomfortable

  58. Jan Miko Nuñal

    Jan Miko NuñalDay ago

    Grandpa is still feeling young from looking at those.

  59. Arctic Coder

    Arctic CoderDay ago

    Getting rickrolled by the editor I see... 12:37

  60. M. Rohit

    M. RohitDay ago

    man this is the video and words that i thought i would say these and make a video if i was a famous youtuber

  61. Commit_Die

    Commit_DieDay ago


  62. Ranger Sequioa

    Ranger SequioaDay ago

    3:13 no, he could handle it, they just can’t do that lol but JESUS that’s cringe.

  63. Brayden Laliberte

    Brayden LaliberteDay ago

    Can we turn the intro into cringe time

  64. Bekah Smith

    Bekah SmithDay ago

    “19 year old unemployed predator” OH MY

  65. Francisco Carballo

    Francisco CarballoDay ago

    JSE: What makes you cringe? Me: 11 & 31...

  66. DinTM Gaming and Drawing

    DinTM Gaming and DrawingDay ago

    The cringiest part was when Sean yelled cringe

  67. Programmer Unlimited

    Programmer UnlimitedDay ago

    I don’t cringe

  68. Ozan Güvenç

    Ozan GüvençDay ago

    8:17 imagine if a man did that to a girl

  69. sean Morgan

    sean MorganDay ago

    How did i not cringe at any of that?!... is that normal

  70. Charaline Dreemurr

    Charaline DreemurrDay ago

    Please someone dub the sound at 4:26 over a rocket launch

  71. Insert Funny name

    Insert Funny nameDay ago


  72. theDRAGONfurious

    theDRAGONfuriousDay ago

    me: oh a cringe episode . my mom: why is he wearing earrings?!

  73. Alex Wildermuth

    Alex WildermuthDay ago

    I really just want to gather all Karen's into one room and slap them across the face one by one

  74. Mikaylee WB

    Mikaylee WBDay ago

    12:30 🖐️😐

  75. TheOkCringe

    TheOkCringeDay ago

    Cringe will never lose its meaning. Take it from me.

  76. Mikaylee WB

    Mikaylee WBDay ago

    Jack: scratching finger nervously* CRINNNNNNGGGGERRR

  77. the diamond robloxian // asmer20002

    the diamond robloxian // asmer20002Day ago

    Dang i miss the 2014 bedroom jack

  78. caden likes scrambled eggs

    caden likes scrambled eggsDay ago

    If you ever feel cringy, just remember that no one is cringy as you

  79. zenkalt

    zenkaltDay ago

    Awww man... That redditor clip gave me flashbacks... I once had a cringy experience with a Twitch chatter in real life. I overheard a group of friends chatting and one of them was saying "Omegalol" after EVERY. SINGLE. SENTENCE... Never in my life have i heard something so cringy and annoying as that...

  80. Alikemal Uzun

    Alikemal UzunDay ago

    Your intro was cringe 😂

  81. Miskita

    MiskitaDay ago

    9:20 is using witch craft, it’s using your energy to influence your environment :/ not ‘air bending’

  82. Lolbit

    LolbitDay ago

    -_- I guess I’m different... Am I the only one who didn’t feel the cringe 😬

  83. Luke Davies

    Luke DaviesDay ago


  84. J. D. R.

    J. D. R.Day ago

    I dont think "awkward" is the word to describe that scene... more like predatory

  85. •

    Day ago

    Most Tiktokers are more cringe

  86. Liz Montgomery

    Liz MontgomeryDay ago

    Dude I didn’t cringe once I just either laughed AT it, was confused by it, was disgusted by it, or disappointed by it, or just thought it was dumb. It’s not that I don’t easily cringe it’s just this is not what makes me cringe

  87. Jjacob8600

    Jjacob8600Day ago

    what is this channel turned into

  88. Pixel Zeraora

    Pixel ZeraoraDay ago

    i prob know way more about pokemon than he does, i just know that there are 898 pokemon in the pokedex without even looking it up and i could prob name off 850

  89. Roof Toof

    Roof ToofDay ago

    I didn’t cringe because I’m apparently an alien.

  90. a guy

    a guyDay ago

    Unsubbing Jack's content is getting horrible

  91. Garrett Rogers

    Garrett RogersDay ago

    I have a special power where I don't see cringe unless I made it

  92. The Kraken Experiment

    The Kraken ExperimentDay ago

    Oh no, JWittz made it onto a cringe complication. I never knew he was on a cringy reality show.

  93. munchy boy

    munchy boyDay ago

    I have a terrible headache and 2:18 Makes me wanna kill myself so I do not have to go through the pain

  94. ains ooal gown

    ains ooal gownDay ago

    Im ganna selt combust my head: *fire force theme plays *

  95. Worldwar Zombie25

    Worldwar Zombie25Day ago

    Girl on drugs thinks she’s an air bender 😂

  96. QLBlue 95

    QLBlue 95Day ago

    7:06 he he he he

  97. Weird Hungidas

    Weird HungidasDay ago

    I thought the thumbnail was a weird couple but when I realized it was some weird guy holding someone he never even met in person ever before I cringed out of my room

  98. Worldwar Zombie25

    Worldwar Zombie25Day ago

    Hmm 🤔 no excuse for being a predator if you are one you gonna eventually get beaten up