Are you smart enough to solve these 7 second riddles?
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  1. jacksepticeye

    jacksepticeyeYear ago

    Huge wrinkle brain's only can like this video

  2. Daiwik Poojary

    Daiwik Poojary2 days ago


  3. Matthew VanZandt

    Matthew VanZandtMonth ago


  4. Geth K. Gelior

    Geth K. GeliorMonth ago

    'Tis humongous brain time

  5. domi6430 domi6430

    domi6430 domi6430Month ago

    biggggggggggggggggggg boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bbbbbrrrrrrraaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnsssssss toooooooo allllllllllllllll

  6. Ethan86

    Ethan862 months ago


  7. Death Killer123

    Death Killer1232 hours ago

    Smart, but ugly and here’s why: She can create a machine to turn herself into a pretty girl, then again I’m going with what Jack said.

  8. Donovan Dizon

    Donovan Dizon3 hours ago

    Are you sure Cause your head looks small to me

  9. Donovan Dizon

    Donovan Dizon3 hours ago

    Does his head look small to you?

  10. Rylee Crawford

    Rylee Crawford5 hours ago

    "The door closes, and you are *tarpped*"

  11. Rylee Crawford

    Rylee Crawford5 hours ago

    They probably have smooth brain they dont have massive wrinkle

  12. Deasy Maths

    Deasy Maths7 hours ago

    They are all true

  13. Deasy Maths

    Deasy Maths7 hours ago

    Witch came first the chicken or the eeg

  14. Jamie-lee Wright

    Jamie-lee Wright8 hours ago

    😂im dying😂 with your sense of humor you should really do more of these😂😂

  15. Crezna

    Crezna9 hours ago

    xD wow Séan must be the next elon musk. I built a power generator in 2nd grade

  16. Tracey Newsome

    Tracey Newsome11 hours ago

    The cleaning lady made ice tea using something called a tea bag.

  17. the worst singer

    the worst singer11 hours ago

    Ahh yes, he WOKE UP DEAD

  18. fikri fadlillah

    fikri fadlillah14 hours ago

    Jack when you have glass it doesn't mean you're smart 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Squallycellar 25

    Squallycellar 2515 hours ago

    Everyone thinks glasses make you smart but you have to fail a test to get them


    JACK EXPLOSION16 hours ago

    The pop corn on the guys head had wasted all that it could of been given to me

  21. ItzDark

    ItzDark17 hours ago

    7:38 “Secret dad number C!” The wrinkliest brain Jack. 😂

  22. KarlChance

    KarlChanceDay ago

    i also have glasses CHECKMATE LAD

  23. Ender -

    Ender -Day ago

    Bright side has better

  24. juliette annand

    juliette annandDay ago

    How to make tier PK fire

  25. IDKsoThing

    IDKsoThingDay ago

    6:15 ‘he told her just one word’ Jack:APPLES

  26. Gavin R

    Gavin RDay ago

    yeah i have glasses

  27. Sabrina West

    Sabrina WestDay ago

    "One second you're lying alone in a hospital bed, next minute you wake up dead" The words of a true genius

  28. Abigale DaSilva

    Abigale DaSilva2 days ago

    Here's a riddle that I'm also asking others. IF YOU CANNOT ANSWER THIS, YOU ARE SMOOTH BRAIN Sally's mother has four children. The first is April, the second is May, and the third is June. What is the name of the fourth child?

  29. Tails 322

    Tails 3222 days ago

    Did no one else notice that the cheating reflection man was wearing a tank top but his arm in the beginning was wearing a suit?

  30. Junior JJ99

    Junior JJ992 days ago

    Jacksepticeye:my brain so wrinkle. 5 seconds brain hasn’t worked in my entire life

  31. cassie bell

    cassie bell2 days ago

    "Corn cob lady''

  32. XD GAMER

    XD GAMER2 days ago

    That’s racist

  33. Md. Niamul Ahad Chowdhury

    Md. Niamul Ahad Chowdhury2 days ago

    "You wake up dead." - Jacksepticeye 2020

  34. Daiwik Poojary

    Daiwik Poojary2 days ago


  35. Uenoyama

    Uenoyama2 days ago


  36. Theron Fordham

    Theron Fordham3 days ago

    Look at her face her face is like 😈 I’ll blow them up a popcorn

  37. Theron Fordham

    Theron Fordham3 days ago


  38. Theron Fordham

    Theron Fordham3 days ago

    The theater one on the bottom left near that guy is a hat and a bag on his right that’s sus but I thought it was billy who had a popcorn bucket on his head

  39. Veddevqwe Yt

    Veddevqwe Yt3 days ago

    Jokes on u I have glasses aswell

  40. •R Â V Ë N•

    •R Â V Ë N•3 days ago

    Sean: you're brain stinky small!! I even have glasses- Me: Mhm right *also has glasses*

  41. Ian S

    Ian S3 days ago

    lady in red with hood and black hair there is dynamite in popcorn

  42. Panic If You Found This Channel

    Panic If You Found This Channel3 days ago

    Jacksepticeye sounds like gorb

  43. Zack Pierce

    Zack Pierce4 days ago

    Sooooo we just gonna ignore the perfume bottle in the first one?

  44. Ok?

    Ok? 4 days ago

    It’s official. As soon as me and my future partner and I get married, the first thing I’m going to say to them is “apples”

  45. YourBoyDino

    YourBoyDino4 days ago

    "you wake up dead" nice

  46. Jaku342

    Jaku3424 days ago

    It was joe

  47. Wws wrestling

    Wws wrestling5 days ago

    Corn cob lady

  48. Popcoolboi

    Popcoolboi5 days ago


  49. Wws wrestling

    Wws wrestling5 days ago

    I used to do those so much

  50. PiscePerson

    PiscePerson5 days ago

    I think the it's the lady with the hood

  51. John Ostenson

    John Ostenson5 days ago

    Srew you jack

  52. Siege

    Siege5 days ago


  53. bedo eleyjian

    bedo eleyjian5 days ago

    Do TED-ed riddles, those are challenging.

  54. Flutter Butter

    Flutter Butter5 days ago

    Jack: how does she make hot tea without power? Americans: laughs in iced tea

  55. WolfGalaxyStudio

    WolfGalaxyStudio5 days ago

    “So you either die by poison, die by death or go through a door.” -Jack, 2020

  56. YoshiBoi

    YoshiBoi5 days ago

    219k BIG BRAINS!

  57. ToucanRyan

    ToucanRyan6 days ago

    Corn Cob lady is sus

  58. LandonAnimation& Gaming

    LandonAnimation& Gaming6 days ago

    Those who subscribe some say will even get a bigger brain and best brain then jack!

  59. Frezpace Adriox

    Frezpace Adriox6 days ago

    Jack: You can’t see it because your brain is small. Me: No it’s not. Jack: I even have glasses. Me: Understandable, have a good day.

  60. RandomPersonOnThe Internet

    RandomPersonOnThe Internet6 days ago

    Jim wasn't stabbed his life support quit because the power went out!

  61. Mouavek One Two Three

    Mouavek One Two Three6 days ago

    "or die of death" Jacksepticeye 2021.

  62. water kirby

    water kirby6 days ago

    If you were smart and ugly, you can get a good job and be rich and also get plastic surgery, so it would be smart,sexy, and rich

  63. Briek Verbiest

    Briek Verbiest6 days ago

    You where right

  64. Sarah Allen

    Sarah Allen6 days ago

    9:39 actually he is only half wrong. Mayans didn't have iron ore so more so relied on other materials like Jadeite for their weapons and they were close to modern steel tools. Neither did the Aztecs so they used obsidian and chert for their weapons.

  65. Connor maguire

    Connor maguire7 days ago

    Hhhhhaaaappppppyyyyyyy wwwwwwhhhhhhhhheeeeeessssss

  66. Michael Mell

    Michael Mell7 days ago

    Jack... you do know you have to fail a test to look smarter right?

  67. N Fill

    N Fill7 days ago

    Corn cob lady

  68. Litt1e Edge

    Litt1e Edge8 days ago


  69. juan olmedo

    juan olmedo8 days ago

    The guy with the hat, because he is hisenberg

  70. Chloe Taylor

    Chloe Taylor8 days ago

    Today my brother cracked my head open I had to have it glood

  71. Colton Anderson

    Colton Anderson8 days ago

    that guy under the beds going to murder me in my sleep


    SOPHIA SALCEDO8 days ago


  73. Streamerbtwcal

    Streamerbtwcal8 days ago

    I once bought a plastic gun to an airport

  74. Goglophone games

    Goglophone games8 days ago

    1:20 we do be vibing

  75. Braylen Stone

    Braylen Stone9 days ago

    Blue shirt guy

  76. Kuusik 100

    Kuusik 1009 days ago

    3 Tenants In Ireland 1: Potatoes are awesome 2: Eat more potatoes 3: Never trust anyone, who makes tea in the dark

  77. Memphis Wiker

    Memphis Wiker9 days ago

    Wine bottle

  78. almira hrnjic

    almira hrnjic9 days ago

    I hav big big big

  79. Joel Cadena

    Joel Cadena9 days ago

    I liked every single comment that I can. I'm literally sweating from like on the comments.

  80. Norito stuff

    Norito stuff9 days ago

    I think it’s corn lady

  81. BladesOsteel303 Pog

    BladesOsteel303 Pog9 days ago

    Einstein didn’t where glasses neither did Devinchi

  82. Chase King

    Chase King10 days ago

    7:00 he did it so she would be convicted for his murder

  83. SpookyGamez

    SpookyGamez10 days ago

    Well in Texas and a lot of United States we have cold brew tea that we make and then put in the fridge and drank on it through the week till it’s gone and then we make more lol

  84. yeet and ree

    yeet and ree10 days ago

    You are 1000% right potatoes are awesome and always eat potatoes I love potatoes I actually was force feeding myself potatoes earlier

  85. DragonSteel Gaming

    DragonSteel Gaming10 days ago

    4:47 is it me or does it look like Justin Bieber is under the bed

  86. Lumea Mirunei

    Lumea Mirunei10 days ago

    7:27 Me: Jack... WHERE IS THE BELL OF DIVORCE?! C'MON!

  87. Understandable

    Understandable10 days ago

    Jack: You are tarped

  88. CJ Aitken

    CJ Aitken10 days ago

    0:13 I have glasses to 🤓

  89. Timorhy Painter

    Timorhy Painter10 days ago

    "die of death"hmmm

  90. Aquatik blur

    Aquatik blur10 days ago

    for the stabed to death one it said she DRINKING tea not MAKING tea

  91. Steven Freberg

    Steven Freberg10 days ago

    Your momma wrinkler

  92. Steven’s nose

    Steven’s nose10 days ago

    Fun fact: the bigger, heavier, and (obviously) the brain the dumber! (Einstein’s brain weighed roughly 2 pounds, and [one of many) of the dumbest person’s brain weighed about 6 pounds)

  93. Superrsour

    Superrsour10 days ago

    Exqueemst me Did you just call me stupid dude I’m in third grade and I can spell hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

  94. trdfgh fgdr

    trdfgh fgdr11 days ago

    The whispering waterfall family curl because handicap intrestingly race worth a torpid fact. lacking, cruel battery

  95. Greg Gonzalez

    Greg Gonzalez11 days ago

    Guy in the coat on the left

  96. Creepmond

    Creepmond11 days ago

    Fun fact: this is what caused mobile game ads

  97. Rocky Raptor TV

    Rocky Raptor TV11 days ago

    You mean you don't eat corn on the cob when you watch a movie?

  98. Funk_Monkey1980

    Funk_Monkey198011 days ago

    Why does a drug smuggler have a makeup kit and perfume? And how did they smush drugs into a tube of toothpaste?

  99. MonsterTruck Xan

    MonsterTruck Xan11 days ago


  100. Kay The Demon Child

    Kay The Demon Child12 days ago

    My BrAiN is da stoopy tall tallest bRaIn

  101. logansws6442

    logansws644212 days ago

    0:07 that's what she said so sorry for the cringey joke

  102. Teegan Bicr

    Teegan Bicr12 days ago

    I say the posinus plant because posinus is only if you eat it venomous it if it buys you

  103. Alanna Saville

    Alanna Saville12 days ago

    And I like 589472910582758 second riddles

  104. Alanna Saville

    Alanna Saville12 days ago

    Uh my glasses are on the windowsill

  105. Jake The Dog

    Jake The Dog12 days ago


  106. FoxGaming954

    FoxGaming95412 days ago

    Corn lady