I did the impossible... I marinated Toast while drunk in Among Us
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  1. jacksepticeye

    jacksepticeye4 months ago

    Who knew the Irishman would play better when drunk!

  2. Doodle Soup

    Doodle Soup13 days ago

    everyone. literally everyone

  3. Sans pun

    Sans pun17 days ago

    well if you had a engled man who was in tf2

  4. Josue Escobar

    Josue Escobar27 days ago

    @Luke ruyguy Tuwyyr Tttttt

  5. Damian Martelly

    Damian MartellyMonth ago

    Jeez im late

  6. Samantha Thompson

    Samantha ThompsonMonth ago

    haha i suck at among us and i be irsh too

  7. Rylee Crawford

    Rylee Crawford6 hours ago

    No offense, but Irish ppls have a reputation for having alcohol.

  8. Drew McMahon

    Drew McMahon7 hours ago

    to think im a born and bred Australian and only 10% less irish than jack like it doesn't compute

  9. Maia Mirabilis

    Maia Mirabilis2 days ago

    I feckin love this.

  10. Caleb Fondren

    Caleb Fondren2 days ago

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  11. Pogchamp

    Pogchamp3 days ago

    sean playing among us normally : aeiou sean playing among us but drunk : 310 iq

  12. Paiserz

    Paiserz3 days ago

    everyone: trying to get rae to stop drinking corpse: *muffled by beer bottle* yea i’ll drink to that

  13. vidush

    vidush4 days ago

    haha i saw this guy on youtube he has potential in being a good youtuber so please sub i wanna see the progress here is his channel (3) BiG G - USloft

  14. Joker

    Joker5 days ago


  15. Chrissy Bryan

    Chrissy Bryan5 days ago

    Rae’s voice is annoying ….. nothing against her but her voice isn’t meant for an among us game . Headachheeee .

  16. SOBA OxSpY

    SOBA OxSpY6 days ago

    Hes got the Irish blood runnin' through him!

  17. Tanner Contratto

    Tanner Contratto6 days ago

    25:46 how did he lose

  18. {NightWolf}

    {NightWolf}8 days ago

    I think I like corpse drunk better ha he actually talks more than usual when he drunk, he usually never talks as much. Jack fricking BIG SMART IRISH BRAIN WHEN HE DRUNK

  19. Charlie Lamphere

    Charlie Lamphere8 days ago

    Corpse literally just sounds like he had just woken up every single time he speaks.

  20. nubsster Ay

    nubsster Ay8 days ago

    Hey wait jack has an advantage on the drinks... Because he's irish

  21. soundermoth

    soundermoth8 days ago

    The one where Peter was intentionally acting sus, it's hilarious because it just proves that in among Us logic and reason are either law or (like it is in most lobbies) going to be completely disregarded.

  22. OfficialLongTruck

    OfficialLongTruck9 days ago

    Only a true irish person plays better when drunk

  23. Spiral Death

    Spiral Death10 days ago

    *** no dead bodies in here***[gets killed] I’m rolling🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. E Dinoboi

    E Dinoboi10 days ago

    Among us but alcohol

  25. Rock Storme

    Rock Storme11 days ago

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  26. Gabby Sparklez

    Gabby Sparklez12 days ago

    I love your channel and I love when you’re drunk I have some Irish in me so I know and for the morning to you ladies

  27. Toast -

    Toast -12 days ago


  28. GamerTech8752

    GamerTech875213 days ago

    I can’t tell if he’s drunk or not

  29. Marissa Crabtree

    Marissa Crabtree14 days ago

    I never knew what a White Claw was until I moved to North Carolina... and that was 23 days ago......

  30. Strawberry Milkshake

    Strawberry Milkshake14 days ago

    When Peter was chasing Jack, Jack's scream seemed so genuine that *I actually believed Peter was the imposter for a second*

  31. pin head 420

    pin head 42014 days ago

    You look like a person named Travis I just realized that

  32. James Kim

    James Kim15 days ago

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  33. Darkstone_OFFICIAL_

    Darkstone_OFFICIAL_15 days ago

    Omg. Jack had that one round where it was just him, Toast, and Brook. How did he even lose that round? It just jumpcut to the defeat screen, what even happened? I was waiting for him to come up to Toast at the end and be like: "Hey Toast, you said you studied me?" 'Yeah?' "Well you should've studied harder" (kills Toast and wins the game) He had SUCH a great opportunity and it was all for naught. AHHHGGG That's so frustrating.

  34. Gamer_Boy443

    Gamer_Boy44315 days ago

    Okay but like does anyone know how I can get my in game chat like that👉👈🙂

  35. StellarHades

    StellarHades16 days ago

    18:56 The symbol hit the corner perfectly with the music Noice

  36. I’m so lonely

    I’m so lonely17 days ago


  37. Kristen Fournier

    Kristen Fournier17 days ago

    Jack 17th time being imposter $_$ $$$$$$$$$hhhitttttttttttt

  38. RDI

    RDI18 days ago

    U know what the best trio would be?If corpse, Jack and sykkuno were impostors.Pls make it happen someday.

  39. Rowan Turner

    Rowan Turner18 days ago

    Ash has such a nice voice I love it

  40. TogeRoll

    TogeRoll18 days ago

    "I'm just a pervert, it's different!" LOL

  41. TheGreatestCrusader

    TheGreatestCrusader18 days ago

    Alternate title: group of guys play among us and talk about drinks for an hour

  42. Charles Tanguay

    Charles Tanguay19 days ago

    what the fuck is that thing at the bottom of the video

  43. Dubbed the du_b_step

    Dubbed the du_b_step6 days ago

    No idea

  44. Dizzy

    Dizzy19 days ago

    Do you marinate a toast Fack fuck

  45. issac micah

    issac micah19 days ago

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  46. 0:Mika, J James:0

    0:Mika, J James:019 days ago

    So true Jack.

  47. simo1100 simo1100

    simo1100 simo110019 days ago

    Litterly anyone: How was your da- Corpse: ILL DRINK TO THAT!

  48. Sinopa Wyntirs

    Sinopa Wyntirs19 days ago

    I love how hyped they are for each other when they win, even if they lost, wholesome friendship! This group is one of my favorites, they balance joking around and actually playing very well!

  49. Jack Lyman

    Jack Lyman21 day ago

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  50. Amanda King

    Amanda King21 day ago

    I think this was the best one ever. The part that made me laugh the hardest was at about @39:10, when Rae pops out of the grate right in front of four other people, The burst of laughter ensuing the moment, the fact that she's an impostor is completely ignored as the group trying to find her (Jack included) all move together to a corner for a conversation instead of the other players running off in panic to report the impostor. And the quadruple murder that results from this moment was even funnier. Only Sykkono manages to get his wits together and run for it, but his mistake was fixing the lights instead of running to call an emergency meeting! Priceless! I was laughing so hard at the insanity my back ached!

  51. Tyler Bosset

    Tyler Bosset22 days ago

    I love how everyone here was drinking some fricken fireball ir and alcohalic beverage

  52. Eadie Leija

    Eadie Leija22 days ago

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  53. Ragan31687

    Ragan3168723 days ago

    Okay everyone talking about Jack’s drinking but he somehow got Imposter every round! How?

  54. KarlTheAttackBucket

    KarlTheAttackBucket24 days ago

    7:11 and then 39:45 heheheh

  55. Marcus Sjøgren

    Marcus Sjøgren25 days ago


  56. SpiffyWord67

    SpiffyWord6725 days ago

    “I did all my tasks!” “Wow!” *KRACK*

  57. Garbage Gamer

    Garbage Gamer25 days ago

    Never forget that both toast and jack said yes at the same time

  58. lorenzo maxey

    lorenzo maxey25 days ago

    When jack got revenge😂😂😂

  59. 4N0NYM0US

    4N0NYM0US26 days ago


  60. Marcus Nieves

    Marcus Nieves26 days ago

    I really wanted to know what peter was gonna say

  61. Violette OfTheGarden

    Violette OfTheGarden26 days ago

    Trying to watch this drunk vs sober is so weird

  62. Load My Pantz

    Load My Pantz27 days ago

    Also am I the only one who doesn’t simp for corpse he’s a cool guy just...

  63. Load My Pantz

    Load My Pantz27 days ago

    44:10 for the Fish Eat Food clip

  64. B R U H

    B R U H28 days ago

    Only Sean would film himself drunk, and only Sean would play AMONGUS drunk

  65. Joker

    Joker29 days ago

    can we do this vid again where it's all about u interrupting peter by killing him XD

  66. Joker

    Joker29 days ago

    peter aint no gremlin he's a shitty batman impersonator!

  67. Roxy Deer

    Roxy DeerMonth ago

    that was so funny will there be another ep like this?

  68. Ereshkiga1

    Ereshkiga1Month ago

    I don't know anyone except Jack so it was really funny to notice he plays with Batman and Pikachu.

  69. Lucas Godfroy

    Lucas GodfroyMonth ago

    Jack got more imposters in this hour than I have in my entire life

  70. Daniel Ackerman

    Daniel AckermanMonth ago

    32:30 Did no one say anything about how horrifying jack being able to hear the ghosts was? "It was jacksepticeye!"

  71. 𝕎𝕚𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕣

    𝕎𝕚𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕣Month ago

    at 19:14 omg look at the tv. like omg it finally did it

  72. person

    personMonth ago

    I learned a while ago I'm mostly irish

  73. Le Reed

    Le ReedMonth ago

    jack could hear the ghosts is

  74. lilmisssydnis1

    lilmisssydnis1Month ago

    This, and the bobushka video of Reyes are my favorites.

  75. Astr0RP

    Astr0RPMonth ago

    Jack, know that every time you got imposter it was the game wanting you to get a win

  76. FilmBucket

    FilmBucketMonth ago

    1:00 Sean became Hajime

  77. LoserNamedNiki

    LoserNamedNikiMonth ago

    I fell into my pasta i'm, IMPASTA (unoriginal joke)

  78. Natan Przybylko

    Natan PrzybylkoMonth ago

    I am the 8000th comment

  79. Gh0style

    Gh0styleMonth ago

    rae venting in front of everyone and then just going “...wait” as her brain processes what she did is such a mood

  80. FireDragon3dc1

    FireDragon3dc1Month ago

    Ya like among us?!?

  81. Aerodil

    AerodilMonth ago

    30:04 a bit sad that Brooke and Sykkuno voted for themselves.

  82. DD557

    DD557Month ago

    "What did they steal?" "They stole, MY, PACKAGES! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

  83. iamshaggyb

    iamshaggybMonth ago

    What’s marinated mean

  84. Jagger Wilkins

    Jagger WilkinsMonth ago

    I hate among us with every once of my body but I love this

  85. Optify

    OptifyMonth ago

    anyone: does anything corpse: yeah ill drink to that

  86. Ashley Mathon

    Ashley MathonMonth ago

    11:26 dumbstruck AF

  87. Disabled Pokemon Pikatue

    Disabled Pokemon PikatueMonth ago

    I am irish

  88. TrashPandab

    TrashPandabMonth ago

    This video shows that Jack becomes better at the game when he’s drunk

  89. Jim Vloemans

    Jim VloemansMonth ago

    Seeing jack together with sykkono or corpse is kinda cute.

  90. PolxrSins gaming

    PolxrSins gamingMonth ago

    18:41 are we just not goanna talk about the DVD screen in the back perfectly hitting the corner !!!!!!!

  91. Venr Vals

    Venr ValsMonth ago

    I can’t believe Jack forgot the task win that round, my goodness.

  92. Your Face

    Your FaceMonth ago

    Where the original recording?

  93. Tove Wennhage

    Tove WennhageMonth ago

    I laughed for a good minute when Sykkuno killed pp for not asking permission to kiss Sean

  94. Ethan Horinek

    Ethan HorinekMonth ago

    Where they all in a row Bc jeez Jack is a BEAST

  95. Remii Bakugou

    Remii BakugouMonth ago

    I’m so stupid, I read it as “I married toast” 😂 and am currently five minutes in and just noticed that I read it wrong.

  96. Maniac123

    Maniac123Month ago

    37:57 Did sykunno just swear?

  97. Soul_sn

    Soul_snMonth ago

    What’s the meaning of “f” in chat ? Is it (fu**) ?

  98. -VänterVanten-

    -VänterVanten-Month ago

    13:20 ''Hi Jack, hi'' ''What's going on?'' ''Oh you know-'' *Jack kills Peter*

  99. Jase Knowles

    Jase KnowlesMonth ago

    Jack: “hey petter how u doin” petter: “oh u know...........”

  100. GuyWithNoLife AndNoFriends

    GuyWithNoLife AndNoFriendsMonth ago

    4:25 Dang Corpse was freaking out at that point

  101. Robbie Blochstein

    Robbie BlochsteinMonth ago

    Girls get yourself a man who gets smarter as he drinks

  102. Tony Pena

    Tony PenaMonth ago

    Regular person playing Among Us: Please Please Please let me be impostor -gets crew mate- NO Jack: -gets impostor 4 times- WHY MEE?!

  103. Alyssa Gracie

    Alyssa GracieMonth ago

    Sean-how’s if goin Peter? Peter-oh you know- -slash- Sean-hehe

  104. GemForTheWin

    GemForTheWinMonth ago

    I feel like he should have just hugged the crewmates at the end of the 1v2 game

  105. Rauz Tranquility

    Rauz TranquilityMonth ago

    so im the only one who saw the dvd screen hit the corner. that made my day

  106. Joshua Rubenstein

    Joshua RubensteinMonth ago

    I love when sean killed 2 people right in front of corpse but corpse was too incapacitated to properly tell everyone.