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A body language expert analysed me and said I had IMPRESSIVE growth
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  1. Rykie Art

    Rykie Art8 hours ago

    4+ years ago, I heard a loud mouthed, obnoxious, swearing 'donkey' talking about games containing possessed animatronics from my "little girl's" room and felt like I need to through het tablet in the pool... after her showing me some video's so I can see what its ALL about... I'm now a happy 45year old subscriber of Jack's, enjoying practically ALL content and a huge fan. Thanx for the entertainment 😁.

  2. Szabó D. Tamás

    Szabó D. TamásDay ago

    Well dude, I think my favourite accent is the Irish accent. I love to hear my favourite musician, Hozier talk in his soft Irish voice, sounds so delicate, and your voice is the opposite, more out there, cutting through more and that Irish accent makes it something imediately recognizable. The way you talk, all included is very unique and I love listening to every word. All in all, I love your and everybody's Irish accent. Scottish is fun too. Every accent has it's own fun side and every accent has something cool about it.

  3. Nathaniel Kolasa-Lenarz

    Nathaniel Kolasa-LenarzDay ago

    Seán, if you don't think the things you're doing and the things you've done are life-changing, world-changing, and magnificent, then you're a damn fool.

  4. random guy

    random guy2 days ago

    I dared

  5. Dark Wolf

    Dark Wolf2 days ago

    That intro was so jazzy.

  6. Luffly

    Luffly2 days ago


  7. Robert Miller

    Robert Miller2 days ago

    The thumbnail looks super cursed

  8. R J Youde

    R J Youde2 days ago

    Well, I love your accent as most Americans probably do! I also think the "mirth" in your eyes is very appealing as a viewer. Had to chuckle at the LOTR video collection. My daughter & I are huge LOTR nerds. My daughter kept track of your LOTR references during 4 Game if War videos & you hit a record 8 comments. 🤣 I personally have known Logan from Observe for 16 years & know he appreciates your shout out. Thanks for all the quality entertainment!

  9. Kokichi Oma

    Kokichi Oma3 days ago

    Your body language tells me to subscribe when I am subscribed

  10. St0rm3y _

    St0rm3y _3 days ago

    I want to know the people who choose to dislike the video, they must be pretty miserable and have nothing better to do other then Dislike and hate the funniest and happiest man on USloft, like who tf has the mf audacity to dislike this mans videos

  11. Beyza

    Beyza3 days ago

    What the hell. No one ever pointed out the way I pronounce things

  12. TheAmazingVic

    TheAmazingVic3 days ago

    “Oh my god do I still do that” Yes, Sean. You do, in fact, still have common general body language.

  13. Thæ Weird Kid

    Thæ Weird Kid3 days ago

    15:29 I know this cuote is in spanish but I don't care it just fitted really well "Si no creemos en nuestra movida, nadie lo va a hacer por nosotros" -Rodri 2020

  14. Ace

    Ace4 days ago

    i feel so bad right now...i was in one of your streams and i was point out some words you said but i swear i just love your accent and i love how the words change when you say them. your accent make english more interesting to me. also i have no right to say anything about accents of ppl from greece and our accent when we speak english is preety much like dracula's so....yeah. but im truly sorry jack i havent realise that you are feeling this way. anyways for me as a viewer i like present jack. present jack is jack at his finest .stable and healthy (at least thats what he shows us) keep it up man you are awsome stay strong!

  15. Cassidy Nicolee

    Cassidy Nicolee4 days ago


  16. Fun with a Puppet

    Fun with a Puppet4 days ago

    Observe: and his eyelids droop on the top of his eyes Me:......the droop snoot

  17. TapoBow

    TapoBow4 days ago

    making videos can be hard for people not my cat :(

  18. Bryce Pelletier

    Bryce Pelletier4 days ago

    Sean, I know you are a much older and wiser version of you now, but the Jack today is the only one I know so far. I'm newer to your channel and honestly I love the you I see today. Keep being the genuine great human you are and give us this growing up. I dig it. Congrats on all you've overcome and all your success!

  19. Anna S

    Anna S5 days ago

    old irish dumpster man haha love you so much XD

  20. Mr.Sleepsy002

    Mr.Sleepsy0025 days ago

    I only watched it because I was curious that's all

  21. Zae Trujillo

    Zae Trujillo5 days ago

    I love knowing I've been around since the skate 3 series

  22. What Ever

    What Ever6 days ago

    This body language critic has one of the worst body language

  23. beninblackplayz

    beninblackplayz6 days ago

    Thanks for all the videos Sean

  24. Dylan Payne

    Dylan Payne6 days ago

    Honestly I found you when you did kerbel space program and honestly I stuck with you because your voice . Literally. It’s freakin amazing

  25. furoidori-chii

    furoidori-chii6 days ago

    A little late to this video,'s honestly been pretty amazing to watch Sean grow during my own personal growth and hardships. I started watching his stuff a decent bit before the green hair, and I was...admittedly very worse for wear, mentally, so he and a few other youtubers were how I got through my days. I'm actually very close in age to him, so it's been really interesting and cool to watch him grow in a lot of the same ways I've been growing and learning about myself.

  26. Shadow king

    Shadow king6 days ago

    jack your the best guy ever

  27. ashton

    ashton6 days ago

    Gamer NRG

  28. ChargedBugle

    ChargedBugle7 days ago

    Imagine if you could show this vid to past Jack...

  29. ChargedBugle

    ChargedBugle7 days ago

    Anti, where are you?

  30. Jo Mcloughlin

    Jo Mcloughlin7 days ago

    I've heard a few different pronunciations on my name. But mclofflin is a new one 🙄

  31. Xx strawberry mellow Xx

    Xx strawberry mellow Xx7 days ago

    When Jack was talking about how people would point out the words that he said differently i felt that Like I have a Welsh mixed with British accent so whenever I say something I get pointed out so I really felt that haha

  32. OffDuty Hoers

    OffDuty Hoers7 days ago

    FeelsBadMan that anyone would feel discouraged about their accent or usage of the English language, since accents quite often are nothing to feel ashamed about. Quite contrary they are very endearing. As for what can be said about eye contact, tone of voice and the energy in the vocal output, ironically I would say many of the same things about this analyst

  33. Josh Renaud

    Josh Renaud8 days ago

    jacksepticeye all was mack's me happy

  34. chanel310

    chanel3108 days ago

    He doesn’t say car, he says ✨CÆR✨

  35. Villain Ryuji

    Villain Ryuji9 days ago

    i'm completely energetic myself too... i love your personality, jack i also don't have the right pronounciation ... i'm from germany... i'm not from america or england XD

  36. Madelynn Prince

    Madelynn Prince9 days ago

    Does anyone else love when he says “car” in his accent?

  37. Jarmo Peuralahti

    Jarmo Peuralahti9 days ago

    You know what Seán. I have to say that i kind of love your accent. Also i love any accent that comes from the UK area. I myself am Finnish and to us the accent that we have is HORRIBLE! We are mostly “afraid” to speak in english, even tho many people from other countries tell us that we Finns actually speak english pretty well, altho the accent is very weird. 😂

  38. CaffeinatedRaccoon

    CaffeinatedRaccoon9 days ago

    Starting Jack is really depressing, to see how sad and quiet and uncomfortable he was makes me sad

  39. K Factor

    K Factor9 days ago

    I'm actually not one of those people who watch content bc of its popularity. Like for instance, back when Fortnite was at its peak, I never watched any videos from people playing it, even if they were my favorite youtubers. I kinda go against all the trends(not on purpose), especially when I don't understand all the hype around it and don't enjoy it myself. I just go with what I feel like watching or playing. Sometimes I even binge watch youtubers like Jack from time to time bc I just adore his personality and energy. Now, a very good example of people I don't ever watch is Ninja, I like Fortnite(unpopular opinion)but he's just up there on the "scale", imo

  40. Abi Dewar

    Abi Dewar10 days ago


  41. Jason Sholtes-Green

    Jason Sholtes-Green10 days ago

    Am I the only one who cried at the end of this?? Sean you have worked so hard to get where you are today. You deserve every bit of it buddy.

  42. Jason Sholtes-Green

    Jason Sholtes-Green10 days ago


  43. Jason Sholtes-Green

    Jason Sholtes-Green10 days ago

    The part about Green hair Jack is so fucking true Sean. I loved to just unwind and sit down and watch you play I still do. I love your content now. You have a much more beautiful name to yourself now and I love you for it, you have helped me through some very rough times and you have always been someone I can just sit back and relax let my mind go on everything in the world and you have gotten me through so much just by uploading your videos. You help more people than you understand, I have been here since the day you started this channel and I will be here for the last video! You are beautiful, and you are the best person in this world Sean!! I’ve always hoped to meet you one day at Pax!!!

  44. Mid_legendary_dreamers

    Mid_legendary_dreamers10 days ago

    Want to play rocket leauge jack

  45. Disaster Jones

    Disaster Jones10 days ago

    I think part of the reason the Green Hair Era (or the Green Hera if you will) feels so prominent and longer than it actually was is because that was a period where a major part of your growth happened. From 7 million to 17 million, you had green hair (going by the update videos thanking subscribers for x million), so despite that it was only 2-3 years, it felt like an age. I think another part of it is because you used to do more videos in general. Even though a lot of us consciously know it was two videos a day, these days its highly unlikely for a single-person channel to do multiple uploads in a day, so that time feels more spaced out because there was a double dose for so long.

  46. Minosae

    Minosae10 days ago

    Good video for beginning youtubers starting out!

  47. MoistyDemon

    MoistyDemon10 days ago

    😲😳 is this the bite of 87?!?!

  48. Dana LaBerge

    Dana LaBerge10 days ago

    Honestly, as an autistic guy with sensory issues, there was a long time I just couldn't watch you videos because of the yelling and pitch of the persona you were showing at the time. I'm really glad to be resubscribing to you these days because you really have developed into a wonderful youtuber. For me, specifically from the sensory point of view, you were better at the beginning and now than the middle years, but I still watched a few videos. I loved the Happy Wheels stuff. I wish there was a game that filled that niche in gaming these days. Also, just as an idea you can feel free to ignore, I've been getting into woodworking and I wonder if it might be something you might like as well, I think a woodworking channel from you would be pretty awesome, but having it be about a man learning the thing and starting from not knowing anything, reviewing woodworking videos and trying things and seeing how it works out, etc. Anyway, just a thought from someone that doesn't really matter to very many people so feel free to ignore me again.

  49. Charlie Britton

    Charlie Britton10 days ago

    He has some Beautiful nails

  50. R/entitled little Poos

    R/entitled little Poos10 days ago

    Every time he said persona I thought he said fusona ha ha

  51. TRIC4pitator

    TRIC4pitator10 days ago

    SEAN! You can't just say AmongUs , it startled me

  52. kronus _26

    kronus _2611 days ago

    Why is this called watch this if you dare?

  53. Astera Barrett

    Astera Barrett11 days ago

    Seán at first: please sub 🥺😖 Seán now: DING DING DING SUBSCRIBE TO THE JACKSEPTICEYE CHANNEL!!!!!🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔😃

  54. AustonTGaming

    AustonTGaming12 days ago

    Mc Donalds has chips ?

  55. Cielo

    Cielo12 days ago

    i got into stoicism from felix" oh no

  56. mew

    mew12 days ago

    I'm also like a parrot. I take the dialect of the people I talk with. so im from norway with a mixed dialect of irish and scottish.

  57. EyeDontEvenKnow

    EyeDontEvenKnow12 days ago

    Dr.: I don’t know what is mental state his showing Sean’s mental state: GIVE ME FUCKING CRACK COCAINE BABYYYY

  58. Rachel Howard

    Rachel Howard12 days ago

    I actually love it when you play with your Irish friends because your accents comes back a little bit and you seem the most comfortable with it. :) I love all your videos, but it seems like your less aware of what you sound like when you play with them.

  59. Larissa Dixon

    Larissa Dixon13 days ago

    I remember watching all of your videos everyday since the original skate 3 videos and I loved seeing all your transformations

  60. Carter Z.

    Carter Z.13 days ago

    The actual number for your videos from 3 years from the first it’s 2016 the set is 2x7x4x12x3

  61. Leondis 370

    Leondis 37013 days ago

    i havent been on youtube in a feckin month ,and now lads im starting back wit hjse

  62. Amanda Psenak

    Amanda Psenak14 days ago

    I know you probably won't read this, but I just wanted to say it anyway just in case! I just wanted to thank you, Sean, for posting this. I would have never watched Observe's video otherwise and as a new content creator, it's taught me a lot. Even though I currently only stream on twitch, I do hope to eventually do USloft as well and I hope to apply what I've learned to my streams. I still have lots to learn, but I genuinely feel like this video has helped. I'm excited to grow as a person, and thank you once again!

  63. Charlie Ayres

    Charlie Ayres15 days ago

    Me: man I miss green Jack Jack: people say “i miss green Jack” but actually you miss that time period

  64. Keri Y

    Keri Y15 days ago

    All of these insights are 👍

  65. gobocarter

    gobocarter16 days ago

    Anyone else want a jacksepticeye podcast?

  66. Theodore Reed

    Theodore Reed16 days ago

    there should be a compiled video of a body language expert criticizing jack whilst he is watching this body language expert criticize him while he’s getting criticized by the verbal expert criticizing him the second time...i just gave myself a headache trying to say this 🤕

  67. Rowan Lainchbury

    Rowan Lainchbury16 days ago

    sean "you know when you eat mcdonalds chips it flems up your throat" i forgot that fries are called chips and i thought mcdonalds sold chips💀

  68. Jaxson Welch

    Jaxson Welch16 days ago

    I’m just going to tell you now and I quote don’t let people change who you are

  69. Moldytoidel 96

    Moldytoidel 9616 days ago

    I know someone who did an interview in the US and almost didn’t get the job due to their Afrikaans accent

  70. COmplex COmpound

    COmplex COmpound16 days ago

    Can't wait to see Jack in 4 years.

  71. Hunter Spurlock

    Hunter Spurlock16 days ago

    I love your accent.

  72. Jack Kerr

    Jack Kerr17 days ago

    "planned improv kinda shit"..... 'scuse me?

  73. 20 21

    20 2117 days ago

    You know fuck the hundred people who disliked this video this is such a wholesome video such a beautiful glow up from Sean, keep up the work Sean we love you fuck them haters!!

  74. Emmaly Giles

    Emmaly Giles17 days ago

    "What does my body language say about me?" *My Brain: You look constipated-*

  75. Bacolotl Arts

    Bacolotl Arts17 days ago

    As someone who REALLY sucks at reading body language and facial expressions this is blowing my mind

  76. Kamil Jozwa

    Kamil Jozwa18 days ago

    I loved old jack playing games like turbo dismount , Evie bot , wreckfest and playing with other people.

  77. NearsightedDevil

    NearsightedDevil18 days ago

    Play totally accurate battle simulator

  78. MonkeyMan VR

    MonkeyMan VR18 days ago

    Bro the only thing thats intimating about you is how short you are

  79. famguy 69

    famguy 6918 days ago

    You rock that man bun

  80. Reine Joosten

    Reine Joosten19 days ago

    he is basically just saying that he looks depressed XD

  81. heather woodberry

    heather woodberry19 days ago

    Im rewatching this then I'm rewatching Night in the Woods. Which if u didn't know that was when he had green hair

  82. Random Guy

    Random Guy20 days ago

    18:53-21:20 I was like: 😲🤯 for a couple of minutes. THAT'S TRUE AF

  83. Pyre Willis

    Pyre Willis20 days ago

    19:26-19:36 hit fuckin h a r d

  84. Colin Morgan

    Colin Morgan20 days ago

    1:54 didn’t even notice hitler till jack pointed it out

  85. The Blanket Fort Cohort

    The Blanket Fort Cohort21 day ago

    With the whole "hand pushing stuff away" thing, it could also be a learned gesture, like that's how you learnt to express that particular thing. Personally I'd see that gesture as more on the confident side because you're showing your palm, which is a kinda vulnerable thing, but maybe that's because I'm super anxious and am always a srunched up ball of aaah.

  86. Sarii Ali

    Sarii Ali21 day ago

    People in the comments: Normal things Me: OMG YOUR NAILS ARE B L A C K

  87. Nicole Smith

    Nicole Smith21 day ago

    I watch for your personality :) love the vids!

  88. cdtv360

    cdtv36021 day ago


  89. Pop Extra

    Pop Extra21 day ago

    14:37 Why did i laugh so much at this. XD

  90. Donny J.S Venatus

    Donny J.S Venatus22 days ago

    23:12 M'Earth i want him to come back in this channel M'Earth Man XD

  91. Eddie Jones

    Eddie Jones22 days ago

    Speaking of the hair, your bun grew on me dude. Good shit

  92. mincraft avatar

    mincraft avatar22 days ago

    Im part Scottish

  93. chelsea duane

    chelsea duane22 days ago

    how many razzer blades have you ate in the first face cam video

  94. Mood

    Mood24 days ago

    my heart your channel is still my only comfort lmaoo

  95. buble boy

    buble boy24 days ago

    When you misprinaunc thing its fucking adorable

  96. beargreen1

    beargreen124 days ago


  97. Dragon YT

    Dragon YT24 days ago

    Dude xD I'm a parrot of laughs I mimic laughs

  98. Austin Brake

    Austin Brake24 days ago

    i dared what do i win

  99. Imma weird One

    Imma weird One24 days ago

    I guess I dared

  100. Shrek Green

    Shrek Green24 days ago

    Didn’t he retitle this