I HATE SPIDERS | Kill It With Fire

Warning: If you have a fear of spiders, don't watch this video
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  1. jacksepticeye

    jacksepticeyeMonth ago

    Hitting LIKE is free btw did you know that??

  2. Andrew Wells

    Andrew WellsDay ago

    Ok I’ll like then

  3. Ricardo Strauss

    Ricardo Strauss6 days ago

    Nahhhhhh nobody knew

  4. Trick Fox

    Trick Fox10 days ago

    It’s FREE?!?! Well shoot imma hit it on every video now

  5. I don't Want you to know

    I don't Want you to know11 days ago

    No! Thank you for this valuable knowledge. I owe you a great debt.

  6. MESKORAX & Jung Berg

    MESKORAX & Jung Berg11 days ago

    Already completed the game. I can recommend the movie eight leggend freaks

  7. St33lStrife

    St33lStrife12 hours ago

    As a recovering arachnophobe who now owns a tarantula, I take offense at this.

  8. Gabriel Vanmetre

    Gabriel Vanmetre17 hours ago

    Angry Irish man looking for alcohol

  9. Fred Fred

    Fred Fred23 hours ago

    Damn jack you could make your own action movies

  10. moongirl786

    moongirl786Day ago

    This game is so unrealistic... everyone knows spider blood is blue, not green :P

  11. Edwin Gonzalez

    Edwin GonzalezDay ago

    This reminds me of the arachnaphobia movie Just because this 14:46-14:57

  12. Kamikaze Klansmen

    Kamikaze Klansmen2 days ago

    IstG he looks like Eminem if he were Irish.

  13. Connor Doestuff

    Connor Doestuff2 days ago

    This game looks really buggyπŸ•· I hope you got the joke

  14. Baggy Trousers

    Baggy Trousers3 days ago

    Guessing Evelien is the one who deals with spiders in the house?

  15. Random Demonic Demon

    Random Demonic Demon3 days ago

    I'm terrified of spiders But this is kinda funny cuz it's a game

  16. Rat King

    Rat King3 days ago

    Jack: "They could even be inside-" Ad: "Call of Duty: War Zone"

  17. Baros nepal

    Baros nepal4 days ago

    Somewhere in Australia

  18. Glenn Robinson

    Glenn Robinson4 days ago

    heh in metal gear survive there is a mission and i can't remember which one, but i think it's the one that you have to get a wheel chair for the kid. That mission in area in the build has a huge pack has spider and that not the worse part these spider are big almost the size of a chihuahua also they are made out of metal and like i said their more then one and the best i can tell how many is about 20 to 75 per group so you want scared try to deal with that in metal gear survive and at the same time make sure you enough o2 while doing it, but I have a way to do it and it make's me smile to see those sucker die from it hehe and that's hit those baster with explosive arrow and watch them blow to pieces. So if want to watch metal spider size of chihuahua and their 20 to 75 of them in groups get blown up by your explosive arrow and at the same time enjoy it then metal gear survive is them game, but just a heads up those spider are not the only thing to watch out for just so you know

  19. Red Emperor1

    Red Emperor15 days ago

    Jack I don't understand how you hate spiders but your favorite marvel hero is Spider-man?

  20. Ryan Paul

    Ryan Paul5 days ago

    Ive never known or seen anyone who is as in love with their own voice as this guy... Dude. You're not troy baker

  21. Collin Wallace

    Collin Wallace5 days ago

    Sean: see’s spider Also Sean: burns the house down

  22. William Afton

    William Afton5 days ago


  23. j3nnyb3anz

    j3nnyb3anz6 days ago

    Omg I didn't know that this was a game so I legit thought that this video would be him killing spiders with fire in real life

  24. personal zida

    personal zida6 days ago

    yo tengo

  25. bunny boo

    bunny boo6 days ago

    Play fragile please!

  26. Sin Pancho

    Sin Pancho6 days ago

    1:41 The new Joker everyone

  27. TheAdvertisement

    TheAdvertisement6 days ago

    11:10 Gamer! Alert! Gamer! Alert!

  28. TheAdvertisement

    TheAdvertisement6 days ago

    That beginning was both awesome and terrifying. Not cus of the spider, cus of how crazy Sean looked lmao.

  29. Skyler Serkus

    Skyler Serkus6 days ago

    I actually jumped when one of the jumpers dove at him

  30. Ricardo Strauss

    Ricardo Strauss6 days ago

    I miss the old intro now he does this shit

  31. DummyHead

    DummyHead7 days ago

    Lemme just say...the fit is 10/10 today, my guy!

  32. arwin camota

    arwin camota7 days ago

    0:00 the spiders nightmare

  33. musickyle85

    musickyle857 days ago

    I’m terrified of spiders... when he climbed up in his chair... I felt that. πŸ˜†πŸ˜…

  34. DjGamer YT

    DjGamer YT7 days ago

    when your in your basement watching thins and looking around

  35. Jeffrey DaBoi

    Jeffrey DaBoi9 days ago

    Rip the Mightiest boss off all time hes losing it

  36. Tony Pena

    Tony Pena9 days ago

    Best intro ever

  37. Jye Playfair

    Jye Playfair9 days ago

    0:00 when an irishman loses 1 potato

  38. Gabriel Lee

    Gabriel Lee9 days ago

    Also, Jack states, SO MANY TIMES, that he "hates spiders so much", but in his mini movie, he grabs it and takes it on a tour of his home?????

  39. Gabriel Lee

    Gabriel Lee9 days ago

    Jack's bottom teeth are like a goat's if you look close 0:50-0:55 (no offense Jack)

  40. Sanidhya Barara

    Sanidhya Barara9 days ago

    Jack the ripper

  41. Lazy Bones

    Lazy Bones9 days ago

    The intro when he's like found you, reminds me of Jimmy from At dead of Night, the video before this video

  42. sabrina garland

    sabrina garland9 days ago

    Intro:exists Me: oh boy. Jacks gone insane.

  43. Mikayla Douglas

    Mikayla Douglas9 days ago

    NO. BAD. WHY... I threw my phone with the first jumping spider. That freaked me the freak out.

  44. Bloody Bee

    Bloody Bee10 days ago

    I want to see how someone would safely pull off doing this game IRL

  45. Orbitalpegasus6

    Orbitalpegasus610 days ago

    Shot through the heart, and your to blame. Samantha gives love a bad name

  46. Orbitalpegasus6

    Orbitalpegasus610 days ago

    jack is scaring me

  47. TheDevil'sToy

    TheDevil'sToy10 days ago

    Jack: being psycho and sniffing the ground for a *spider* 10 seconds later: *happy music* and him dancing

  48. Autumn Gabriella

    Autumn Gabriella10 days ago

    16:55 β€œlet me fuck this car up....oh s#!t luhhh let me in-fuck up my car”

  49. Alex Ng

    Alex Ng10 days ago

    Whose terrified of Arachnophobia?

  50. Your_localElite [no]

    Your_localElite [no]10 days ago

    jack is scarier than the motherfcking spiders

  51. FoxyBoi-Topic

    FoxyBoi-Topic10 days ago

    Jack you know what has to be done to those spiders

  52. Samantha Kuznik

    Samantha Kuznik10 days ago

    2:48 - Well damn, Sean! What did I do to you? XD

  53. Billy Bob Joe III

    Billy Bob Joe III10 days ago


  54. Mythbuster

    Mythbuster10 days ago

    We need Dan from Nerdcubed to play this, he would hate it :-)

  55. Carter Stevenson

    Carter Stevenson11 days ago


  56. LikelyVampirical

    LikelyVampirical11 days ago

    Hey SeΓ‘n, might want to get that breathing checked out. Sounded a little unhealthy in the intro.

  57. CCBiggs21

    CCBiggs2111 days ago

    He could be a professional actor

  58. Avdi Ramadani

    Avdi Ramadani11 days ago

    5:39 New fear unlocked

  59. Dreamythedragon

    Dreamythedragon11 days ago

    Sean: β€˜Every time I go to the fridge there’s just nothing in there’ The spider: *jumps out of fridge* so I’m nothing to you?!

  60. Alexandros Moysi

    Alexandros Moysi11 days ago

    i accidentally touched my leg and yes... i jumped xD.

  61. Kyler Adams

    Kyler Adams11 days ago

    me with arachnophobia: yes this is totally fine, i mean its the only true way to get rid of em


    F*CKING REJECT11 days ago

    π–žπ–”π–š π–π–“π–”π–œ π–™π–π–Š π–†π–›π–Šπ–—π–†π–Œπ–Š π–•π–Šπ–—π–˜π–”π–“ π–Šπ–†π–™π–˜ π–†π–‡π–”π–šπ–™ 8 π–˜π–•π–Žπ–‰π–Šπ–—π–˜, π–Šπ–›π–Šπ–—π–žπ–™π–Žπ–’π–Š π–Ž π–ˆπ–”π–”π– 𝖋𝖔𝖗 π–™π–π–Šπ–’

  63. Bigchaunsey

    Bigchaunsey11 days ago

    The start of this video was nothing like the thumbnail

  64. Genetic Wolf

    Genetic Wolf11 days ago

    1:10 lotr uruk high?

  65. Arora Burcham

    Arora Burcham11 days ago

    now that sean has started playing At Dead Of Night the intros remind me of it

  66. Dragon Tails

    Dragon Tails11 days ago

    If pest control doesn’t react like this when I call them for my spider infestation.. *I don’t want it*

  67. Daniel Fukuda

    Daniel Fukuda12 days ago

    You missed the c4 again jack septiceye.

  68. Dilon Stewart

    Dilon Stewart12 days ago

    Jack: Die, you eight legged spawn of Satan! Me hearing it like: TAKW THAT, YOU WINGED SPAWN OF SATAN! (Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. Lovely movie. Highly recommended)

  69. Ethan Vanhorn

    Ethan Vanhorn12 days ago

    Jacck: they can even by inside y Ad: grammar

  70. Elijah Hawkins

    Elijah Hawkins12 days ago

    Jack you say there's nothing to eat in the fridge, just eat the spider since its the size of a fucking Golden Retriever. Get some spices and there ya' go cooked spider.

  71. M4G-NU5 FTW

    M4G-NU5 FTW12 days ago

    this is literally the best sequel for man to ever get

  72. Master Woof

    Master Woof12 days ago

    Imagine if he actually found like 10 spiders in the intro

  73. CharlieCJK

    CharlieCJK12 days ago

    Sean: speaks Me: 2:14

  74. Flesh

    Flesh12 days ago

    His hoodie or whatever it is keeps reminding me of a spider.

  75. MisterWJ

    MisterWJ12 days ago

    0:37 jack looks like the guy from the need for speed (2015) game here.

  76. AcoTaco

    AcoTaco12 days ago

    Can we acknowledge the fact that Jack put a COLAR SHIRT on just for us WE LOVE YA JACK

  77. Flo-T

    Flo-T12 days ago

    Jack got the advanced version of the Kitchen Gun

  78. Avabeth McGhee

    Avabeth McGhee12 days ago

    I actually *like* spiders, but it's fun watching you play this anyway.

  79. william marumoto

    william marumoto12 days ago

    strong ass spider

  80. Burrito Uzumaki

    Burrito Uzumaki12 days ago

    I'm so sad I didnt hear the "TOP OF DA MORNIN" thing I'm sad

  81. My Brother

    My Brother12 days ago

    Lol jacksepticeye , what r u doing

  82. Joe At 10 Health

    Joe At 10 Health12 days ago

    Felt like I got abducted by the fucking joker in that intro

  83. Thunder Stride 1 Gaming

    Thunder Stride 1 Gaming12 days ago

    The moment sean had the maniacal face and laugh as he sprayed those flames in the intro, i knew that antisepticeye theorists would have a field day. Also meme creators will love the screenshot.

  84. Exotic Opinions

    Exotic Opinions12 days ago

    High quality camera damn

  85. Keth Wolfen

    Keth Wolfen12 days ago

    When he shot the dishes I instantly thought of kitchen gun

  86. Red Panda

    Red Panda12 days ago

    0:38 Nice nails jack

  87. Sonny Money13

    Sonny Money1312 days ago

    14:12 jack: that does the dishes real nice, HeY mOm I’m DoInG tHe DiShEs

  88. Daniel San

    Daniel San12 days ago

    Dude I remember seeing this games like beta WAY back like 5 years ago.

  89. Kate Rivena

    Kate Rivena12 days ago

    y u hate on jumping spiders? they're so cute!

  90. Lewis Baker

    Lewis Baker12 days ago

    Jack: Why is my house infested with Peter Parkers? Peter: UGH MY BAAACK

  91. Lewis Baker

    Lewis Baker12 days ago

    The beginning of the video is so cool! Looks like a movie! Jack you could make like movies for Netflix or something! I'm not even kidding

  92. Grant Hargraves

    Grant Hargraves12 days ago

    Jumping spiders are sweet little guys, but they still scare me.

  93. Izzy Branco

    Izzy Branco12 days ago

    2021 antisepticeye

  94. llonewolf

    llonewolf12 days ago

    Im fine with spiders when I allow them to crawl on my hand and I can see them crawl but as soon as I can't see it crawling on me, im destroying everything around me to get it off and im still going to be shaking after with the feeling of it still crawling on me

  95. Danny Davis

    Danny Davis13 days ago

    Wow Sean’s intro is like a horror movie

  96. seanthecool

    seanthecool13 days ago

    this needs vr

  97. cunt

    cunt13 days ago

    "I'm a streamer, pogchamp" 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  98. Marley Cadotte

    Marley Cadotte13 days ago

    jeezum Crow the music in this game

  99. Calum Peissel

    Calum Peissel13 days ago

    16:59 Love the Father Ted reference

  100. Calum Peissel

    Calum Peissel13 days ago

    14:21 KITCHEN GUN!

  101. Justa Pancake

    Justa Pancake13 days ago

    Everybody that’s normal: don’t mind if I do! Sean: don’t mind if I *Y. E. S*

  102. Alexas

    Alexas13 days ago

    Jack has pretty eyes and cool video

  103. Xavier Derr

    Xavier Derr13 days ago

    the intro to the video should have been the trailer for a horror movie

  104. alfonso luis Lazatin

    alfonso luis Lazatin13 days ago


  105. Shadow Hunter

    Shadow Hunter13 days ago

    2:50 The *SPIDER* Slayer