Minecraft with my Girlfriend - Part 1

I played Minecraft with Gab! Our new adventure and life begins
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  1. jacksepticeye

    jacksepticeyeMonth ago

    Let it be known that gamers CAN have girlfriends!

  2. Rene Sosa

    Rene Sosa6 days ago


  3. Just Julli

    Just JulliMonth ago

    I've had 7...... break up with me

  4. Gery Ghost

    Gery GhostMonth ago

    we first gotta be lvl 80 and I'm still grinding for xp

  5. DANWILL2174

    DANWILL2174Month ago

    I'd like to see more of this 😁

  6. Ryan Joseph

    Ryan JosephMonth ago


  7. Demon Glim

    Demon Glim18 hours ago

    Next time u want to put a chest on a chest crouch so u don’t do what u did and misplace it😂

  8. Amanda Crocker

    Amanda Crocker19 hours ago

    love the nail polish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dark Cast

    Dark Cast20 hours ago

    How did you get your game to look like this?!?!?!

  10. Alistair lea

    Alistair leaDay ago

    you can hearnhis pc

  11. Sabin Cha

    Sabin ChaDay ago

    "So much minecraft" Me "Yes Yes there is

  12. rowbo_27 _

    rowbo_27 _Day ago


  13. Aaliyah

    AaliyahDay ago

    YAY HE HAS SHADERS!! I have shaders too aye

  14. Fard Factory

    Fard FactoryDay ago

    This reminds me that I don’t have anyone

  15. daggerfly 00

    daggerfly 002 days ago

    This is so frickin heart warming, I CAN TAKE IT, AAAAAAAAAAA

  16. zenmain jjonakidle

    zenmain jjonakidle2 days ago

    Why did jacksepticeye stop his best intro of top of the morning

  17. RavagerGaming

    RavagerGaming3 days ago

    To this day i cant get shaders to work so im jelly

  18. M Armyeater

    M Armyeater3 days ago

    15:57- That's why you make a bow, and snipe the fuckers.

  19. Dark Wolf

    Dark Wolf3 days ago

    Aww that title is so sweet.

  20. LEGO Master 500

    LEGO Master 5003 days ago

    Am i the only one who just gets mesmerized in the water

  21. Kenji212

    Kenji2123 days ago

    Jack: Makes a back wall to put chests on chests Shifting: Am I a joke to you?

  22. kingskymike

    kingskymike3 days ago

    14:19 Trust me

  23. XxStarry_FexX

    XxStarry_FexX3 days ago

    That’s ravine woke up and chose violence against jack

  24. XxStarry_FexX

    XxStarry_FexX3 days ago

    Also if u want place something on top of a furnace or chest shift and place

  25. XxStarry_FexX

    XxStarry_FexX3 days ago

    How and where did u find ur shader me want

  26. GhostLordRetro

    GhostLordRetro3 days ago

    7:56 Little did he know, he could've just crouched and put the second chest on the first one.

  27. David_boys4life

    David_boys4life3 days ago

    That just blinded me @ 9:08

  28. Jacob Brandt

    Jacob Brandt4 days ago

    Jack: kill the child kill the child. Neighbors:

  29. Jexel Sean T. Gabad

    Jexel Sean T. Gabad4 days ago

    0:49 Jack: Basically our minecraft better than anyone else Me: Basically were better than you in minecraft

  30. RandomKennedy

    RandomKennedy5 days ago

    I like how when she warns Jack about the Creeper and he instantly followed without second thought and dodged to the left. Shows how much he trust her

  31. kim-draws

    kim-draws5 days ago

    hearing your own language so suddenly between the english is so weird and yet makes me smile XD

  32. Just some SeverableGibbon with internet access

    Just some SeverableGibbon with internet access5 days ago

    The Dutchess and her potato warrior

  33. Muhib Khan

    Muhib Khan5 days ago

    come on stop wearing nailpolishes they suck especially on youtubers

  34. MI kid05

    MI kid056 days ago

    What shaders are those

  35. JA - 06PV 905636 Dolphin Sr PS

    JA - 06PV 905636 Dolphin Sr PS6 days ago

    yall are the cutest couple tbh

  36. Detective_J

    Detective_J6 days ago

    I was just trying to eat some CTC and enjoy myself when I hear "KILL THE CHILD", my nose burns.

  37. AnnieMae Ripley

    AnnieMae Ripley6 days ago

    y can't I stop replaying 9:29 .... ahhhh


    EMPTY LNMS6 days ago


  39. Chipmunk Cheeks

    Chipmunk Cheeks7 days ago

    Sean:finds diamond in 5 minutes Me: finding 6 diamonds after a month

  40. SevynSeas

    SevynSeas7 days ago

    Are these Sildur's shaders? They sure look like it!

  41. Crazy_Adventures

    Crazy_Adventures8 days ago

    Anyone knows what shaders Jack is using

  42. zEscOOt

    zEscOOt8 days ago

    Jack: "Bro, you got a hoe?" Jacks girlfriend: "No" Jack: *stares at diamond hoe recipe*

  43. zEscOOt

    zEscOOt8 days ago

    Jack if you love ray tracing so much why did you choose shaders instead of Minecraft RTX?

  44. leoking217

    leoking2178 days ago

    omg gabs and sean are the cutest couple ever

  45. The Creature Called Pete

    The Creature Called Pete9 days ago

    Jack's ad was interrupted by USloft's ads

  46. Ashley blossom Flower

    Ashley blossom Flower9 days ago

    he is using Tlauncher right?

  47. Ulani Savanty

    Ulani Savanty9 days ago

    13:26 Jack: "feels good to be a gangster" *Gets hit by arrow from skellyman* *Jack emits a gangster scream*

  48. WilliamHough

    WilliamHough9 days ago

    Bruh jack’s face in the thumbnail looks like he’s about to frame his greatest enemy for murder

  49. schmurr

    schmurr9 days ago

    Eve: *already a minute in* Also Eve: "You have a workbench already?" ---------- Later, Sean: *mines dirt with pickaxe*

  50. Jaiden Mckay

    Jaiden Mckay10 days ago

    Play old Minecraft defeat wither with dog army

  51. Luna Skysong

    Luna Skysong10 days ago

    lol, an ad interrupted the segment about his coffee. an ad i didnt want interrupted an ad i did


    CALLEE ANDERSON10 days ago

    Sean: *has troubles with creepers* Me: *trying not to wake up my family while they sleep*

  53. Dylan Moores

    Dylan Moores10 days ago

    Jack just can’t stop dying

  54. Dylan Moores

    Dylan Moores10 days ago

    I instenly regret

  55. Bokoenation

    Bokoenation10 days ago

    Me as a dutch person diamant 💎

  56. hatmaster

    hatmaster11 days ago

    whats the shader?

  57. Benjamin hopsdal

    Benjamin hopsdal11 days ago

    You two are fuckin' adorable toghether

  58. Mart jules Castillo

    Mart jules Castillo11 days ago

    11:05 Kamikaze Creeper 14:20 Another one 15:52 And Another one

  59. Micro Soft

    Micro Soft11 days ago

    Stop playing, you don't have a gf.

  60. Eckhardt Heyl

    Eckhardt Heyl12 days ago

    I whant to know how shauns Afrikans sounds Its like dutch and many other languages combines but we canunderstand dutch people it just doesn't have all the crap of the other languages

  61. Super really random

    Super really random12 days ago

    you Girlfriend? ok

  62. Ballora 14

    Ballora 1412 days ago

    I have an important question, what is the texture pack that Jack is using?

  63. D1ckhead Pyr0

    D1ckhead Pyr012 days ago

    crouch and click or shift and click let's you place things ontop of interactables

  64. Rahmat AHMADI

    Rahmat AHMADI12 days ago

    Jack Bro You Havent killed the wither Boss PLEASE BRO MAKE ANOTHER VIDOE OF SOLO MINECRAFT WHO Agrees?

  65. Rachel M.

    Rachel M.13 days ago

    "We'll be right back!" **cuts to a fake ad** **cuts to a REAL ad**

  66. Katie Lane

    Katie Lane13 days ago

    Did Jack really have to have the bell? Anyway NOTIFICATION SQUAD Were tf are u??? U hiding? If u are I slaps u with a pizza slice when I find u🍕

  67. Tibble_ Studios

    Tibble_ Studios13 days ago

    *Sean and Gabby are so cute XD* *My none existant love life could never!*

  68. Krystal Thacker

    Krystal Thacker13 days ago

    Jack: Im at 14 were almost there! Mines one more block: OHOHOHOHOOOOOOOOOHHOOOOHOHOOHOOHHOHHOOOOO

  69. Em Dee

    Em Dee13 days ago

    If you crouch/shift and right click on the chest with a chest you can place without having a black wall.

  70. Kristen Espinal

    Kristen Espinal14 days ago

    man i left jack for a lil bit and forgot there’s no TOP O DA MORNING TO YA LADS. really mis that intro

  71. Clean Walkthroughs

    Clean Walkthroughs14 days ago

    jacksepticeye: the greatest salesman on earth

  72. Gacha_BunnyPlayz

    Gacha_BunnyPlayz14 days ago

    9:17 WAIT WHEN WAS THAT A THING- Or is it a mod-

  73. Kurb

    Kurb14 days ago

    Sean (like most people) acts so immature and sweet hanging out with his girlfriend

  74. BrodyDiverse

    BrodyDiverse14 days ago

    What are the shaders?

  75. EditorXain

    EditorXain14 days ago

    Jack: KILL THE CHILD GF: **Kills** Jack: u killed a child? That’s messed up Me: Understandable Have A Great Day

  76. TopHatDemon TDM

    TopHatDemon TDM14 days ago

    11:01 when you get tag teamed by a skeleton and his creeper friend

  77. Brent Harell

    Brent Harell14 days ago

    9:09 Septiceye activated


    KMYLA FRIAS14 days ago

    Jack: feels good to be a gangster Skeleton shoots arow at jack Jack: high pitched AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  79. Logan Dunn

    Logan Dunn14 days ago

    Jack I'm your beggist fan and I'm poor so I can't join you or become a member but I try my best to support you

  80. Baby Yoshi

    Baby Yoshi14 days ago

    Jacksepticeye out of context: KILL THE CHILD, KILL THE CHILD

  81. Rachel Reese

    Rachel Reese15 days ago

    When the creeper fell i died laughing

  82. InfernoZerox

    InfernoZerox15 days ago

    Fans: We want Minecraft part 33 Jack: uploads this Fans: this isnt what we meant 😞

  83. Trevor Powell

    Trevor Powell15 days ago

    Jack how would you block on controlr

  84. Octavius Ricord

    Octavius Ricord15 days ago

    What's the texture pack or sharders? I've never seen minecraft this hd xD

  85. Ravenous Gaming

    Ravenous Gaming15 days ago

    Who is here in 2021

  86. Musical Moonchild

    Musical Moonchild15 days ago

    (19:23) lol is it just me, or does anyone else hear DAYWALKER as the ender fades out and Sean's chanting at the skellies?

  87. Frankie

    Frankie16 days ago

    "Have you wanted a coffee that quenches your thirst like no other? Well you can go to topofthemorningcoffee.co-" Ad: I AM SUBZERO Another goddamn ad: SWITCH TO FIOS

  88. Zuzzete Morales

    Zuzzete Morales16 days ago

    there so cute

  89. King Alex

    King Alex16 days ago

    I got an ad in the middle of the coffee ad 😑

  90. mysterybox

    mysterybox16 days ago

    just really bothered how u never eat his food so he can heal

  91. Micheal Draws

    Micheal Draws16 days ago

    Jack! of you want to place a chest on a chest, you have to sneak

  92. Devin Black

    Devin Black16 days ago

    “Gamers never die they just respawn” I have definitely seen that on a shirt at Walmart before

  93. Cyari Williams

    Cyari Williams16 days ago

    How did they get their game to look so realistic

  94. Sarah Jane

    Sarah Jane16 days ago

    Does anyone know what mod they are using to make their game look so beautiful?

  95. Cole Riner

    Cole Riner16 days ago

    27:24 pause and look... think about it

  96. Jose Jaimes

    Jose Jaimes17 days ago

    Whats the pack/skin used for this world

  97. Big Nuggie

    Big Nuggie17 days ago

    Jack, when you feel smoll, THINK TALL THOUGHTS

  98. AO Craft

    AO Craft17 days ago

    That sandwich joke was funny tho😂

  99. kaiki

    kaiki17 days ago

    what shaders are those?

  100. FrostyOwO

    FrostyOwO17 days ago

    Um is it jus me that wants to know jacks specs lol

  101. andres ortega

    andres ortega17 days ago

    Hey Sean. How did you get the cool shaders?

  102. CasualChip

    CasualChip18 days ago

    8:54 You learn something new everyday when your with your babe 😂

  103. Bertie000 YT

    Bertie000 YT18 days ago

    Nice father ted referencing.

  104. Gůmmi Gumlord

    Gůmmi Gumlord18 days ago

    Sean is so disgustingly sweet with Gab that I want to cry 😭 They're so cute!

  105. ✿MJF✿

    ✿MJF✿18 days ago

    The lack of torches stress me

  106. Tanaka's Microscopic Hair

    Tanaka's Microscopic Hair18 days ago

    Feels good to be a gangster😎 *AÆÀÂÄÃÅĀÏĮ*