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  1. Wadu Kacey

    Wadu Kacey15 minutes ago

    We all knew that Happy Wheels Theme song was top notch. . . . R.I.P Headphone users who lost their hearing

  2. havan kent

    havan kent3 hours ago

    sakura is the worst at the beginning but she gets proggressivly bettter as the show goes on

  3. Demon _Cookie21

    Demon _Cookie214 hours ago

    Jack: Do yall still get answers from your friends? .... Me, the kid with all the answers who passed my homework around for a week so my entire science class wouldn't have to do it: I think that glass of lemonade sounds real nice right now. Maybe we can make snickerdoodles.

  4. SleepLessTF

    SleepLessTF16 hours ago

    he did.. he said.... HAPPYYYYY WHEEELSSS 👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽

  5. eloskiify

    eloskiify17 hours ago

    Male pattern balding is through the mother's line. If her father had a full head of hair, you most likely will too

  6. prettykitty99

    prettykitty9921 hour ago

    Jack Corpse Rap collabe?

  7. Soul Less

    Soul LessDay ago


  8. Eric Mok

    Eric MokDay ago

    “The digiorno theme” Ah yes, the pizza song

  9. Legoshi Grey

    Legoshi GreyDay ago

    0:08 plz no I think Jack has gone to the deep end of the anime world......

  10. Derek landcastle

    Derek landcastleDay ago

    just going to ignore the black beautiful nails

  11. Eloísa

    Eloísa2 days ago

    Guess I'll subscribe now ┐(‘~`;)┌

  12. DataHog

    DataHog2 days ago

    that bad dragon cameo tho

  13. Kerri D

    Kerri D2 days ago

    Now I want to do my nails.....

  14. Chaosical Fox

    Chaosical Fox3 days ago

    17:54 3 September this year turning 18 , since there is a bad thing in the world you can just ring my Insta (i got the same PFP as here and also follow you) i dare you (:P)

  15. Bunny Boi

    Bunny Boi3 days ago

    Can you imagine the juxtaposition of sean's and corpse's voices in the same song? That'd be fucking spectacular!

  16. Midnight_Matter870

    Midnight_Matter8703 days ago

    12:30 ... Don't do that. Don't give me hope.

  17. Dark Wolf

    Dark Wolf3 days ago

    That intro was amazing.

  18. ItsJustJax

    ItsJustJax3 days ago

    3:42 I am also mad at myself for knowing what this anime is and having seen all of it. 🤦‍♂️

  19. ItsJustJax

    ItsJustJax3 days ago

    3:37 I'm so mad at myself for knowing what that was 🤦‍♂️


    SRISHTI SAGAR3 days ago

    You shout a lot I am not gonna see your videos at night otherwise you will wake my whole family up.😂😂😂. Btw nice video❤️

  21. DiagnalGamer

    DiagnalGamer3 days ago

    jack where are the tack classes and pealer im still waiting its may

  22. Małgosia Milczewska

    Małgosia Milczewska3 days ago

    I laughed WAY too hard at the fart asking a question monologue

  23. Oryx The Shadow

    Oryx The Shadow3 days ago

    The way hair loss works is it comes from the mother's side so it depends if your grandpa was bald

  24. _lanceallenb_

    _lanceallenb_4 days ago

    10:15 WHERE??!!!

  25. DaRk AnImAtIoN

    DaRk AnImAtIoN4 days ago

    3:37 WHAT

  26. aptom203

    aptom2035 days ago

    Sakura has decent abilities but she gets done dirty by the writers into being 'The Girl' Her and grandma beating down Sasori's ass is still my favorite fight in the show.

  27. Yumma Akiyama

    Yumma Akiyama5 days ago

    how sean fart is so legendary

  28. Tea_Biscuit

    Tea_Biscuit6 days ago

    A little late to the party due to a break from the internet so I have to catch up on a lot, but just wanted to say balding comes from the mother's side of the family. If there are bald men related to your mother then you'd have to worry about balding, otherwise you should be fine unless you're overstressing yourself

  29. Kortney Woitas

    Kortney Woitas6 days ago

    Jack: you where watching me since you where 8 what are you now 24 Me: no im 21...

  30. golddiggers667

    golddiggers6676 days ago

    You speak fluent Korean, you should do a k-pop song

  31. Gardy Galan

    Gardy Galan7 days ago

    Jack I'm turning 19 in may 20th so I'm going to hold you on that lemonade and drake and josh

  32. Saphira Luxray

    Saphira Luxray7 days ago

    The first 4 seconds gave me a mini heart attack.... O_____o But Sean Twerking cured it. :3

  33. Emogene Jacobs

    Emogene Jacobs7 days ago

    Jack on the biggest fan of your USloft channel

  34. Ashford Westmoreland

    Ashford Westmoreland7 days ago


  35. Henry Au

    Henry Au8 days ago

    was that the monster musume op?

  36. Dogstar

    Dogstar8 days ago

    the big sad is indeed kicking in :/ meme time is a godsend

  37. trexz beats

    trexz beats8 days ago

    Yo could I get some drum samples 👀

  38. Captain Oma oma

    Captain Oma oma8 days ago

    Jack sounds a little creepy

  39. Gamer Angel

    Gamer Angel8 days ago


  40. The Cynical Door

    The Cynical Door9 days ago

    3:44 this was unexpected to say the least

  41. ReaperArrow

    ReaperArrow9 days ago

    The cut to the grandparents watching Monster Musume was just 👌🏻 perfection

  42. Noelis Rosario

    Noelis Rosario9 days ago

    not me checking that ive been supscribed

  43. Googli300

    Googli30010 days ago

    Sakura is useless until she isn't. At some point she starts doing stuff and becomes actually competent.

  44. Jett Gomez

    Jett Gomez10 days ago

    16:34 jack, the one who said everyone failing math when he already fail math

  45. Sydney Rose

    Sydney Rose10 days ago

    I know this fandom doesn't have a name or anything but consider: 💫💫Septicytes💫💫

  46. Dawson J07

    Dawson J0710 days ago

    15:00 the septic bunch

  47. Team Fortress 2 Addict

    Team Fortress 2 Addict10 days ago


  48. YourFriendlyNeighbourhood Crusader

    YourFriendlyNeighbourhood Crusader10 days ago

    I appreciate the use of monster musume no iru nichijou to represent "banger anime" Because you're God damn right it's a banger!

  49. andrew chabot

    andrew chabot10 days ago

    jack you need to watch bleach and fullmetal alchemist but i very highly recommend their dubs because they are best known for their english dub the same for steinsgate in dub the others are good in sub like naruto is a good sub

  50. Abby Larson

    Abby Larson10 days ago

    No snitches end up in ditches Jack! 12:47 Under the water sometimes!

  51. Aniyilator

    Aniyilator10 days ago

    Aight, here's to hoping that MGK gets Jack on his next album 🙏

  52. Rookharvey

    Rookharvey10 days ago

    Spit my coffee at the sight of monster masume at 3:45

  53. Ace Sparklight

    Ace Sparklight11 days ago

    if a game came out with that art at 5:34 i'd totally support it and play it.

  54. Ashley Eisenbach

    Ashley Eisenbach11 days ago

    It's so funny when people don't understand Jack with his heavy accent sometimes cause I've been watching him for SO LONG that I don't even HEAR his accent anymore. 😂 lmao

  55. RealmsCrossMyths

    RealmsCrossMyths11 days ago

    What about the people that *can* drink alcohol, but *don't want* to?

  56. Kim Nam-Joon

    Kim Nam-Joon11 days ago

    3:49 I swear every time I bring gum to school literally every classmate. And also, I give them gum obviously

  57. Kristen Espinal

    Kristen Espinal11 days ago


  58. Fred Kohler

    Fred Kohler11 days ago

    3:37 is that what i think it is??????

  59. Jack The Thomas Fan 2021

    Jack The Thomas Fan 202111 days ago

    April 25th 2021 Meme Time

  60. Crazy Cult

    Crazy Cult11 days ago

    When you realize your birthday was yesterday and Sean missed it-

  61. Samuel Bull

    Samuel Bull11 days ago

    I'll hold you to that Jack November be at my place for so.e cold one's

  62. D G

    D G11 days ago

    I was waiting on my birthday, and got sad when Jack didn't arrive. Then a new episode of meme time came on and made my day.

  63. L L

    L L12 days ago

    gimmie dah good joose ma boi LETS GOOOOO bar night

  64. Space Dolphin Corp.

    Space Dolphin Corp.12 days ago

    Sean: I know that feeling where i watch myself playing this game and realize i should have said this My supervisor at work: this is your fourth write up

  65. The Morgan Riley Show

    The Morgan Riley Show12 days ago

    Jacksepticeye and KSI collab?!

  66. Nick Wilde

    Nick Wilde12 days ago

    Has anyone noticed the b a d d r a g o n when he said dragon ball?

  67. Audrey Distler

    Audrey Distler12 days ago

    OK FIRST OF ALL: ITS "EVERYDAY LIFE WITH MONSTER GIRLS" :O Second: my favorite anime is "Fairy Tail" and I highly recomend it. Lastly, there is an awesome anime game called "Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc" (it's also an anime) but I highly suggest playing it, i think its about 40$ but its completely worth it.

  68. Meghan Stille

    Meghan Stille12 days ago

    Zero people are gonna see this but hey Sean fun fact the male pattern baldness trait is sex-linked aka it’s from your mother’s side, so if your dad went bald that actually doesn’t mean anything! Do you have any maternal uncles? Those are the folks to look at to see if you’re gonna lose your hair! If they’re hairy, you’re set 4 lyfe

  69. Multi Kill Studios

    Multi Kill Studios12 days ago

    Little nightmares is awesome!!

  70. The Lord of Short

    The Lord of Short12 days ago


  71. Josiphine Tarr

    Josiphine Tarr12 days ago

    13:50 CORPSE collab...?

  72. Rirslash

    Rirslash13 days ago

    did someone say jackscepteye and roomie?

  73. Luca Beninato

    Luca Beninato13 days ago

    Bro when jack did his fart noise I lost it 😭😭

  74. barney バーニー

    barney バーニー13 days ago

    sasuke's brother Itachi was choking him

  75. Blizzard

    Blizzard13 days ago

    Sean check out keeps man and you wont go bald man

  76. Moon Watcher

    Moon Watcher13 days ago

    Jack if it means anything i've been watching you since i was 3-4 and i'm subscribed to you. so i've been subscribed to you for 10-11 years and on top of that you were actully the first person i ever subscribed to.

  77. Chris Rodriguez

    Chris Rodriguez13 days ago


  78. Chris Rodriguez

    Chris Rodriguez13 days ago

    I'll just say this CEASAR was awesome

  79. Lucky Toons

    Lucky Toons13 days ago

    Digiorno that’s a ha ha funeh

  80. Lucid Ferret

    Lucid Ferret13 days ago

    Completely not related to the channel but you should do a meme time collab with donut operater

  81. Kakashi9139 Hatake

    Kakashi9139 Hatake14 days ago

    It’s hard to think that I’ve been watching jack for 8 years

  82. Mittz The Trash Lord

    Mittz The Trash Lord14 days ago

    3:36 Holy shit, I almost spat my drink out when I saw this pop up.

  83. Ashton Parry

    Ashton Parry14 days ago

    I would like to go for some lemonade you gladiator

  84. Erikat

    Erikat15 days ago

    Grunkle stan🤣🤣 I'm dying

  85. Leti Vlogs

    Leti Vlogs15 days ago

    Meme time is the best time

  86. Jessi RaRaRa

    Jessi RaRaRa15 days ago

    Jack: We'll hang out on your birthday! Me: Oh shit I didn't realize it was already my birthday! Fuck the time sure flies! Looks like my birthday is in 2 hours.

  87. Justin Fritz

    Justin Fritz15 days ago

    My Birthday was on the Fifth and all I wanted was a hug. Jack really does make the best videos, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed with positivity and happiness. Thank you so much for all the brightness you’ve brought to my world!

  88. Grey Area

    Grey Area15 days ago

    3:37 ... Really?

  89. Cam

    Cam15 days ago

    About the Naruto thing, with Sakura, my opinion is that she isn’t necessarily weak, or useless, i mean she is by comparison but so are most of the other young chunin. No, my problem with Sakura is the fact that she is not a good person. She has some okay times, like when she got rock lee the flower when he was in the hospital and such, but she is quite a bad person. Example: no matter how many times Naruto saves her, she flocks to Sasuke. And the problem isn’t that she’s not in love with Naruto, and is in love with Sasuke, (is she really though? She doesn’t even really know him, she’s just shallow and likes him because he has a pretty face) its that no matter how many times its displayed otherwise, she believes Naruto to be weak, annoying, and has no gratitude for what he’s done for her. Also, that one scene at the swing set where she’s talking about her parents. I just don’t like her.

  90. Joshua Wiseman

    Joshua Wiseman15 days ago

    lol been watching since i was 8 but couldnt sub till i was like 12 cuz i didnt have a email and was watching on my 3DS, 17 now

  91. Al Hahn

    Al Hahn15 days ago

    Imagine Team Septic merchandise coming out with a picture of the YouTooz Gaelic Gladiator while he fights negativity to help PMA

  92. ReDelleᜠolpi

    ReDelleᜠolpi15 days ago

    Oh God not Bad Dragon

  93. Silent Echo

    Silent Echo15 days ago

    Did he just call Giorno “DiGiorno”

  94. The Maroon Red Wolf

    The Maroon Red Wolf15 days ago

    he can gain more subscribers but if he gains more views it's still 40%, and if we're spreading the word we may get more subscribers but also more viewers-

  95. Fortnite Gamer

    Fortnite Gamer15 days ago

    twitter is made of KAM girls, Feminist, And simps, well most of twitter is

  96. Hardees

    Hardees16 days ago

    Everyone: talking about normal shit and how good this video was Me: *laughs at bad dragon joke*

  97. minani1983

    minani198316 days ago

    Jack.... Are you telling us a personal preference with that "dragon ball" (Meng), all the love to ya, I'll send you one if you want it.

  98. Supremecrazy

    Supremecrazy16 days ago

    sakura is useless until shippuden, where she becomes slightly less useless cause now she can heal.

  99. EmoCrackReactionsTilOurCrankThatDaddyeeReturns

    EmoCrackReactionsTilOurCrankThatDaddyeeReturns16 days ago

    You should do a track with Roomie and Endigo !

  100. Luke Scott

    Luke Scott16 days ago

    When he said he was vibing to JoJo songs, I thought he was talking about Siwa and I was about to get so mad 😂😂