This Is HILARIOUS | Little Misfortune - Part 1

Are you ready for a full little misfortune gameplay walkthrough? I waited a long time to do this series but it's finally here. I didn't think it would be THIS funny, it really made me laugh!

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  1. jacksepticeye

    jacksepticeyeYear ago

    Yikes forever!

  2. •Simplybobatea•

    •Simplybobatea•4 days ago

    Many of jack’s inspiring speeches are in this video

  3. Ash :D

    Ash :D8 days ago

    For reals

  4. SpruceMcB0real

    SpruceMcB0real15 days ago

    Yes, that sign is in Swedish.

  5. cabs s

    cabs s18 days ago


  6. Raul Lopez

    Raul LopezMonth ago

    Yikes forever

  7. Ben Davies

    Ben Davies9 hours ago

    i only just noticed that the heads in the trees are the same ones from fran bow.

  8. bloody oka

    bloody oka14 hours ago

    "she says thank you to everything too" Jack: she's so adorable Me : she's so adorable- what what

  9. keep_undertale_alive

    keep_undertale_alive18 hours ago

    25:39 😊 25:42 😰

  10. Squallycellar 25

    Squallycellar 2521 hour ago

    Misfortune: here kitty Kitty: nothig Misfortune: pspsps Kitty: my time has come

  11. Zoe Ginn

    Zoe GinnDay ago

    25:43 this is the face of true horror

  12. BTC Studios

    BTC StudiosDay ago

    This channel gives me the happiness i need to be here. Thank you sean for being a funny loud Irishman

  13. ❤️🖤Elizabeth Afton🖤❤️

    ❤️🖤Elizabeth Afton🖤❤️Day ago

    I watched you in that one gaming show on Disney XD when I was younger thanks for making me laugh

  14. Red

    Red2 days ago

    Jack:This game is herlouis 26 min in and a dog dies and a girl has terrible parents

  15. jeremy hirujo

    jeremy hirujo2 days ago

    Sean over here giving life lessons.

  16. ♡Strxbxrry♡

    ♡Strxbxrry♡2 days ago

    I made a little misfortune outfit on Roblox :>

  17. Ashe Marlow

    Ashe Marlow2 days ago

    Misfortune: *sprinkling glitter on the dead crows The townspeople later: What kind of monster would kill a bird cover it in glitter and leave it lying on the ground?

  18. Zabrianna Hernandez

    Zabrianna Hernandez3 days ago

    I just noticed that Fran now references

  19. buff phrog

    buff phrog3 days ago

    Why does the narrator give me beast vibes from over the garden wall?

  20. Kim Ngân Nguyễn

    Kim Ngân Nguyễn3 days ago

    The speech about schools and social media is so powerful! I’ve always felt something’s wrong with the social networks but have never been able to put it into words, but he was able to put it down to its core. Kudos to him!

  21. Bella

    Bella4 days ago

    I work at a daycare and this is literally exactly what kids are like, they’ll just tell you everything going on at home. Heres something that happened last week that really reminded me of this. Kid- “Mrs Bella, are you drunk?” Me- “What? No, this is water. Why would you say that?” Kid- “My daddy is drunk” Me- “I- who told you that?” Kid-“My mommy” PLEASE I was dying LOL. Nothing beats the time multiple four year olds told me they wanted guns for their birthday. I love misfortune she’s SO precious and reminds me of my sweet kids that I look after :)

  22. II Ur Local AFK II

    II Ur Local AFK II4 days ago

    Watch you can show a baby every nuclear launch code known to man and it would forget them within' a day so ALL THE KNOWLEDGE it knew would be gone

  23. Dr. Burber

    Dr. Burber5 days ago

    Thanks so much for helping me through so much.i love you ive been here since as long as i remeber and i will always remember you sean.thank you

  24. Bianca Caitlyn toledo

    Bianca Caitlyn toledo5 days ago

    narrator:the sad part is today is the day she will die me:thats messed up

  25. Tara Holt

    Tara Holt6 days ago

    Lol I always feel bad for being sad cause my mom said there’s no reason to be sad

  26. Jelly Kid

    Jelly Kid6 days ago

    25:34 is the best part

  27. Dan Anderson

    Dan Anderson6 days ago

    25:36 of the greatest moments in USloft history. :)

  28. Kyra Bybee

    Kyra Bybee6 days ago

    Wonder if this is made by the same people who made the game “Fran bow”? the heads by the stone connected with the hair and the little acorn beside the rock at the beginning are characters from the other game,

  29. PingPong Boi

    PingPong Boi6 days ago

    There is so many references to franbow

  30. Navas Raccci

    Navas Raccci6 days ago

    The redundant biplane inexplicably fire because addition lally hang past a clumsy mouse. unhealthy, highfalutin female

  31. GunGrave_20

    GunGrave_207 days ago

    25:34 such a drastic change in emotion.

  32. gray!

    gray!7 days ago

    hey jack

  33. Poco Clips

    Poco Clips8 days ago

    I’m sorry about your dad jack

  34. Rin Kenji

    Rin Kenji8 days ago

    I just love the Fran Bow references😍😍😍😍😍

  35. De _oneboi

    De _oneboi8 days ago

    25:36 that went from 0-100 very quickly

  36. Jenny Journals

    Jenny Journals8 days ago

    CRAZY he's talking about people and kids processing their emotions in a digital age..... and it's filmed 4 months before COVID. oof.

  37. Jackie B

    Jackie B9 days ago

    Jack’s reaction at 28:58 🤣



    jesus fucking christ. this game...

  39. phentrent 489

    phentrent 4899 days ago

    Is this game from the creators of fran bow cause the thing on the tree at the start looks like it is

  40. 🏳️‍🌈Zozo🏳️‍🌈

    🏳️‍🌈Zozo🏳️‍🌈9 days ago

    Nobody going to talk about the really high pitched intro? No.. Ok :/

  41. angryratnoises

    angryratnoises9 days ago


  42. TheBeansBruh

    TheBeansBruh9 days ago

    "If you're sad, you're sad.... you will feel better tomorrow"

  43. TheBeansBruh

    TheBeansBruh9 days ago

    if only

  44. TheBeansBruh

    TheBeansBruh9 days ago

    how sad

  45. Herbal Ferret

    Herbal Ferret10 days ago

    Who here came from the level in gd called nantendo

  46. BitterJoy Xx

    BitterJoy Xx10 days ago

    21:53 narrator: "You need to know the rules of the game" jack: "hit me" me: not a very good word choice jack

  47. Crack Demon

    Crack Demon10 days ago

    Are none of you guys gonna point out that at the beginning of the game it showed those heads in the tree with the white hair and the pine cone dude??? They are from Fran bow man Easter eggs :)

  48. Madi Men

    Madi Men10 days ago

    She looks so unamused when she got picked up by bird

  49. Blooper Dooper

    Blooper Dooper10 days ago

    I cried for like 5 minutes when the dog died

  50. 尺ㄚᗩᑎ

    尺ㄚᗩᑎ10 days ago

    Does the forest bit remind anyone of Sally face or is that just me?

  51. Cristobal Hernandez

    Cristobal Hernandez10 days ago

    she can taste colors see sound and hear light

  52. carly._.uzumaki

    carly._.uzumaki11 days ago

    Is this a horror game? Don't know wasn't listening. Should I be watching this at 1:30am? Probably not. Am I still going to? Yes, yes I am

  53. dawn

    dawn11 days ago

    not me watching this and trying to point out all the fran bow references ... why does little misfortune have fran bows dress

  54. the life of linda

    the life of linda11 days ago

    The thing Benjamin was painting wasn't a pentagram it was a portal to the afterlife

  55. Hadley Petersen

    Hadley Petersen11 days ago

    this game is danish, just so you know, dans have very dark humor, and strange things that they like

  56. the life of linda

    the life of linda11 days ago

    In the beginning where she saw the monster and that thing was under her feet that's when she died

  57. •Garcello• [Smoke Em Out Stuggle FNF]

    •Garcello• [Smoke Em Out Stuggle FNF]11 days ago

    Misfortune:[eats shit] Jack:[dies laughing] Pupper:[dies] Jack: *NOOOOOOOOO!*

  58. Soda-Kun

    Soda-Kun11 days ago

    jack before she crosses the road: hit me! the end of the game: bet

  59. Leah Shimazaki

    Leah Shimazaki12 days ago

    jack: "you're allowed to be sad :) !!" *everyone liked that*

  60. Jerayll Pitts

    Jerayll Pitts12 days ago

    an jojo fans "CESEEEEEEEEEEEEEER" at 25:40

  61. Random Movies

    Random Movies12 days ago


  62. Haleigh Williams

    Haleigh Williams12 days ago

    Im so glad they actually put Benjamins headphones on his ears and not where human ears would be

  63. Joshua Blocker

    Joshua Blocker13 days ago

    Is she Russia

  64. Feisty Anne

    Feisty Anne13 days ago

    Did anybody else notice the evil looking book underneath the coloring book?!?!

  65. Feisty Anne

    Feisty Anne13 days ago

    Aside from Subnautica, THIS is the best game ever

  66. Izuku midoriya

    Izuku midoriya13 days ago

    No one: Absolutely no one: Jacks mug: B I T C H

  67. MiniTofen115

    MiniTofen11513 days ago

    Jack has the same feelings about glitter that Anakin has about sand

  68. Crystal Meth

    Crystal Meth13 days ago


  69. miki scott

    miki scott13 days ago

    Her death was her mother’s eternal happiness....

  70. Crashkid

    Crashkid14 days ago

    Red ball puppy killer is the best line in this game

  71. apple juice

    apple juice14 days ago

    *steps in dog shit* “Oh sweet, I can see my footprint :D”

  72. ArinaWhiteFox

    ArinaWhiteFox14 days ago

    Aww, This game is cute and sad :__^

  73. Pizza Burger

    Pizza Burger14 days ago

    Misfortune foxes cant be criminals:) Dora. YA THINK

  74. Frej Sommer Clausen

    Frej Sommer Clausen15 days ago

    13:19 anikan in 2020

  75. Shouta Aizawia

    Shouta Aizawia15 days ago

    jack:"It won't be good for mental health" Me: What mental health!

  76. SpruceMcB0real

    SpruceMcB0real15 days ago

    We know who you are, Big Boss. That's why we've come to you.

  77. cursed

    cursed16 days ago

    “I could go home and be the nerdy dumbass”-jack

  78. apple juice

    apple juice16 days ago

    This game is such a masterpiece, it has a very interesting ending depending on which one you go for lol

  79. William Afton(purple guy)

    William Afton(purple guy)16 days ago


  80. Vāl's Art

    Vāl's Art16 days ago

    Sooo...anyone else see the creatures from fran bow

  81. Lapsukainen

    Lapsukainen16 days ago

    If this is considered a shitty childhood, then i want to know what mine was.

  82. Conn Sean

    Conn Sean16 days ago

    Well most Irish people don’t understand irish. You should know. Also I did an irish exam today and I think I did terribly

  83. Pink Bxnny_

    Pink Bxnny_16 days ago

    wow, I’ve been feeling super sad and horrible and jack gave all that advice about sadness and social media. Damn I wish I have a hug right now . He did make me feel a bit better though :)

  84. Person

    Person16 days ago

    25:37 His face went from 🤣 to😯

  85. Elianna Torres

    Elianna Torres16 days ago

    He said princess beach🤣🤣🌊🌞

  86. Just Peachy

    Just Peachy16 days ago

    Ii was kinda upset jack didn't notice the fran bow references in the beginning.

  87. TheBeastedPug

    TheBeastedPug17 days ago

    This series is probably my favorite alongside the Sally Face series. Keep up the great work Jack

  88. NV Coffee

    NV Coffee17 days ago

    I'm new at this channel I have a question does he swear?

  89. Sophie

    Sophie17 days ago

    BB's name is big boss???

  90. Lucille Kubik

    Lucille Kubik18 days ago

    Jack: Laughing because Misfortune got hit in the face Also Jack: Looks back at the screen for a second _ _ Also ALSO Jack: 0 0 O

  91. statik 808

    statik 80818 days ago

    41:13 did you ever think you would hear him say that 😂

  92. Grizzlydonut Kislov

    Grizzlydonut Kislov18 days ago

    Get karmaed jack XD 25:39 never laugh at the poor girl

  93. Arcana Magician

    Arcana Magician18 days ago

    25:46 do you think you should have set it free? would be GREAT if you could play through this again with the other choices.

  94. Sam

    Sam18 days ago

    Can we take a moment to appreciate that the box of acorns says "Squirrel Speed"

  95. TheNat20

    TheNat2018 days ago

    "Pet, pet, pet. Now leave me alone from about four to six weeks." The most accurate representation of a cat I've ever heard

  96. Winter Noe

    Winter Noe18 days ago

    Was the red on the rock blood

  97. m u s h r o o m

    m u s h r o o m19 days ago

    The fact that Jacksepticeye just explained the whole game at 23:00 is literally impressive

  98. Chuck Freaking Noris 3

    Chuck Freaking Noris 319 days ago

    You could have gone in the hampster club if you got that old ladies purse from the robber hampster

  99. Rachel Mitchell

    Rachel Mitchell19 days ago

    For a girl who is about to die I can’t believe the developers made her so cute

  100. Haileigh Harris

    Haileigh Harris19 days ago

    Jack: *laughs as misfortune gets hit with the ball* *puppy becomes broken puppy* Me: you just had to open your mouth, didn't you?

  101. Kermit Productions

    Kermit Productions19 days ago

    Swiper is a fox and he is a criminal

  102. Jayden animations

    Jayden animations19 days ago

    At the puppy part he went from 😆 to 😱 real fast

  103. Shawn The Jeep

    Shawn The Jeep19 days ago

    This was so long ago- but I’m *STILL* surprised nobody saw the Franbow reference 1:07

  104. Shy Owl

    Shy Owl20 days ago

    "hit me" well that hits a bit different once you know the ending 0_0


    FLUXPLAY20 days ago

    Yo what the fish was up with that branch


    FLUXPLAY20 days ago

    Play distraint please

  107. carlo pontes

    carlo pontes20 days ago

    Her first name is ramirez